There’s Nothing Quite Like a Fair Weather Friend

I am continuing my theme of all the Black people who are acting like they were in the tank for Obama all along – except (when) they weren’t! Everybody loves a winner!! I’ll keep adding more names and videos as they get posted. Rejoice now (Johnny Come Lately supporters) but if I were Obama I’d offer a handshake from afar lest I ended up shanked! But he’s so magnanimous he said he’d be the President for all those that didn’t support him as well. He’s a better person than I’d be. I guess that’s why HE WON!!!! 
Magic Johnson
Did your hedge fund deal not pan out with Ron Burkle? Whassup?! 
It runs from 7:20-11:04.
Vernon Jordan 
BFF of Bill Clinton. Not certain if it’s reciprocated or not. He’s got a book to promote after all. CYA. CYA. CYA. All the way. 

Jesse Jackson, Sr.
OMG! How could I have forgotten about him? Well, I wasn’t gonna bother. He was crying like a baby with Oprah and them. How could we ever forget that hot mic on Fox though. I guess Obama’s Father’s Day speech where he merely suggested that all men take responsibility for their children was just too much. Ahhhhh let’s recap for giggles!  

They All Feel Safe To Come Out Now

Yeah, I know it’s a new day and all and we’re going to come together and be one. I also know that as I’m breathing this air certain Rethug pundits are regrouping for their next coordinated attack. But we see you!! Now there’s a lot of Black people that were and will continue toting water for their masters or just not have a vision for a brighter future that can obtained with hard work, focus and unity. It’s time to get with the program
Everybody did not jump on the Civil Rights bandwagon despite best wishes for revisionist history. That didn’t stop them from ‘milking’ it after the fact, though. Be you an elder, a senior member of a political administration or my local mail carrier it’s time to step up to the plate. This is not about blind support, but about elevating each other to fulfill greatness and holding each other accountable. I know some may be offended but if we don’t do it then who will?
There’s this amazing post by Christian Progressive Liberal over at Jack & Jill Politics that I thought summed it up best.

Condoleeza Rice 

Thanks Condi for your grand gesture. You’re still a war criminal! May you forever be held accountable for shoe shopping while the ‘undesirables’ were dying in NOLA.

Maya Angelou
Thanks for finally believing. Where were you when your good friends were race-baiting and making light of political assassinations?  
It’s Two-Fer. Dumb and Dumber are still trying to stay relevant. Harold Ford, Jr. wishes he was Obama and spent the past year trashing him every chance he got. Tavis Smiley is still stuck in the Civil Rights Industrial Complex (CRIC) mode thinking he was going to be KING-maker. Barf!


Note to Tara Wall, Juan Williams (he slipped up a bit last night and was actually reasonable), Amy Holmes and all you professional Black contrarians, who think you’re going to ride the gravy train joining the Rethug pile-on to tear down an Obama administration……think again!!! 
As for you John McCain, your concession was nice. Too bad you didn’t run your campaign with any class. No cookie for you!

OBAMA IS 44!!!!!

