More Indoctrination Tactics At Play – Or Just Another Ni88er Movie?

I received this email alert from website All Hip Hop. I may not listen to most of it but I do like to know what’s going on.

Hip-Hop star Ice Cube has been cast as a rogue cop in a new action comedy set to be produced titled Ride Along…Cube plays a rogue cop in the comedy, who attempts to sabotage his sister’s marriage to a white psychiatrist by taking him for a ride during his work day.

I saw this and immediately thought this movie is going to be a hot mess! I wondered if it was the studio’s idea to make it into another black/white comedy. You know how much Hollywood loves those films. I also wondered if the movie ends up with a predominantly Black cast how chock full of stereotypes it will have. You know what I’m talking about! Plus do we really need to making light of the action of rogue cops?
The thing that really raised my ire though was the blurb about the character meddling in his sister’s interracial marriage. It doesn’t indicate the white husband has done anything wrong, but that Cube’s character doesn’t like the fact his sister is married to one. Now Black men exercise their rights to date whomever they like so where is this attempt at controlling the mating choices of Black women coming from?
Could it be that it’s in the best interest of the bottom-feeders and those that would take advantage of Black women feeling desperate by limiting their choices? Or getting them to believe their choices are limited? So many of us already believe we are not worthy of being protected, cherished and provided for that all sorts of pathologies have emerged. It’s time to expose that for the lie that it is!! 
If the situation was reversed and it was a white actor playing a rogue cop out to scare his sister’s Black husband, the NAACP would be holding a press conference decrying such a racist script. So why not the reverse? Don’t Black men have enough problems to continue perpetuating this type of behavior?
As it is I won’t be seeing this film and if it gets completed I heartily support a straight to DVD release. Yet again I am shaking my head at the short-sightedness of those in positions to know better who choose to rub themselves in filth for a buck. I do hope in some twisted way that seeing the interracial couple together will still seep in the message there are plenty of good men available for us and to be open to finding a man of a different race/ethnicity/religion. 

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When Protect & Serve Becomes Obstruct & Harm

I wrote about the demise of the intact and thriving working class Black American community in yesterday’s post and gave some reasons why. When you open a book there’s a left page and a right page, so today I’d like to present some of the situations that may prompt people to want to be protectionists. 
In Oakland the funeral for the four officers killed by Lovelle Mixon was held at a huge auditorium. Their deaths were senseless and the retaliation will be swift and long. I say “will” and not “may” because law enforcement – like our brand of justice in this country – is highly subjective based on class, gender, finances, orientation, appearance and the other prejudices of those involved. Even the determination of what laws to apply can vary depending on the circumstances. So what begat Oscar Grant III begets Mehersle begets Mixon begets ????? 
When prosecutors can charge an 8 year old child of color with murder I think we can safely say we’ve jumped the shark in this country. So the officers in that scenario may not have engaged in anything untoward when they met their demise we can’t say for certain they never harassed, framed or intimidated any innocent people in their pursuit of “justice”.  
Take the officer who drew his weapon on the Moats family in a hospital parking lot for goodness sake! Who goes to the hospital to cause trouble and commit crimes – seriously? That dirtbag officer has now offered some lame and insincere apology. Mr. Moats showed incredible restraint even calling the officer Sir repeatedly but still didn’t get one ounce of common courtesy. We could have been reading about the NFL player shot to death while his mother-in-law died instead, but the Moats are obviously classy even during times of great stress.
Officer Robert Powell (remember the name!) knew he was wrong from the get-go because Mrs. Moats insisted on exiting the car to see her mom before she passed.  He knew he was wrong, but let his prejudice, pride and the power of his shield rule his actions. He threatened to “make trouble” for Moats. That indicates this officer has a pattern of abusive behavior. I’m certain he has a list of offenses that have been ignored and buried. He of course wouldn’t be the only officer that would fit that bill. Duanna Johnson’s murderer may very well be the former cops that battered her. That officer can’t do jack about the time he stole from the family to see a loved one before they died. It’s only because of the public embarrassment that he’s even offered the token apology. Had Moats not been an NFL player would we have even heard about this? So celebrity trumps the average citizen and I hope leads to the end of that officer’s career and a policy revision. Though I suspect his evil will remain unless he has a Road to Damascus epiphany. Somehow I doubt it.
Certain people don’t change – and should’ve been weeded out at recruitment. Law enforcement is very flawed, full of criminally-minded officers who engage in racist/sexist behavior with an ineffective Internal Affairs. Where’s the checks and balances? President Obama isn’t going to change that. Law enforcement, armed forces, private contractors and militia are all the same thing. It seems for quite a few those behind a badge, a suit or a uniform are engaging in creating chaos, killing with impunity, rape and controlling certain populations by using terror tactics. We have to demand change and accountability with established consequences ready to implemented. Part of that will require that we cease harboring the neighborhood miscreants. It undermines legitimate efforts at establishing boundaries and priorities. Demand we must if we want to make inroads otherwise we’ll just keep hearing about it, complaining but not resolving this.
Here’s the Moats’ interview on Good Morning America
We need to continue discussing this but it’s time for action  – and punishments!

