Do I Really Have To Explain Why Push/Precious Normalizes Black Depravity?

Come on people….

Street Lit is not Shakespeare.

Dog Poop is not Creme Brulee.

Sammy Sosa isn’t fooling anybody with his skin shade change.

Rap Music does not enlighten OR uplift.

Of course there are always exceptions….you could send me to Elf School in Iceland so I can converse with Wood Nymphs after all.

I realize so many of us have tried to exist on a mere few drops of water when it comes to how we see ourselves, our heritage and finding our place in the world, but it’s nearly 2010. It’s time to put away childish ways and grow up! Most people that go to see Precious, the movie based on the book Push by Sapphire do not have the cultural sensitivity, self-esteem, emotional maturity, racial pride or distance from their own abuse to analyze it safely and with proper perspective. Further its story of abuse is so harrowing that it comes across as a viewing at the zoo. Ooh let’s go see the big fat blackety black girl get abused. Sexual violations are not a joke and the inherent self-hatred represented by the acts of violence in the book (not necessarily with the character) has yet to be examined.

Precious is yet another example of black women hatred being promoted as something normal and for “our” benefit.

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How Poor CisGender & Trans Women Got The Shaft So Obama Could Have A “Win”

I was glued to C-Span for nearly 6 hours yesterday. I had to watch arguments from both parties about why they would or would not support HR3962. It’s a very flawed bill that will allegedly offer affordable health care coverage to millions. Some of the Democrats gave examples of disenfranchised people (some of whom had been family members) and others who’d lost their savings and their lives to illness and experiences being denied coverage. Republicans all quoted from the Satanic Bible Book of Political Obstructionism. They displayed no compassion – except to their own immediate family and how they shouldn’t be negatively impacted by extending rights to others. Both sides exaggerated but those Rethugs really deserve a warm spot in hell for blatantly lying about key provisions when they already have tax-payer supported gov’t healthcare PAID IN FULL BY US. 44% of all elected officials are multi-millionaires by the way. They could pay for their own coverage but if they can get it for practically “free” why not take advantage? Free goods and services has always been the quickest way for some to become wealthy. Just don’t DENY US WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!!

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This Week In Violence

As each news report has come out this week I’ve been wondering if the insanity factor has been kicked up a notch. The arrest of a man in Cleveland who has been found to have nearly a dozen bodies of murdered women in his apartment. The military professional who didn’t want to be deployed and killed fellow soldiers. The shooting in Florida. Even Rihanna discussing how she grew up surrounded by domestic violence, thought she’d never date a man who’d hit her but in fact did. And then some. All of this has me wondering if something’s in the water or if it’s just an indication that people are too stressed and feeling too insecure in these times. As for the alleged Cleveland serial killer, other neighbors had long complained to the police of foul smell coming from the house, but race and class led to inaction on their part. I shudder to think that one woman’s life may have been saved had the authorities took action sooner.

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Rihanna Waited 9 Months To Speak About Her Abuse So Let’s Listen To What She Has To Say

It took Rihanna nine times to leave her abuser. The emotional ties are strong when you choose someone – especially the wrong one. When you’ve made an investment you want it to payoff. The false threads of love that may join you with another can just as easily wrap around and bind you. You have to have boundaries and standards and often those may need to be higher than or different from what you’re immediately familiar with. I don’t think Rihanna should feel such a huge responsibility for other women (fans) though. She’s a celebrity and the worship of an assumed image is their choice. Although we recognize how influential those in the spotlight can be that should never take the place of a solid upbringing. It’s just another example of how communities without a strong cultural/moral compass will grasp at anything. Such as flocking to see a movie where black women are being ridiculed and thinking it’s harmless.

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It Was The End Of The World (As We Knew It) And We Felt Fine!

I’ve noticed there’s lots of election retrospectives today. Can you believe Obama was elected one year ago? I remember feeling absolutely ecstatic and was very hopeful for the future. It was like falling in love: you know when you think the air is sweeter, the colors brighter and there’s an extra pep in your step?!

2008 was a year of change. We didn’t have to hear George Bush on television anymore. One thing I’d picked up on – and perhaps it’s just me but I felt Bush had a slightly mocking tone more frequently accompanied by a smirk. It was an arrogance and a refusal to consider any other viewpoint that I found particularly jarring.

I started blogging in earnest and the impetus was the need for an ideological shift, but not simply a political one. I was enthusiastic though – especially as I was able to attend both the Nomination ceremony (I went to Denver for the Democratic national Convention) and the Inauguration. The campaign was hard fought, full of emotional ups and downs and many people felt personally invested. There was a lot at stake.

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Invigorating Your Senses Via Expressionist Art

I’m taking an art course surveying the history of women in art and it’s blowing my mind! Not that I should be surprised by the vast contribution of women but da*n! The objectification and diminishing of our work really angers me. The skill set and beauty of so many works of art is stunning though. Many of us may be familiar with Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keefe for example but what about Edmonia Lewis?

This week we’re covering Expressionism which distorts and exaggerates for emotional impact. I’m drawn to the work of artist Niki de Saint Phalle . Her sculpture series Nana is very colorful and gargantuan. It’s a gross exaggeration of the average “woman” and could be seen as fearful or as superhuman. It indicates a powerful figure that was the antithesis of the typical image of women in art as conquered, subjugated, non-human objects seen through the eyes of men.

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Why You Should Participate in NaNoWriteMo – Yeah You!


Can you believe it’s already the end of 2009! I can’t. Since I still have certain life goals to meet the time just flies by faster and faster each year as I age, but it’s good to have something to look forward to. One of those goals is to complete an e-book, a fiction novel and a retooling of the Cinderella story based on an earlier blog post from the summer.

This is where November Novel Writing Month comes in. From their FAQ page:

On November 1, begin writing your novel. Your goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by midnight, local time, on November 30th. You write on your own computer, using whatever software you prefer. Win or lose, you rock for even trying.

See…we rock for even trying. Whatever it is that we want to accomplish. Of course we need to network, make friends, find support where we can and be focused (cuz I am a MAJOR procrastinator in my increasingly older age). Taking risks are scary – that’s why. With the uncertainty brewing, the economic forecast and good old-fashioned doubt the defeatist voice can certainly take on the loudest tone. Yet here’s the thing: if we do NOT try we’ve already LOST.

So if you’ve ever felt you had something to say now’s the time to participate. If not this project then certainly something else. I’m rooting for you so get out there. If you’ve already signed up drop a note in the comment section with an update from time to time. Good luck and godspeed!

Do That Many People Care About The Obama Marriage?

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hand out ...


So if you’ve been keeping up with serious political discourse gossip you may have heard that Barack and Shelly O are having their marriage dissected speculated on (again) by a newspaper (New York Times) trolling for more readers. The curiosity factor is said to be weighed heavily on this subject – so much so that it deserves yet another a feature story???

…the Obamas mix politics and romance in a way that no first couple quite have before. Almost 10 months ago, they swept into Washington with inauguration festivities that struck distinctly wedding-like notes: he strode down an aisle and took a vow, she wore a long white dress, the youthful-looking couple swayed to a love song in a ceremonial first dance and then settled into a new house… Sunday NYT

Mmmkay. Wasn’t the book enough already since it came after the Slate series, the coverage of political wives, the Ebony cover stories and countless others?

Guess not!

Now I thought that after nearly one year in office (I know!) some of this “curiosity” would have surely died down by now. So I have one question: why does the Obama marriage generate such interest?

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