We Must Listen When DBRs Like George Sodini Say They Want To Harm Women!

Since this PA shooting has been all over the news yesterday I had to sift through my immediate gut reaction. Which was to panic slightly. Analyzing this is like being a criminal profiler where you have to place yourself in the mind of a depraved male. Yes, the alleged murderer was white as well as the three women who were killed.  Nine other people were seriously hurt before he turned the gun on himself. Our discussions about DBR (damaged beyond recognition) behavior has largely focused on black men because we’re trying to warn as many unsuspecting black women as possible, but George Sodini was just as misogynistic on top of being racist. The only thing that separates him from these DBR bm is that his target was white women. He’d indicated he was ready to Set It Off for quite some time. There’s more men like him with a list of “grievances” and more violence to come. Is anybody listening?

The corporate media wants to be swift in labeling him mentally disturbed to reassure the public (and other whites) that he was an aberration not the norm. So white people can go back to feeling safe while telling themselves they’re not racist. The fact of the matter is Sodini hated women period. He specifically mentioned black male/white women pairings as the object of his derision. When you come across as angry and anti-social you’re not going to attract a mate! Which is why he had problems forming romantic relationships with women. 

I highlighted a video from a dating reality tv show earlier this week. The guy featured had difficulty forming normative bonds with women as well. Only he’s a millionaire so he went to a dating service. This show regularly features (mostly white) men with serious issues of objectifying women, seeking out women with little life experience so they can dominate them as well as rotating a steady roster of women to have sex with. They think they’re normal – and special because they have money. They are advised to change their behavior to find lasting love but they are highly resistant to do so. Isn’t insanity doing the same things repeatedly hoping for a different outcome?

Sodini also took issue with having Obama as president because he’s black. Big surprise. We saw during the primary and general election the extent of discomfort whites felt at what they saw as a New World Order where they were not dominating. Remember Ashley Todd? These tea-baggers and birthers are just continuing where they left off. The fact they’re given free reign by the corporate media to spew their hate and lies across all platforms also shows us how well-supported they are. Well all you whites need not worry – you’re still in charge. Obama has done everything to reassure you he’s “safe” other than resign. Some people can be sooo dense!!! Chill out.
Here’s one really interesting entry to Sodini’s blog dated December 30th of last year (which has subsequently been pulled) on the ABC web site:

While driving I radio surfed a talk show. The caller was a 30ish black man who was describing the despair in certain black communities. According to him life is cheap there because you are going to die anyway when you get old. It is the quality of life that is important, he said. If you know the past 40 years were crappy, why live another 30 crappy years then die? His point was they engage in dangerous behavior that tends to shorten the lifespans, to die now and avoid the next crappy 30 years, using my example. The host got sarcastic and ended the call instead of trying to understand his point. I put music back on. But it was an interesting, and useful point for me to hear. 
When we had these blog discussions last month about how these DBRs reveal themselves so readily how many people actually took that statement to heart? There’s a big wall of resistance, excuses and denial. Well my father/brother/neighbor/cousin isn’t like that I don’t know what you’re talking about!! I discussed how some seemingly educated, socially-mobile, seemingly normal black men have such contempt for black women and feel free to express it. So if the bougie set is like this how bad do you think the underclass is? I also focused on the abandonment issues and how women need to figure out how to choose a better mate and expand their options.  We see the aftermath of fatherless children aging to adulthood. We see how those who have been hardened also have zero value for human life. They behave in more savage and depraved ways at earlier ages than ever. Hence a situation with four boys under the age of 15 kidnapping and gang raping a young girl in Arizona. Hence Dunbar Village and other atrocities that are still to come out of these crumbling black residential areas. 

We also mentioned how increasingly more black women are displaying these DBR tendencies as well. We need to explore that in more depth. Still, women are not the majority threat! This is just the deterioration setting in across the board as the entire “black community” as it was once known collapses. We have not discussed how you can go to YouTube right now and find numerous black men – who like George Sodini – are making videos or writing blog posts talking about how they want to maim and kill black women. I’m not linking to them. Some of these sociopaths have already struck. Law enforcement is a little too lead-footed for my taste in taking these threats seriously. We need to take action. If someone had paid attention to Sodini’s threats maybe the lives of the those people at the gym could have been spared. 

Let’s report these would-be criminals before it’s too late and make sure the police do something about it!