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Black Americans Are Like Newspapers

I recently visited my family in Upstate New York. It felt like an episode of “This Is Your Life”. I admittedly have a disdain/hate relationship with the city I grew up in. Lots of institutional racism, segregated neighborhoods and the combo of Blacks who were either into social climbing or the lowest common denominator behavior had me declaring at age 8 how I was moving to NYC after I graduated high school. I’d also noticed a pattern of the first born female (mom & grandma) having their first of many children at age 18. I knew that tradition was going to end with me as well, lol!
Despite the unemployment rates in NYS being high they’re nearly double in California right now. Despite parental concern I did go to NYC and loved it. As a native New Yorker we are a breed unto ourselves. Having lived in California and specifically San Francisco for the last 8 years I have to admit that I’m now a California girl (woman). You know what I mean! I’d still like to be bi-coastal actually and to do so I’m going to have to step up my game so to speak. With the average home purchase price hovering around $1M with the average rent $2000/mo I know why I may stay broke if I continue to live in San Francisco as a single child-free woman of a certain income bracket. So I may also need to change that status and be actively doing so. Which brings me to the point of this blog post.
Seeing some of the same thriving business districts and surrounding residential areas of my town of birth I’ve never considered it “home” because I had no say in where I was born and raised. The city is always building something (parking, sports arenas) yet the bulk of the areas where Blacks lived during my formative years are in near total disarray. Abandoned or burnt-out buildings litter many neighborhoods bringing the housing value down to those that are either too old or too stubborn to leave. Apparently the ones who haven’t left (like all of my friends and school mates) have moved to residential areas that were exclusively white. 
There was a time I would’ve declared that “progress” but I think through a different critical prism now so I realize it’s likely the result of whites having left the area as well because it’s not “integrated” AND a look at the class status/temperament of those people who’ve remained deserves an evaluation. Not that their aren’t any well-off Blacks in Buffalo or poor whites but it always seemed geared towards affluence for a majority of whites. I used to think it was “racism” as the only cause but I think there were other factors at play. I used to say there’d be a Black President before a Black Mayor of this city but alas I was proven wrong! 
So admittedly it was the combination of how the Blacks in the area did – or didn’t – wield power politically and certain aspects of my family that I find troublesome that generate this reaction out of me. I used to think it was like a rubber band or better yet, a boomerang, that no matter how far away I moved even across the pond to London some problem would force me back even though it was usually for a brief time. Like now with the horrible economy. It’s nice to see my immediately family but I am itching to be away. I need to be a large metropolitan area with diversity and more than one dominant culture to be at my happiest which usually means living in one of the more expensive cities. By the way I tried Atlanta, and no offense to ya’ll but it’s way to provincial for my tastes. I can’t live in a state that flies the Confederate Flag. I think out of all the cities I’ve lived in I may like Toronto the best but it’s way too cold in the winter. I really liked Denver when I went there for the Democratic National Convention and they are wooing Californians right now.
I was out recapping my lapsed driving skills – because you don’t need to drive in San Francisco (or NYC) but I need to be able to handle my business behind the wheel in case I end up living in a city that requires it. I noticed one of the areas surrounding the park I’d been driving in had really deteriorated. I remember as a child taking the bus through this area to attend school and how I’d always thought it looked a little worse for wear so now it was really bad. It was around 8pm and I counted six younger AA men standing around doing….what I don’t know.
Well one was sitting at the entrance of a dry cleaner that was closed drinking a can of beer. He looked rather pissed to me. I’m not sure if he was drunk (Euro expression) or angry. Two were across the street in front of another store “talking”. Three others were standing in front of the corner store. Are you getting the picture? My mother commented how these areas had only poor people left because the Middle Class had left. I responded these neighborhoods were full of the criminally-minded and being poor may play a role in the decline but that didn’t excuse the potential tinder box of danger and illegal activity displayed before us.
I was glad we were in a car because I would NOT have wanted to be a lone female out there with them. Of course we disagreed but I’m reminded of the potential dangers of people who may look like us that don’t share any of our values. One such person decided to drive out of his residential cesspool and come to ours to shoot at people…one of the victims was my second youngest brother and he didn’t survive.
I realize speaking to my mother about certain things is an exercise in futility. Generation Gap Alert!! Like how it’s time to leave the neighborhood she’s lived in for the past 25 years because the encroaching areas have become cesspools of criminal activity and having a Black Chief of Police and Mayor isn’t going to make other people bent on destruction change their evil ways. Some family that moved down the street decided to supplement their income by casing all of the houses in a two block radius and attempting robbery. My mom’s next door neighbor caught some of them standing on top of her garbage cans at 4am. Thank goodness there are still some men left in the neighborhood that paid them a visit, issued a warning and outlined the consequences for any further violations. That’s how it used to be but that’s not the way things are usually handled today.
