Where’s the Progressive Movement Headed?

I haven’t written a general political post in a while. I think it’s far important that we get our minds in a productive place and take steps towards our personal elevation. Not to mention the fact that telling women they are free and should act accordingly is political. When other entities are actively attacking a group counter measures must be taken immediately. Our life experiences impact everything we do. If other people have too much of an influence over some of our basic rights they can negatively impact us. Determining who has our best interests in mind and taking responsibility for whom we choose to support is key.

It’s why I will mock the idea of those who claim to be progressive or liberal because there isn’t one standard definition. People have to be vetted. Some are simply looking out for themselves but pretending to have a wider interest in mind. There’s nothing wrong with self-care but I’m referring to those that are being manipulative at the expense of others.

Perhaps I should ask who and what is the progressive base? We’ve seen how the Republican Party has been lock-step in opposition to anything the current President does. They will not give an inch and would rather torch the building than see it occupied by new owners. It’s too bad the Democratic Party can’t be that loyal to an ideal. It’s also too bad those members of the party who are not politicians or lobbyists can’t find common ground. The politicians themselves are floundering somewhat and comprised individuals to begin with. How can you support the ideals of a political party on paper when your business ties and associates are doing things that undermine them? Hence the term Democrat In Name Only.

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Let’s Not Forget The Black Women Who Defined The Civil Rights Movement

I am reworking a previous essay from Aug 2009 in honor of MLK Day. While we want to honor Martin let’s not forget about Coretta! She like many women were the backbone that provided all the support that made it possible. Today, like every other day should be Black Woman’s Freedom Day in honor of all the women who risked their lives for Civil Rights but let the male “leadership” take front and center stage for the glory. We’ve continued to pay dues unreciprocated to help uplift a community that would have long collapsed. It is time for those who’ve sacrificed so much to relax and reflect, be rejuvenated and refocus their priorities on things that will uplift and sustain them. We now have our very first African-American First Lady and it’s time for that “change” to manifest itself across the board for all women.

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Sidetrip Down So-Called Liberal White (Male) Oppression Lane

Ignoring the hateful rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh & Pat Robertson and their despicable statements regarding the survivors of the Haitian earthquake is a requirement just to maintain decorum. We know they are not allies for justice. It’s not just those that so boldly declare their hatred that require our diligence. I realize many of you who’ve recently begun reading my blog may have noted  I discuss issues pertaining to black women. I encourage free agency and self-determination. That may not cover today’s latest political shenanigans but believe me it is always political when urging  a subgroup of a marginalized collective to mobilize and harness their financial and other tangible resources for their betterment.

I also discuss pop culture, entertainment, LGBT-related topics and specifically discrimination against trans women because I don’t know of many cis gender hetero-identified black women that do.  I fight for justice across the board not just what directly impacts me. I am passionate about it but I do not for one instance presume I can speak for anyone else other than myself. I will bring issues to light though in the hope that others will further evaluate various scenarios.

In the end we are all responsible for our own choices in life. If I have learned anything that may assist another woman on her journey so that she is making choices that are most beneficial to her and her particular circumstances then I will be satisfied. If I share things that others may rethink and put themselves in the shoes of another to gain insight into a different perspective and it deepens their own journey then I am glad. It is only when we consider the lives of others – and not in a condescending way – that we are truly compassionate. Having said that standards of behavior, boundaries, decorum and an enforcement for violations must always be a part of that as a thriving society.

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Essence Magazine REALLY Hates Black Women – Don’t Fight Just Walk Away!

Seriously ladies. It’s 2010. Time to move it on and be strong! Not in a superwoman way but from realizing you are a WOMAN who deserves to be treated like a LADY.  I’ve stopped reading MESSence since the infamous strip club article last summer where two black women mocked all the “hopeless singletons” by suggesting you go to one to meet a black man.  I still see  single issues at check out counters from time to time. Since the publisher is offering $1 Off coupons you know it’s in trouble.

I thought putting Anika Noni Rose on the January cover was a nice touch and I almost read it. Two steps forward and twelve steps back – the Editors have decided to go for the jugular: putting a black male athlete on the cover of the February LOVE issue who DOESN’T DATE BLACK WOMEN.

MESSence doesn’t deserve to be saved….

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Annie Leibovitz Thugs Out Tiger Woods for Vanity Fair Cover: Disseminating Negative “Black” Images

Vanity Fair magazine has bumped Emma Watson (Harry Potter) from its February cover in favor of Tiger Woods. Considering his public fall from grace that’s not surprising. More than 300 magazines failed in 2009 and ad revenue is more precious than gold these days. Despite the vitriol Woods is receiving there’s still great interest in him.

Courtesy Annie Leibovitz/People Magazine

Woods had a near-mythological public persona and the revelation of his mass dysfunction has been fascinating – albeit disgusting. The timing of this cover is of course suspect but since VF already had an article why would anyone be surprised they’d bump it to cover status? It was a business decision. The accompanying photos were shot by Annie Leibovitz in 2006. Knowing her history of deploying racial stereotypes one should not be surprised by her choice to show Woods in such a manner.

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New Woman – Movin’ On

Gonna move it on

And be strong

To see the day I can FEEL

This is part of the lyrics to a song I wrote years ago and the blog post heading is it’s title. I’ve been revisiting this song because I’m going to release it this year after sitting on it forever. Considering all that I’ve learned in the past year it’s rather amazing to me that I “knew” certain tools for empowerment and the reasons why we must take steps to not only survive but thrive – yet still wasn’t quite connecting the dots.

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