Democrat Barack Obama.(AP)
Yahoo Photo
In Numerology the number 44 is considered a Master number and very powerful. The person who best embodies the necessary qualities for 44th President of these oft-divided states needs to be a visionary, create a certain spark of interest, be an open seeker of knowledge, disciplined and willing to combine wisdom with reason. 
Using Obama’s birth date of August 4, 1961 = 8+4+1+9+6+1 = 11 which is another Mater number. 1+1 = 2. The birth number is also the life path number. Now you can also evaluate someone by their name as well, but I really like the life path. I think it’s the ‘face’ we show to the world. 2’s are considerate, creative, inspiring, spiritual and very sensitive. 
We can also evaluate Obama by his astrological sun sign – which is in Leo. In Chinese zodiac animal signs he is an Ox. Leos are very charismatic and have definite star quality, are loyal and born leaders. Oxen like to be in positions of power, but are very down to earth, seek security and are very family oriented.  
Some less enlightened religious interpreters may condemn the use of astrology, runes, numerology etc., but they are simply the application of numbers used as a tool to gain personal insight. We use personality tests, academic exams and psychology to do that as well. The danger is always in having a narrow definition of what “it” means be that religion, sexuality, race or standards of Blackness! That Higher Power is trying to reach out to us in ways that we can easily relate to – hence the prevalence of these ‘spiritual’ self-help books.
The Bible uses a lot of symbolism with the use of the number 40 and 12. The Israelites wandering in the desert, the amount of time Jesus was tempted by the Devil, the number of disciples for example. These numbers are not necessarily literal, but powerful tools which represent something worth further examination.
We really need to think more critically and perhaps put what we read into proper context for the time it was written and how memes are shaped. We also need to utilize various translations and compare the differences when using Greek, Aramaic English and other languages. Singers don’t come into their own vocally until the after the age of 30 development-wise. Why would we expect the acclimation of our religious traditions be similar? Why wouldn’t our growth as humans continue to evolve?
One such example to consider would be how when Jesus was resurrected He could have chosen to come to anyone and he chose his most faithful: the women. Not the most strict rules followers, not the ones that donated the most money and not the ones that showed up in the fanciest clothes.
Do you really think women didn’t have leadership roles on equal standing with the men under those circumstances after that? Or is that a continuation of a social construct like categorizing people by phenotype?
Someone shared a verse from Proverbs 29:2 with me on the eve of Election Day: “When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power they groan.“ And of course the one Commandment those that refer to themselves as Christians are supposed to be following is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Note it doesn’t say:
1. Tell someone how to live based on one’s interpretation or personal opinions.
2. Bear false witness and continue to blatantly lie (on the campaign trail).
3. Allow your supporters to seek the physical destruction of your political rival. 
4. Place your interpretations and viewpoints above all else even your “God”.
If leaking confidential immigration data and filing erroneous charges for a candidate’s use of a plane to see a dying relative aren’t reprehensible enough for some of you to reconsider your political affiliations I don’t know what will. 
Women of color (of all religious traditions) and their allies may very well be the ones to lead this country out of darkness away from wickedness, wherever it comes from, up to and including themselves. Our survival depends on it. 
Might I also add that I think sooooo many people will be getting the shock of their lives if they’re around when Jesus comes back and he doesn’t look or act like they’ve imagined. Especially if we find out our entire concept of Jesus was wrong (like there being no Jesus since everyone doesn’t follow that tenet) and Heaven and Hell has been right here on Earth this entire time and we messed it up!
**For those that don’t ascribe to this line of thinking or utilize it in different forms please feel free to share your own stories or alternate philosophies. This is my perspective but not the only one.

Denver Ambition

The first tallies are coming in: McCain has won Kentucky with 8 Electoral votes while Obama has won Vermont with 3. It’s going to be a long night folks. Here I thought I’d be running all over town and feeling totally wired, but I’m sorta calm. We’ve done all we could. It’s up to the people of this country to make a choice of mediocrity and division or go the course less travelled. 

It all came together on a warm evening in August where Barack Obama accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party for President. I took a bunch of photos and shot some video. I’ve added them to my Flickr account but will post a few here (sorry for the one photo Blogger is NOT cooperating) for viewing.
And if you can stand the sweetness, Black Snob has a great array of photos of our future First Family (whether it’s now or 2012 or thereafter) that will give you instant cavities!!! Oh it’s so good. Professor Tracey has a hilarious Top 10 List that I can agree with. Has no one put out an ABP on Ann Coulter?
Ok, that’s it for me I think. I may be back cuz I can’t help myself. I’m going to making a few nation-wide phone calls to check in with friends and la familia just to calm myself. I’ll pop into the local Obama HQ and I will probably go to a watch party. I need to charge my laptop though.
Good Luck to us all!!!!