How do I know this? Because of the idiocy of my brother’s “friends” and their stop snitching vow of silence crap the police know who murdered him but don’t have enough evidence to prosecute because none of the witnesses would say anything. It’s been nearly three years and my anger over this hasn’t dissipated. I don’t think a 21-year old college student with a job in the banking industry and an all-around sweet natured person being just another statistic of Black on Black crime because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time is something that should be forgotten. There are many such stories and not just Black men are being brutalized. So those that were protesting the shooting of Lovelle Mixon need to seriously have their heads examined.
This wasn’t supposed to be a personal essay. I was going to keep it brief (for me anyway) and speak in general tones but this is what came out. If it appears intact then I guess I decided to post it. I’m not sure yet. So why did I title it the way I did? Newspapers were once considered stalwart and venerable. Didn’t we always think there’d be a local and national newspaper? Yet from the Christian Science Monitor to the San Francisco Chronicle to the Seattle (name) they’re all folding or on the verge of collapse. I’ve always loved newspapers. It’s the tactile sensation of holding it and smelling it. The ink would bleed all over your hands. 
I couldn’t wait to get to the Sunday cartoons and attempt completion of the crossword puzzles. Of course unless you were of a particular income bracket the coupons were eagerly anticipated as well. Don’t we tend to think of the Black community as a national collective of people in the struggle against white racism? That’s the shtick anyway that we were sold from those individuals who came to a very limited power during the aftermath of Civil Rights. Notice I specified Black Americans and I am referring to those whose ancestors were enslaved. We’re talking those whose family gene pool goes back starting from three generations ago and backwards. Like the neighborhoods of our youth that our grandparents lived in, those old alliances are for the most part gone. 
The reality is for the majority those times have long since passed and those alliances were tenuous at best. When 70% of Black women are single and not by some “empowered” choice but because they’re holding onto these old ideas that the majority of Black men have long since abandoned it’s pure foolishness. When the majority of these single women – and by single I’m talking never married – also have at least one child then it’s not just about personal choices and responsibility. Some of these women were young girls taken advantage of by men old enough to know better or those that knew they weren’t sticking around to begin with. How can you make an empowered choice when you don’t know what that means? They’re the ones that are living in these deteriorated neighborhoods with boys that grow into angry abandoned men who have literally bitten the hands that fed them and then some.
Before anyone starts balking – yes of course there are exceptions, good men, intact families and thriving neighborhoods. Let’s get real here, though. While you may be living your life of exceptionalism, good people and cheer you may rub up against some of those on the periphery. Admit it, if you were superstitious you might throw salt over your shoulder and say “there but for the grace of God…” Or you may be living your high profile life with all its pressures just trying to swim with the other sharks. Meanwhile that periphery has a domino effect. It’s like when there’s a power outage and the lights on the block go out one by one.
There will be a day of reckoning but by the time you notice it, it’ll be too late to stop the bleeding. There are stereotypes about how certain ethnic groups are all wealthy because they make sure the entire collective is doing reasonably well by comparison to others. They have businesses that cater to their needs and are unabashedly supportive of their interests. They work with each other and hire each other. They don’t claim speaking well and being educated is a violation of belonging to that group. They don’t eschew therapy. They have thriving communities. Their men haven’t publicly disdained women from their group by touting the virtues and beauty of other groups of women. They don’t label it a “preference” when confronted about it. They don’t abandon their children. They don’t say “give a brother a chance” when they’re engaging in substandard behavior and activity. They don’t separate the women in the group by skin shade or hair texture declaring some women are worthy of praise while condemning the rest. There isn’t this disconnect where the majority of women and children are left to fend for themselves. Again this is speaking of the majority  – which you can see played out over and over if you look – not individuals.
None of these things occur in a vacuum or by osmosis. It’s a mentality that is either supported or rejected and all the actions that follow are the result of that choice. This goes beyond white racism. This goes beyond the choice of a few individuals to “live their lives as they see fit”. This is a matter of survival. Some believe it’s too late for the collective and individuals who want to survive must separate themselves immediately. In the most heinous environments I agree, but there are still areas that have not deteriorated to that point yet. There are still people out there fighting the good fight. At least I hope there are.
Like newspapers will we admit there’s a serious problem and address it or will we continue to deny, deny, deny until the damage is complete and we have to sever the limbs or face sudden demise? I used to deny it even after what happened to my family. I used to think there was always a couple of bad seeds in the bunch but the bunch was a bushel and it was good. After what happened at Dunbar Village, after reading the blog Black & Missing and after looking at actual crime stats I realized those seeds have multiplied and sprouted an angry violent army of aggressors and fueled mass willful ignorance. It’s sad but you’ll get over it. It’s time to demolish the old and create something new and better in its place. Black women of quality can create quality Black children with whomever they mate with since we are the daughters of Eve. Will we stop looking through a narrow prism of choices and open ourselves to the spectrum of an entire world with as many options available to us as we’re willing to seek?

