Beyonce Bounces & Jiggles For A National Audience And That’s A Good Thing?

I heard about but didn’t watch the Beyonce television special that aired Thursday evening.  I find her music utterly boring and know that no matter how popular she is today (in part due to hard work and her appearance) it will not endure decades from now. Plus her videos offend me. Cheap titillation for the masses works for the masses not for individual enlightenment. It really irritates me to hear people bestow icon status to someone who was at the right place at the right time (after Aaliyah’s death) and positioned accordingly.

So I really hate to admonish some of you but you leave me no choice. I’m all for being free, proud of your body, footloose and fancy free but come on! Yup, it’s time to break out my ruler and rap some knuckles. Honestly many of you should know better. In fact many of you DO know better but no matter. You like what you like. Despite all progressive agenda fighting and declarations of outrage over inequality you simply like to see a black woman shaking her a**. Oh and other women of color too – but hands down it’s black women for the win loss.

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Thanks & Giving Should Go Hand In Hand Right?

While many of us enjoy a meal and fun times with family and friends let us not forget those interned, imprisoned or isolated. As 2009 comes to a close and we start to think about the coming year let’s carefully weigh our intentions and seek out those who will support us in our efforts and at improving our circumstances. We are not alone in the world however so let us also try to consider others whether we share life philosophies or viewpoints and find some area of common ground. We’ve got one world, one planet (that we can currently inhabit) and the gift of life. No matter where we are we can rise even if it’s to turn our face to a ray of sunlight for a few minutes a day to find that moment of stillness and peace. Namaste.

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Magnificent Monday – She’s Geeky Follow-Up

Dear Readers: My current blogging schedule reflects the increased in-person relations and activities going on some of which is still percolating. I have lots of future exciting news to share!! Also, I have to complete my NaNoWrite Mo project. I attended the She’s Geeky un-Conference in DC last week and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! It’s all good though but I am tired ya’ll. I woke up sleepy this morning, lol. Anyhoo, before I get too sidetracked on Twitter discussing the American Music Awards and cheating celeb spouses (??) I need to do a blog post.

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Old School Friday: It’s The Jets Sans The Sharks

This week’s OSF meme is “I Had A Crush On” and of course the first song that came to mind was “Crush On You” by The Jets. They were the Polynesian dynamos that emulated the family band format popularized by the Jacksons without all the messy drama. They even sounded black too lest we think the influence of MJ and Co. wasn’t as powerful as it was then as it is now.

The big hair, the clothes and the sound was pure 80’s and I LOVE IT!!! Happy music! Enjoy.

Monday Mad-ness Over All Little Girls Like Shaniya Davis

This is going to be a quick post but I know I could write a book about this Shaniya Davis story. We know Nancy Grace won’t be covering it (at least not with the zeal of other cases) so we must get the message out ourselves. I’ve noticed the focus is on the mother and her nefarious behavior but what about the father who suddenly left the little girl in the care of a clearly incompetent person to begin with?

I hate to say this but if Shaniya was going to abused, mistreated or neglected for the majority of her life then perhaps she will be better off in heaven with the angels than forced to endure a life of hardship amongst a population of evil-doers.

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My First Examiner Article Is Up – Go Check It Out

My weekend has been great! I attended the She’s Geeky Un-Conference and met so many awesome women. I’ll be posting highlights, etc shortly. I have been humbled and encouraged by the intellect, kindness and generosity of spirit. Surrounding yourself with like-minded and positive people will make or break the quality of your life. In the meantime my article on why choosing a domain name is important has been published and I’d love for you to go check it out. Yup, it’s shameless plugging but it’s still my writing so that’s okay.  It’s not as boring as my description sounded trust me! Not to worry I won’t start blending the two contents – this is just an FYI and I’m sharing my excitement with you lovely readers. Social justice, social commentary, politics and empowerment/enlightenment/encouragement are still the agenda for this blog. I’ve got quite a few things baking in the oven right now but I can’t share yet until they’re done. It’s all great news though. The bottom line is this: life is too short to let it pass it you by and if you want a full life you have to go after it.

Brilliance is often often attempted but rarely completed.

Old School Friday

Back by popular demand – this week’s meme is “Not Sure Why They’re Famous”. Now this is very similar to one hit wonders so I was hard-pressed to think of a song honestly. Then I thought of a fun one by the group Blur. Since they’re still going strong and members’ side projects as well (Gorillaz) I’ve included Song 2.

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The Path To Empowerment Lies Beyond Our Hair

So I’ve been reading about the number of black women seeking to free themselves from “creamy crack” also referred to as relaxers. Relaxers are similar to perms in that they alter the structure of your hair permanently. It’s designed to “relax” the natural curl pattern and texture. Amongst numerous blacks it’s thought to make your hair more “manageable”. That’s code for less Afro more Euro. It’s tied into our long history of ancestors who were enslaved and separated by skin shade, gender, etc to make large groups of people more compliant to misuse. Like Stockholm Syndrome survivors many, many blacks throughout the world who have long since been free still cling to many of these destructive thoughts and reinforce them with a brutality worse than the old slave masters.

This is where this modern day struggle exists and it’s one that has landed squarely at the feet of black women to conform to or have their BW card revoked. Many women have taken the mantle of educating other women in choosing alternative means of styling our hair. That’s great! So while I understand why there’s a need for offering all options there are times I feel some women are using this natural hair vs. relaxed hair argument as yet another means of separation/oppression. That may sound harsh but I’ve seen a lot of extremism being bandied about as enlightenment.

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