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With All the Positive Press for Hill & Bill Are We Sure Clinton Won’t Run in 2012?

When Bill Clinton went to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-il was that a sign of what’s to come? He was successful in getting journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling released. Did that seem a little easy at the end? A photo op and a declaration of “defeat” so North Korea would be “victorious”? As a reader pointed out it’s not like either Bush would’ve been able to speak on behalf of the United States. Not after Shrub dubbed NK part of the “Axis of Evil”. 

Our current President certainly could not be seen directly negotiating. Apparently even Al Gore wasn’t enough of a heavyweight even though he founded Current TV and was the de-facto employer of Lee and Ling. No, the administration needed to send the big guns. Love them or hate them that would be the Clintons. Yes, I’m including Hillary on equal par with Bill because their entire political careers have been tied to each other from the beginning. This is despite the ongoing dispute about the NK nuclear program and some of their officials speaking harshly of Mrs. Clinton. As I’ve stated in an earlier post, they are a sovereign nation and have just as much right to defend themselves as any other country. 

North Korea signaled its desire to have Mr. Clinton act as a special envoy in conversations with Ms. Ling and Ms. Lee, who relayed that message to their families in the middle of July, according to a senior administration official. The message was passed to Mr. Gore, who contacted the White House, which then explored whether such a mission would be successful.

Mr. Obama did not speak directly with Mr. Clinton before the mission. But his national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, contacted the former president to sound him out. The senior official said the administration did “due diligence” with the North Koreans to ensure that if Mr. Clinton went, he would return with the journalists.  – – New York Times

It just goes to show you can never really write someone off. Last year’s primary for the Democratic nomination was certainly a low point for the Clintons. They had alienated many many voters. Billy Jeff lost his “black cred”. Of course he should’ve never had any to begin with. Now Obama certainly emerged the “winner” at that time. We were still reeling over Hillary’s alluding to assassinations happening in June and preparing for the Democratic National Convention in Denver. That was a magical time I have to admit, but I also remember how pissed off a lot of women were. Not just the PUMAS. All of that seemed to be knocked over by the Obama juggernaut. The increased craziness from the McCain camp by unleashing Sarah Palin on an unsuspecting public certainly took up a lot of attention. Then the first wave of the economic collapse hit and Obama rode to victory.

Due to the continued white backlash against having a black President that isn’t going to simmer down anytime soon, a return to the familiar (however dysfunctional) has a certain appeal. One thing we do know about the Clintons: they fight hard and dirty with NO regrets. Clinton went before a national audience and lied to us about Monika Lewinsky – and he was believable! Obama has already sputtered and apologized.

I think the next few months are going to be very interesting. If the healthcare plans crash and burn, the economy is still bad for middle-class whites (because let’s face it none of them care as much about the poor or non-whites since a majority rules) and if Obama doesn’t exert more control over the Democrats his weakness as a President will be cemented. So the question remains: will Hillary run for President in 2012 or what will she demand from Obama to not run?

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Continuing the Efforts At Locating Monika Hunter: The Police Are On It!

Monika is still missing but the police are actively pursuing the case in looking for her! The blog posts and updates across social media like Facebook and Twitter has helped bring much-needed attention to this case. The power of the keyboard in getting the word out shows we do have a certain amount of power to affect positive change and spur acts of justice. I got a reply from Monika’s sister Renee Jennings yesterday on Twitter and this is the comment she left at the WAOD post to the readers:

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. I never imagined do many people would join in the effort to help find my sister and I have so much gratitude. I spoke with Detective Vessels today and he has assured me they will try to locate her. We must keep praying and reposting. Word of mouth brings kids home. I honestly believe this. Thanks again.

Let’s keep sending positive thoughts and messages. 
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Laura & Euna Are Free! Is This A Rise From the Ashes Moment For the Clintons?

President Clinton met Tuesday with North Korea leader Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong II has pardoned journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Former President Clinton flew to North Korea to negotiate visit with the North Korean leader. I am certain their families are very relieved – and grateful. What I am even more curious about is what was promised to secure their release and why it was Billy Jeff who went and not another dignitary, politician or high-profile emissary like President Carter…or even Jesse Jackson, Sr. 