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Does Anybody Have Time to Read Blogs on Sundays?

Well I already know the answer to that – yes. I mean I read them everyday but you know I spend a lot of time on the internets. Eventually I’m gonna have to uh…disengage a bit more. For now though I have a little too much free time on my hands. Of course time isn’t really free. Our clocks are ticking away until they…stop. We just have no idea when that will be. When you’re young didn’t you think you’d live forever? Or at least I remember when I was eight years old and thought sixteen was really old and it would take me forever to get to that age. Now that’s it been an equal amount of time since I then I’d like to be able to slow down the passage of time. Every year seems to go by faster and faster now.
I’ve noticed the traffic on my blog slows on weekends presumably because all of you are out living your lives – which is a great thing by the way. I have things I need to do, want to do and don’t want to do. I’m a notorious procrastinator. So I must admit reading is a nice distraction or tool of postponement. It’s all in how you look at things I suppose.  
Ok I just realized though I should be more aware of my time but I should also not bash myself. I could’ve married to first guy who paid attention to me and plunked out a few kids. I’d be busy but would I be happy? Now there’s another conundrum for ya. Right now I can get up when I want, sleep when I want, eat whatever I want and I don’t have to answer to anybody (human at least). There’s that whole spiritual aspect I’m avoiding right now…..
I mean here I am trying to come up with topics to keep my online play cousins entertained and challenged. It’s also a good rant forum and I can finally get some things off my chest. So really this is a win-win scenario for all of us. I’m also practicing one of the few avenues of discipline I’ve been consistent at. I made a declaration to write something every day and four months later I’m still at it. I’m relieved to know I can be consistent and I hope providing a variety of quality content.
Now it’s time to expand this to other areas of my life that I’ve long since abandoned out of fear, mediocrity, frustration, confusion or just not having a vision. What do you want to conquer that you’ve let lapse? How are you spending not just your Sundays but every day to make it work for you?

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Why Can’t I Buy Wine At The Supermarket?