Voter Generation

We’ve got Spirit, yes we do! I’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you? I was speaking to voters yesterday – after my Jury Duty stint – and what an experience it was! I met a 38 y.o. Iraq war vet who’d enlisted back in 2003 and he was voting for the first time ever. He was a native San Franciscan of Asian descent and I had to ask him why now (and of course why not before). He replied that things had gotten so bad he had to vote! He was voting for Obama and complained how poorly McCain treats Vets as one of his reasons. It was estimated to be a 3-hour wait and he’d been getting antsy, hoping he could skip the line as he just wanted to vote for the Presidential race. I urged him to consider the many Propositions (34 Yikes!!) we had on the ballot this year that would greatly impact the State and Local municipalities and tried to explain them in an unbiased way. He even found the name of a School Board candidate that he knew and got even more excited. 
As you know every state has different rules, deadlines and techniques for voting. San Francisco County doesn’t have touchscreens in wide circulation – yet – and perhaps that’s a good thing! There’s a very simple paper ballot where you fill in the middle section of an arrow that clearly and accurately indicates your choice. No hanging chads, no funny stuff! Also the electronic options are currently limited to the Presidential candidates BUT you get a paper receipt. 
Another voter complained that the wording of the legislation was so confusing. I agree. I think it should be written simply enough for a third grader to understand. A smart third grader but the clear intent as I see it is to discourage people from reading up on an issue more thoroughly. The mini legalese and double-talk of some of this legislation greatly misleads voters into thinking they are supporting things they in fact may not want! Also I reported earlier that voting had started on October 20th which that was the deadline to register. It had in fact began on October 6th! 
Yup, many people could’ve avoided these long lines by voting at the beginning of last month. Or completing a mail in ballot – though I tend to be suspicious of things getting ‘lost’. Now I looked at the Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s website and the official SF Gov page and I’d be hard-pressed to find that information. My suggestion: say “If You Need Help Voting Free Classes Can Be Found Here. Know Before You Go!” and “Avoid Long Lines – Vote Starting October 6th, 2008.” Don’t set up links upon links under headlines and columns. Paper flier neighborhoods. Hand out pamphlets at the supermarket. 
The polling locations did not have enough voter guides either, not to mention the fact it’s more than 200 pages! There are reports of wide spread machine malfunctions, lack of official ballots, incompetent poll workers and general chaos, but we knew this was going to happen!  I consider myself a somewhat savvy voter, but I was confused even though I had done a lot of research prior to voting. Voter Education classes are available but like I said it’s not as if this has been made readily available to voters nor has this been explained and promoted. I don’t care what these officials have to say, they need to do better outreach. This should be taught in school as well as the basics of finance and budgeting. 
How confusing does it get? One voter sometimes used Junior in their surname and they got flustered by the official that told them he should make certain to add it to his ballot information. He didn’t use it all the time and since he didn’t have his voter card handy (it’s not required) he wasn’t even sure he’d registered using it. This is not even a battleground state where a lot of the illegal removal of registered Democrats has occurred (except perhaps for those during the Primary but that’s another story). Can you imagine how many people could have had their votes stolen under these circumstances? 
We need a complete overhaul of how elections are operated, voters get registered and results are tallied. Seriously. 
I forgot about the 3-hour time difference and woke my mom last night just to double check what time she was voting. New Yorkers don’t have early voting and I wanted to give her a heads up on the lines. I thought voting as early as possible was the way to go. My youngest brother is voting for the first time today. I haven’t spoken to him yet but I wrote on his Wall on Facebook about how cool it must be for him to cast his first vote for you know who. 
My mom was groggy but said she was so happy to vote for such a distinguished and qualified candidate. I was also surprised to hear her say she didn’t think she’d get to vote for a Black candidate in her lifetime. She’s only in her 50’s! She briefly mentioned what it was like living at the end of Jim Crow and the dawn of the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights. She remembers hearing about people being beaten and jailed and the deaths of King and Malcolm X and many others. The 4 Little Girls. I will need to set aside time and interview her about this. I can’t recall us ever talking about this come to think about it. 
History will be made today and we will live to tell the tale!