“Clinton expressed words of sincere apology to Kim Jong Il for the hostile acts committed by the two American journalists against the DPRK after illegally intruding into it,” the news agency reported. “Clinton courteously conveyed to Kim Jong Il an earnest request of the U.S. government to leniently pardon them and send them back home from a humanitarian point of view.  – – CNN

I think the women have learned a valuable lesson about not playing with knives so to speak and how willing they were to risk their lives over chasing a story. Everyone always thinks they’ll be the exception and someone else will be the “unlucky” one who never has to pay a penalty. There’s still speculation that they may have knowingly entered North Korea illegally. Of course that hasn’t been proven. They’re lucky to be alive quite frankly. 

Does this help elevate the status of the Clintons and separate them from President Obama? Does this diminish Obama’s stature? Did he need to seem distant from this situation to facilitate a quick remedy? I suspect whatever is going on behind the scenes, the political fall-out has yet to hit the fan. A “victory” might have long lasting repercussions that have yet to be revealed.

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How One Guy’s Colorism Turned Off A Potential Love Interest on Millionaire Matchmaker

I guess this is my week for reality television reruns. I’ve been watching Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. It’s a high-class dating service in Los Angeles where the owner, Patti Sanger promotes love matches and encourages marriage. She charges a minimum of $20K to clients and has a 99% success rate for those that take her advice. Usually the millionaires are picky, have unrealistic expectations and require a certain amount of maintenance. Her standards are very high for the behavior of the millionaires as well as in recruiting potential mates. She typically arranges for clients to have a date with someone of their choosing out of a pool of candidates and one of her choosing.

One of Patti’s clients is 36 year-old Xander. He’s biracial and is set up with one young white woman (22) who eliminates herself by telling him she doesn’t know what she wants out of life yet. She was the warm up to his date with Violet though – who was chosen by Patti. She is also younger – but they don’t mention her age. She’s also biracial and seems like a nice woman. He picks her up in a limo and she’s innocent enough to be impressed and tell him. He takes her to the Hustler Club for gambling. She doesn’t gamble though and lets him know. He made a quip about “corrupting” her but should have immediately adjusted his plans for their date to something she felt comfortable with. 

Later on they have a meal and he proceeds to compliment her repeatedly. If I was on a date with a guy who hadn’t bothered to plan something romantic or even inquired some basic information from me and then fawned over me excessively I’d think he was trying to get me into bed as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t think he was sincere or really interested in knowing me at all. I had to search for video, found the show available for purchase but with a Zune media player that isn’t compatible with Mac. Oh well. I did get reaction interviews from them on Hulu which I’ve embedded.

Xander was enthralled (by her appearance) and wanted to see Violet again. Earlier in this episode he explained that he was still single because he’d put work first. Plus he has a three-year old daughter. He said he’d met the mother of his daughter “at Spring break”. Now why a man in his 30’s is picking up undergrads tells me a lot about his character, but he seems like one of the “nicer” clients. Compared to the men in their 40’s who still only want to date 18-25 year olds this is mild. It just shows that a caliber mate requires so much more than looks, money and relative youth.

Violet told Patti she wasn’t interested in a second date. She discusses the date here. She’s very diplomatic on camera and seems like a real class act. Now how many black men would put her on the pedestal until she demanded to be treated with a level of respect they don’t feel black women (even biracial, light-skinned exceptions) deserve? I’m thinking of music artist Kelis and how many of her male peers who made her the “exception” are trashing her now because of the terms of her divorce settlement with Nas is more than what they think she “deserves”! 

Patti had a follow-up with Xander he was taken aback that Violet wasn’t interested in a second date. Patti told him he’d gone overboard, but of course the underlying issue would never be examined. He was fawning over Violet’s lighter skin shade and she knew it. That’s why she didn’t want to go out with him again. He’d also complimented the first date but not nearly as much. The first date was cute but I could see this was one of those “blond hair makes you pretty” scenarios – but he’d chosen her! 

He was too superficial and despite having lots of money there are some women who simply want MORE. They don’t want to be objectified even if they’re getting the long end of the stick. I don’t know if I’d classify Xander as a DBR but he is someone who has serious flaws. I was curious why he was having such difficulty with dating being that he’s wealthy and not unattractive. He presents a low value caliber despite his obvious appeal. Even though Patti told him telling a woman that she’s beautiful 15 times is creepy he was prepared to discard her advice until the other male client whose date had been more successful informed him that two times in one night was sufficient.

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Help Find Missing Teen Monika Hunter!!!!