Image Preview
You know I’ve lived in California for so long there are certain things I’ve apparently taken for granted. I’ve thought nothing of perusing the wine section of most supermarkets for a selection. These stores have wine buyers whose selections often times reflect their tastes. In San Francisco I met the buyer for a local upscale organic-leaning grocer at a lounge bar. It caters to people in the nightclub industry so I got an in-depth schooling on great varietals. 
All of those shows with sommeliers/foodies on Fine Living Network and subsequent personal study have paid off as well. Another local grocer sells this one great brand of Blanc de Blancs French champagne (the real stuff) that’s less than $12.  In fact, even Trader Joe’s touts Charles Shaw wine otherwise known as 2 Buck Chuck – though it’s $3 now. I’ve been able to sample a lot of wine and of course living in Northern California aka Wine Country has certainly developed my palate. You have to swish and spit by the way lest you get drunk before the tour ends!
This doesn’t even begin to cover the pricing of wine and the use of undocumented workers on wineries to keep their profits up and allegedly prices low. When the prices of imports are roughly the same as domestic (except when you start getting into specific years, etc) I don’t see how that argument holds water. That’s another topic for a post that I will cover one day soon. 
New York State produces its own wine too, but unlike in California I can’t buy my cheese, wine and toilet paper at the same place. You’d think there’d be this coordinated effort to showcase wines from the Empire State but the only time I’ve seen any was on the above-mentioned network as the “forgotten” domestic. Now the question of whether I’d want to buy all three together is a matter of personal taste for mass retailers (i.e. Gallo) do abound at supermarkets. 
Is that because of the advertising money spent marketing these wines or is that because the general public has simple (unsophisticated) tastes? There was a time when I thought I hated red wines. There was a time when a $5 bottle was sufficient. I’d dare say a $45 bottle of Tattinger Estate isn’t in the weekly budget of the average consumer. I’d also opine those that have wine cellars aren’t buying from Sam’s Club necessarily either. 
Governor Patterson wants to allow grocers to sell wine to raise revenue for the state. See you New Yorkers don’t realize how lucky you are to only have a $15B deficit instead of the $43B one slapped onto California with the looming $8B and counting in next year’s budget.  Oh well, I never tire of pointing out the foolishness of those voters that were dazzled by the unqualified movie star who’s helped edge the state a little bit closer to that cliff we think won’t hold when the Big One comes. Where will all the celebs go when their houses fall into the Pacific? If you’ve visited Southern California to behold the beauty and peril of building a mansion on stilts on the side of a cliff then you know exactly what I’m talking about. 
So New York has until April 1st (really no joking) to decide on his budget proposal. The Liquor Lobby opposes this, including the Teamsters. Well…everybody’s grabbing for a piece of the pie but to me this is a no-brainer. It’s ridiculously archaic to not be able to purchase wine at the supermarket. Apparently the wine shops can’t sell beer so I say open it up and be done with it. The last thing I’d want to do is be slave to whatever wine shop is in my vicinity or gasp – the liquor store that litters poorer neighborhoods. That’s not elitist of me. They tend to grossly inflate prices. It’s almost as bad as having to pay $32 for a $20 bottle of vodka in Ireland due to the ridiculous tariffs added to alcohol.  
Here’s the weigh-in from Eric Asimov via The Pour blog at the New York Times:
The current system is an antiquated remnant of the post-Prohibition days. We eliminated blue laws prohibiting wine shops from opening on Sundays, and the world seems to have survived.
When Starbucks opened on seemingly every other corner in New York City it didn’t drive all the existing diners and coffee shops out of business. It did force many of them to improve their coffee quality and selection. Eventually, people began to react negatively to the Starbucks ubiquity and many smaller coffee specialty shops began to emerge playing the anti-corporate, connoisseur-quality card.
He has a point. You’ll only find me at Charbucks because I needed a Hotspot internet connection or for the Tazo tea. As I can personally attest every wine shop isn’t created equal. It’s usually hit or miss – mostly miss as I’ve had some disgusting selections suggested. The one exception came from the one shop I went to in the Tenderloin of all places where I discovered L de Lyeth – thanks to the owner actually listening to my preferences.
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Ever Been Followed Around A Store For One Reason Only?