Countdown to Destiny

The long arduous journey is coming to its inevitable end. We will elect a new President on Tuesday. Then a new journey begins. We will not allow ourselves to fall into a comfortable stupor. We will not allow fear to be our primary motivator for we’ve been scared out of our wits enough! We still have many rivers to cross. We didn’t need perfect harmony to come together at this time and we won’t need it to continue what we’ve started. Many of us have invested a lot of time and effort into various candidates. 
One candidate appears to be willing to bring people into the fold. Another seems to be less inclusive. We know from previous administrations that not all campaign promises can be kept. We are also much more invested and have increased our political savvy. I know I used to see elected officials in terms of a hierarchy. Then I got an inkling of how corrupt gov’t can be when it is run by people who support interests that run against the needs of the people. 
I’ve felt helpless to do anything as I thought of myself as one pebble in an ocean. Then something amazing happened this year: one became three, three became ten, ten became hundreds, then thousands and now millions. The key will be to maintain that proactive consensus after it no longer becomes popular and after some start to feel safer and more comfortable again. We must never return to apathy. 
I am hoping for an Obama total blow-out that will leave all the know-nothing pundits with their jaws on the floor, sputtering to make sense of ‘how it happened’. Though I bet Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow might offer a smile. 
Should the unspeakable occur all will not be lost!! The Democrats will surely have gained enough Senate and House seats to not allow further Republican railroading. We will be galvanized to fight to derail every bad piece of legislation the McCain/Palin ticket tries to push. We will roar like lions and we will win. The McCain presidency will be an embattled one and as those supporters are abandoned one by one for special interests that ignore them they will join the ranks of those that knew better to sink the Republicans once and for all. Then it’s on to 1012.  
Alas, I am hoping for a less volatile scenario where we have an Obama administration that results in a golden age for US politics.  Where we fight to put ourselves and our country back on track. Where even all the naysayers come around eventually. And we can be at peace. Ok, that was a wee bit sappy :). The US has to stop colonizing and meddling in developing nations, but that’s all on us, the voter. 

How Can I Be Stuck With Jury Duty?

So I have been called to perform my civic duty and am awaiting in a packed room at the SF Courthouse. It only took 7 years! I know people who’ve been called 2-3 times already. Can you believe one of my former bosses is here? I know because her name was just called and I had to take a peek to see if it was her. Sure enough it was. I hope she voted already! I have no cell service but there’s free wireless. I’m hoping for a dismissal. Sorry but this is not the week! 
I suppose the world doesn’t stop because we have the most important election in modern history but still. I did request an extension from July because I was….actually I don’t remember why. I was just surprised I was contacted because the summons was sent to my post office box not my home address. Who knew the gov’t kept such stringent tabs on its citizens. Ha! I kid. I kid. With wiretapping and satellites and being able to retrieve all deleted contents from computer hard drives there is nothing they can’t do. Except run an efficient operation. 
It’s November and finally feels like Fall. It’s dark outside earlier now and has finally started to rain. California is in drought mode. It was in the 80’s less than two weeks ago. Unseasonably warm for Northern Cali. Not anymore. I’m trying to decide what election watch party I want to attend or if I should just stay in. It might get a little bit hectic outside tomorrow night. There’s new polling information indicating the South might rise again. Georgia is in serious play. Heavy Black turnout might put Obama over the top. I really hope that’s the case. It’s good for a candidate and their supporters to know who was in the tank for their campaign.
I have been calling friends and relatives back East to annoy them, er remind them to make sure they vote. Early. It’s going to be a long day. After this one’s in the bag we need a serious overhaul of our entire voting system. Voting should be a Federal holiday or be held on weekends. That 2 hours you might get from your employer (if you still have a job) ain’t gonna cover this election. 
We know somebody’s going to want to make it more difficult for another Obama to claw their way through by changing the goalposts. I’d also like some serious analysis of the Clinton involvement with the Obama campaign. I understand the long-standing rule is that their are no permanent enemies, but damn! They really did a number on Obama enough so that McCain could use Hillary in a robocall. Ambition does not equal fitness to run a country. Otherwise let’s elect Madonna for President in 2016. She’s fiscally responsible, disciplined and bold. If the Republicans even think about trying to prop up Sarah Palin (if she survives the wrath of her constituents and gets re-elected) the Democrats need their own star and it needs to be someone without the last name of Clinton. 

Not So Fast With the Kumbayas!