Cross-posted at What About Our Daughters

15 year-old Elizabeth Monika Hunter has been staying with relatives in Capitol Heights, MD and is now missing as of midnight August 3rd. Her sister Renee Jennings sent a private email that’s been forwarded requesting help. Hopefully we can get this cross-posted at several blogs and across social media to send the word out.

Due to her age and their categorizing her as a runaway, the police said they cannot issue an Amber Alert and will only take information for a Missing Person’s report which takes 48-hours to kick in. Monika’s sister lives in NYC and isn’t able to monitor the situation locally and has asked for help from the blogosphere. 

Prince George Country police department, Palmer Park Precinct will be handling this case. It’s been assigned to Det. Vessels 301-772-4492. Case#09-215-0405. The main number at the precinct is 301-772-4901. Let’s encourage the police to make haste with looking for Monika as the area is apparently unsafe and she is new to the area, has limited to no funds and no cell phone.

Renee has left contact information as well to reach her directly. I’ll publish her email where you may request further contact info. reneejennings@rmediagroup.com. This could be your neighbor, sister, schoolmate whomever. Since only high-profile cases get immediate attention, let’s make this one!

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Remember When I Said The Democrats Would Bring Obama Down? Maxine Waters Calls Out Rahm Emanuel & Blue Dogs.

This was an interview from a few days ago but since it’s regarding our healthcare plan it is still current. Maxine Waters was interviewed by Carlos Watson of MSNBC where she very clearly lays out the nefarious activities of Rahm Emanuel. He recruited a very active minority of “Conservative” Democrats referred to as Blue Dogs. These members usually sided with Republicans and actively supported Shrub when he was still in office. So far they’ve torpedoed the single-payer option (which is what I favored) and are trying to kill the public option. Which would make this health care plan DOA for the majority of Americans that actually need it. 

WATERS: Well that may be difficult for Rahm Emanuel (to hold them accountable), because don’t forget — he recruited most of them. As when he was over in the Congress, in the leadership, Rahm Emanuel recruited more conservative members and based on some of the information I’m getting, they told them that they could vote the way they wanted to vote, that they would not interfere with what was considered their philosophy about some of these things. So, now the chickens have come home to roost.

Talk about divided loyalties! What other country would allow a politician who’s a dual citizen with another country to serve as Chief of Staff to a President? What President in his right mind would hire someone who worked for his political rivals and recruited (Republicans registered as) Conservative Democrats that work against much of the core tenets for the purpose of getting elected and think that person would be loyal to them? Using auxillaries and mercenaries will speed up one’s demise faster than using incompetent people.

Furthermore with a less than 6% population and an aging political powerhouse, what will the blacks in California do when Maxine Waters and other advocates like her eventually retire or leave this mortal coil? For to deny the fact that Waters has been an advocate by taking Geithner to task, talking about the failed loan modifications, still fighting for the Katrina survivors after most politicians have moved on you’d have to be an idiot. Not to mention the 2010 Census will result in a shift in representation from black to Latino.

Again I will state this plainly: too many blacks are sitting pretty feeling “good” about having Obama in office strictly based on his phenotype and some unearned assumptions that he will advocate for issues that matter to blacks. He hasn’t done it yet and any requests about giving him more time is to allow for other people’s efforts at undermining a truly “progressive” agenda. Those Blue Dogs aren’t waiting to kill the health care plan. 

What are blacks doing politically right NOW to protect themselves? NOTHING! They’re waiting for Obama to “do right by them”. Don’t say you weren’t warned! I’m rethinking the decision of some of these old-guard CBC members in not initially supporting Obama as perhaps being wiser than I’d initially given them credit for. I thought they were simply deferring to Miss Anne by supporting Hillary Clinton. Now I wonder if they were picking the lesser of two evils – or at least someone who’d actually work with them.

Waters brings up a valid point. If any constituents in the areas where these Blue Dogs (or others) reside don’t like what they’re doing they have the right to a primary challenge. Now who’s mobilized to do that? You can’t be prepared to mete out any repercussions (withholding campaign funds or mounting opposition) if you haven’t PREPARED FOR IT. It’s not just about this health care plan either. 