Yeah I’m going there. I have experienced overly persistent sales associates out for a commission but never followed around a store unless it’s because someone assumed I was going to steal if left to my own devices. Now if I entered a store looking like a crack-addict I could understand the need for monitoring. I’ve worked retail and aside from obvious shifty behavior usually the people that steal do so out of greed than “need”. It’s the ones that put on airs that can be the most notorious. Like many things Black people have to put up with the assumption of guilt of a crime before one has been committed or even considered is just one of those things some of us have to endure in a racist world. What may come as a surprise is the actual culprits are not the ones assumed to be those most likely.
This segment from “What Would You Do” features a Black woman being stopped in what they describe as an upscale store.  I’ve been followed in stores. In San Francisco it’s happened at the drugstores Walgreens and Rite Aid. Walgreens tends to have the Asian staff following me and other Blacks and Rite Aid it was the security guard on duty. I was shocked to find the guard lurking in a corner when I came out of the feminine hygiene product section which was all the way in the back like we’re supposed to be embarrassed about normal body functions.  
Anyway I found the segment somewhat manipulative and over the top. I also didn’t think the store they chose was truly upscale, just small. It wasn’t Target so that makes it upscale? Have they been to the Prada store? I get that the point was to educate the deniers…and white people because most Blacks are already aware of this. I also found the categorization of “Shopping While Black” to be a bit ridiculous, but I won’t discount it. “Driving While Black” is an accepted point of reference to describe harassment people receive going to and fro in their vehicles.
I also was certain the manner by which the salesclerk spoke to the shopper would’ve left the store vulnerable to a lawsuit – or at the least very bad publicity. In today’s tech-oriented world people have video cameras at the ready to record the misdeeds of others in public places. So anyone being that inflammatory is just plain stupid and deserving of all legal recourse available.
This of course is my take on things. Watch the segment for yourself and if you wish to share, drop a line in the comment section.

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Old School Friday

Ah it’s the end of the work week for those still lucky enough to have jobs! Or perhaps you’re on a career path that’s paid out for you in spades. So this week’s theme “Bad Day At Work” may or may not apply. Does one have a bad day due to a jerk boss, an incompetent assistant, an overbearing client, an unexpected deadline or because of problems at home? Or considering what’s going on today, that “bad day” might just be the day you find out you won’t have a job because your entire company has gone under? I wonder how the employees at Lehman felt – those that weren’t in the loop or who had left other companies to work there? 
I honestly have no idea what songs would adequately capture the mood of the range of emotions that wouldn’t be expletive filled. So I think hugging it out is a better choice. Yup I’m going for the sap, er poignancy. Now that I’m looking at the video with its slice of life visuals and people working….see I was right! Plus I believe him when he says he wants love. Unlike this porno theme I heard on the R&B station last week that made me want to gouge out my ears about some guy wanting to throw a woman on the counter, break out a video camera and….I had to change the station because I didn’t want to hear anymore. 

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80’s Guilty Pleaure: Xanadu

Ok I admit it: I love Xanadu. I love the roller skates, the leg warmers and the music. The plot of the movie is nonexistent really. Olivia Newton John is one of eight muses and falls in love with the man she was sent to inspire. He’s a frustrated artist who has a job painting album covers that he considers an interference to his true passions (opening a roller disco)! Boy have times changed. How many of us would kill for an artistic “job” like that? Me me me! I haven’t even mentioned the best part of this movie though: GENE KELLY. It was his last film. The sight of him on roller skates and in a rink is priceless. The choreography was also great. Kenny Ortega got his big career break with this film. He went from dancer to choreographer to director (High School Musical) like another talent – Debbie Allen. Even if you think the movie is cheesy you can safely allow your kids to watch it and I’ve really come to appreciate not feeling assaulted from what’s on the tv these days. Somebody obviously liked the concept so much they brought the concept to Broadway as well.
The theme song and movie finale. Just to jog your memory.
This one scene from the movie was one of the best I think. Who wouldn’t have wanted to sing and dance with Kelly?
 Xanadu wasn’t the first time Kelly donned roller skates
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Who Wants To Live Forever?