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While Obama Gives Lip-Service To Our Reproductive Rights We Must Communicate More Effectively With Our Elected Officials

The following note I’m enclosing at the bottom of this post was a response to the Feminist Advisory Board for Obama regarding a letter that was sent to the President asking for a public statement denouncing the murder of Dr. Tiller. A form letter response was sent with a generic “thank you” but it was non-committal. Like race relations (the denial of racism, anger over accountability) control over a woman’s reproductive rights is constantly being challenged. Usually it’s by the same people – except for some fools who work against their own interests. This is part of a larger movement from those armed and racist who want to want to see women chained to the house and blacks sent back to Africa. After his huge mistake defending black woman betrayer/hater Skippy Gates don’t expect President Obama to say anything that will further incite the angry white men with guns. In fact he has flipped from his earlier decision to lift the ban on abortion funding by letting the fundamentalists (which includes Democrats) dictate the terms of our healthcare coverage.
From CBS News – – President Obama on Tuesday said he would “rather not wade into” the issue of whether or not health care reform should include federal funding for abortions. 

The president told CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric that he is “not trying to micro-manage what benefits are covered.” 
My reply – If you’re in charge you tell your subordinates what is on – and off the table for negotiation. You don’t leave it up to the whims of others.

“I’m pro-choice, but I think we also have the tradition in this town, historically, of not financing abortions as part of government-funded health care,” he said, adding: “My main focus is making sure that people have options of high quality care at the lowest possible price.”  
If you are in support of something you should be all-in. There are no ifs, ands or buts. In trying to get this health care plan -which is now being called a health insurance plan passed, if it’s nearly gutted and ineffective it’s DOA for all of us non-politicians who don’t have their plan. Or their cheap rates.
Coming on the heels of the most recent vote by the House Energy and Commerce Committee to pass an amendment excluding abortion services from the “essential” health benefits package as defined by the government it would seem Obama is NOT IN SUPPORT OF ABORTIONS for any woman who can’t pay for one. So low-income workers, immigrants, youth and the usual marginalized population are going to be (*&$ out of luck unless some private funding will cover these costs. What’s next on the chopping block….birth control pills?  

We have so many forces in opposition to any progress we must strategize how we approach tackling them. Our goals must be firm. We’re going to have to FIGHT people because they are not giving an inch. Obama doesn’t have our backs any more than his backside is being covered. He will cave unless we make it a disadvantage for him to do so. Here is one suggestion on how to approach politicians that I think may prove useful:

“Don’t read too much into the response you got to your letter. Most congressional offices have standard replies as well. The best way to get a more personal response is to put more than one issue into a letter that you write. Still, more than likely some staff member is writing that letter due to the number of letters members of congress get and I assume that the Presidency is the same way.

I have to say having interned in a congressional and a senate office has deterred me from writing letters and even signing many petitions non-anonymously to it because I know how these offices process the information and I ALMOST completely agree with their methods – they get so much mail and petitions that its hard to deal more personally with what they receive. But, I do wish that more members would read at least some constituent letters and maybe even choose to respond to a few – from my knowledge I know of some members who respond to Tweets and FaceBook messages but unsure about older forms of communication. I have heard that the President does read like 3 letters a day to keep himself grounded (his words). So I don’t know if we should give up on letters completely.

Honestly, I have not found an effective method of reaching out to my representatives. The best I have observed is trying to get a meeting with that member or a staff person and doing so constantly. This is hard though because if you get on their “bad side” they do not take your issues seriously. So I’m still trying to figure this out myself. Also with the President its not like you can get a meeting with the POTUS with out donating money to his party and winning that random drawing to have “Lunch with Obama.”

To close, didn’t expect to say all this, maybe we as a group can organize to meet with our representatives in person during recess sessions – especially summer recess – in the future over an issue. Also, many members participate in local events at this time and it is the best way to try to connect with them (but I am also from a small state that if you are somewhat involved in any industry the member covers you have met and interacted with them. So they are generally more responsive). Anyway, I do think that especially in the age with all of this technology, that nothing beats face to face.

P.S. So of course now I remember a way that may be more effective – Doing a policy memo as to why a member or in this case, the President, should support an issue. In the case of congress, their staffers need to do this to their member to co-sponsor a piece of legislation. The letter is short and basically builds a case as to why they should support a bill based on both the merits of the bill and how the bill will benefit/affect the people in their state. I would try this angle – you still may get a form letter back but you may get a staffer that may care enough to either forward this on to the member or tweek it a bit and try to convince their member to co-sponsor that piece of legislation – especially since a lot of the leg work is done for them. Final statement I promise – getting to know staff members in key offices is help ful and probably the best method – it works for the lobbyists.” — from DNMP Politico

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Accepting Practical Advice Is Vital Even Though It May Hurt!