Did you know regenerative medicine has advanced to the point where you can grow your own organs outside of your body?! I know it sounds kinda freaky, science fiction tv show-ish but the future presented on shows like Star Trek is available now. Using your own blood and cells, doctors can make a mold to grow a replacement organ or tissues in a matter of weeks!
Yesterday’s Oprah episode covered ways to improve your life expectancy. One technique is following a diet that restricts calorie consumption which forces the body to use its cells more productively. Now being on the youngish side of the age pendulum I would usually gloss over this as something for the elders, but I’m not so young anymore. When you have nieces who will be 16 then I guess not. 
Now it is all about preventative techniques to avoid illnesses or boost quality of life. We’re all not going to be young forever! Plus with so much plastic surgery being performed like it’s a visit to the dentist it’s more difficult to actually see and experience people aging naturally without looking like frozen statues. 
The Department of Health and Human Services has a report on The Future of Regenerative Medicine that states: 

Regenerative medicine is the next evolution of medical treatments. Derived from the fields of tissue engineering, tissue science, biology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, applied engineering and other fields, regenerative medicine is the first truly interdisciplinary field that utilizes and brings together nearly every field in science. This new field holds the realistic promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in vivo (in the living body) through reparative techniques that stimulate previously irreparable organs into healing themselves. Regenerative medicine also empowers scientists to grow tissues and organs in vitro (in the laboratory) and safely implant them when the body is unable to be prompted into healing itself.

The benefits of regenerative medicine are endless! From helping people with life-threatening illnesses, to reducing the demand of organ and tissue donations this is the right direction for medicine and it returns it to its origins of doing no harm. It will also reduce the overall costs for care – which will be a welcome relief to millions who either have had HMO plans that denied them adequate care, no health coverage at all or to those that have filed bankruptcy as debt relief from huge bills.
What does regenerative medicine do? First and foremost, it cures by either encouraging your body to create undamaged tissues or by accepting transplanted tissues or organs. The difference is that the transplant will NOT be from a matched donor that your body may later reject, but it’s your own. 
Collectively, these treatments allow for two substantial advances over current medicine. The first advance is the potential to in vivo (in the living body) regenerate currently irreparably damaged tissues so that they return to full functionality. The second advance is to be able to produce tissues in vitro (in the laboratory) to be used for transplantation purposes when regeneration is not possible. This technology has the potential to cure diseases ranging from diabetes (through regeneration of islets) to the repair of cancerous tissues (by replacing the removed cancerous tissue with externally grown healthy tissue). By creating these “tissues for life,” regenerative medicine treatments will undoubtedly lead to a tremendous improvement in quality of life and healthcare.
President Obama’s support of stem cell research  – which he again mentioned during his second press conference last night – is vital. With regenerative medical techniques those that want to object over the use of embryonic stem cells won’t have a leg to stand on because it won’t be an issue. Of course I suspect some people will never be satisfied and always find something to protest. 
Here’s a report on CBS. It’s not CGI either!

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What Did You Think About The PBO Press Conference?

I thought President Obama conducted himself well and answered each increasingly lame and non-important question with more patience than I would’ve had. First CBS’ Chip Reid started with the nonsense. Then CNN’s Ed Henry tried to move an elephant with his obnoxiousness. He may clap his paws with glee over some added attention but he gets no reward for dragging the First Daughters into his stupid gotcha moment. CNN is trying to take over for Fox as most partisan and inflammatory network. It’s no coincidence they hire some idiot that used to work at Fox in their quest for bigger ratings. Big FAIL!
So between browsing a few political blogs and Twitter someone mentioned that he only called on a small number of female reporters. When one of them wanted to ask him about race (why?) and how he was faring these some 60 odd days, how was he supposed to respond? We all know Obama DOES NOT LIKE TALKING ABOUT RACE for one thing and two – the question served NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. As he responded, the people may have noticed the historical context but the average citizen is concerned about the economy. 
It seems it’s certain right-wing leaning media personalities that are still carping on race and the other pundits are looking for gotcha moments. Anything but actually trying to help support the President’s agendas. Even as I question his hiring practices, the loyalties of those that are serving and honestly whether the evil empire infrastructure will be dismantled I do want all the little people to experience some freedom for a change. I can’t say the same for those in the media who seem hell-bent on planting seeds of dissent and spreading drama in their wake.
It’s time for some new blood and I am tired of all the aging white mostly male faces that not only make up the WH Press Corp but corporate media period. Alas we Blacks let that ship sail and this is what we’re left with. No control, marginal representation and a lot of haterade. Thank the stars for us bloggers but that too will be corporatized in a few years. I hope we’re taking steps to ensure our participation remains intact. 

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