I was flipping through television earlier and came across the Bravo reality show Tabatha’s Salon Makeover. Wow! I’m looking for actual excerpts from this show because it contains vital, useful and practical information. The premise is this successful salon owner and host (Tabatha Coffey) takes control of a struggling salon for one week and does a complete overhaul of management and staff. Aside from her physical resemblance to Annie Lennox and accent to match (she might be Australian though I’ll have to check), Tabatha is a no nonsense reality-checker. 

What I find interesting is how resistant to change so many people are to fixing the things that don’t work for them: bad habits, incompetent staff, not being goal oriented, etc. They are getting FREE business advice from a successful person they can easily transfer to their personal lives and the people are usually sullen, uncooperative or argumentative. The common complaint is how tough she is and I noticed how easily some of the women resort to using the “b” word to describe her. She’s not loud, rude or obnoxious with anyone. She is just not going to entertain their fantasies and mediocrity. I loved it! I highly recommend this show. I’m having a laugh with myself how easy it becomes spotting excellence in others and why it’s important to align ourselves with WINNERS. Their achievements can serve as an impetus and the value of their guidance (if offered) is immeasurable. 

So someone mislabeled a clip they downloaded to Youtube which is how I found this interview with actress Jane Seymour who at 57 looks amazing! She discusses how eating and exercise habits have added longevity and vitality to her life. It’s just 4 minutes so enjoy. If anyone can provide a link to Tabatha’s show please add it in the comment section.

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New Music Artist Deals Provide Key Strategies For Black Women

We can look to the latest trends in the music industry as an example of ADAPT OR DIE. The old model doesn’t work anymore and those companies that still try to do business in an outdated way will not survive. The RIAA can’t keep suing individual users for file sharing forever – though they may still insist on trying. After my research on Gates’ support of 2 Live Crew unearthed the RIAA’s involvement and support as well I wish them all the failure in the world. 
There’s a new venture called Polyphonic run by three music industry veterans. They want to pair with emerging artists as well as those disgruntled with the state of business as it stands. They’ll invest a few hundred thousand dollars into these artists who will then in turn actively engage in building their audience. The artists are responsible for cultivating relationships and must take a greater share of duties. They won’t get an advance but they’ll own all of their masters. In other words they’ll have to work hard and make strategic decisions. Artists with any sense of entitlement or those looking to be carried won’t cut it.
This lesson can apply to anyone but it is especially useful for African-American women who wish to maximize their appeal on the global stage. As many Black Women Empowerment (BWE) bloggers have discussed one of the first steps must be removing yourself from unsafe residential areas. So let’s say you’ve done that, had a chance to reorder your thinking and are ready to move ahead? Perhaps you’ll be attending one of the Free Your Mind events to meet an eligible bachelor or some other uplifting expansion of your dating pool. Now I think we need to continue with our efforts at having multiple income streams. This economy is NOT going to settle down anytime soon.

Now, with the structure of the music business shifting radically, some industry iconoclasts are sidestepping the music giants and inventing new ways for artists to make and market their music — without ever signing a traditional recording contract.

“Artists are at the point where they realize going back to the old model doesn’t make any sense,” Mr. Message said. “There is a hunger for a new way of doing things.” NYT article Artists Find Backers As Labels Wane

So let’s retranslate that to apply to the state of the average AA woman: The structure of the black community has completely dissipated from the pre-Civil Rights model. Some of the older generation’s wisdom may still be left and needs to be put into practice immediately. In the meantime you must remove yourself from all people who don’t use any common sense and are immersed in pathologies. More and more black women are at the point where they realize the black community model is dead and beating a dead horse doesn’t make any sense. The realization that it’s time to get out is dawning on more and more of them. Reciprocity is key to building all future relationships and endeavors.
Reciprocity is the key to all of this, including the new business model supported by the Polyphonic endeavor. This is a good example of a new world order where we can also apply the laws of attraction. Being positive but taking active steps and requesting help will surely result in success on various levels. We can have the 360 degree life that encompasses all the things we need from personal liaisons to spiritual fulfillment. We don’t necessarily have to know all the steps but we have to try. There will be no handouts or hand-holding.

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