Will Palo Alto Chief Lynne Johnson be removed for her candid remarks about profiling Black men? Or will she get a pass because she’s a white woman? With 80’s era blue eyeshadow and unfashionable haircut will she be branded an angry butch lady cop? Will she claim to be part of the marginalized even though she is in fact a person of great authority? Has anyone considered the increase in crime in Palo Alto may be due to the failed economy? Or that all the perpetrators are not Black?
I am not able to embed the video but here’s the link from the local ABC affiliate and her quote:

“When our officers are out there and they see an African American you know, in a, in a congenial way, we want them to find out who they are. The one suspect was wearing a doo-rag. We, my officers see an African American who has a do-rag on his head, absolutely we will be, the officers will be stopping and trying to find out who that person is.”

This is a law enforcement officer and I am so sick of of hearing the two-step “I didn’t mean what I said” dance from racist people when their own words are used against them and they are held accountable. Can you image if McCain supporter and liar Ashley Todd had made her false claims of assault and robbery in a more amenable environment like Palo Alto? 
What can you do? Call the Palo Alto police station and lodge a complaint. Send a letter to the Congressperson in charge of that district, contact the State Senator and the NAACP. This just goes to show you that an Obama Presidential win does not ‘trickle down’ to local politics and issues of abuse by law enforcement doesn’t automatically go away. We must fight for our neighborhoods street by street – against would-be criminals and against those that cannot tell the difference.

Prop 8 Yeah or Nay?

Support for and opposition of Proposition 8 is neck and neck per the polls but I’d like it to fail just on principle. When Mormons from Utah fund legislation that affects voters in California I have a problem with that. Should Californians draft legislation that dictates how they live, particularly their so-called break away sects where 16 y.o. girls are forced to marry 80 y.o. men? The hyprocrisy knows no bounds, however I’m not sure the opponents made their case to the citizens of California.
Celebrity endorsements and comparing it to Civil Rights does not have universal appeal. Every person who supports it is not a raging homophobe. They did not leave every stone unturned in my opinion and if it squeaks by those who support “No On 8” should count themselves very lucky indeed. I hope this was not just a single issue for wealthier voters and they are equally supportive by deed and donation to assisting working class LGBT people whose immediate needs extend beyond marriage to housing, jobs, medical assistance and fighting police brutality.
It annoys me to no end that people carp about marriage being between a man and a woman as if it was always set up as an ideal and as a positive and beneficial thing. Women and children were and still are thought of as property. It was a business transaction and when did women typically have a choice?
In Western society how seriously do people take marriage nowadays? Is it simply a civil union or a religious ritual? Is there a spiritual component and alignment with a higher power? When people think they can find ‘love’ on a reality show do you think they’re using sound judgement? When people focus on appearance and are driven by lust do they have the stamina to stick it out past that first bloom once it wears off? People take things for granted when it is a right given to them without merit. When you have to work towards something because it is being denied to you there is greater appreciation for it.
I am certain same gender loving people will eventually be allowed to marry, but the journey to get there may take a little while longer.

It’s Up To Us

Well it’s 2 days and counting. One of the drawbacks to living in a solidly Blue state is that we don’t get a final in-person appearance by either major party candidate. One erroneous thing the media has been reporting is how much more money the Obama campaign has – as if there’s something nefarious about it. This plays into the shock and awe the white corporate media still displays in underestimating the appeal of Obama to a wide swath of voters and the continued “othering” of his candidacy.
The RNC has in fact raised more money than the DNC and they had a combined total of $20M MORE than the Democrats as of Oct 15th . This just goes to show you – do not listen to the what the media says! They did a virtual shut-out of the Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and we deserved to hear their platform regardless. Locally we have Cindy Sheehan running for Speaker Pelosi’s Congressional seat and she is also being given the media cold shoulder. By the way the Paul v. Clinton campaign finance fraud case is still scheduled to begin next week in Los Angeles.
Those volunteering are being asked to court voters in other states in that last push to Get Out the Vote. After all the advertisements, the robo calls, the campaign messages, the lack of balanced reporting by the media, the questions, the fears and the hesitation must be put aside at some point. The lack of knowledge must be accounted for. We are not operating at mental incapacity, but intellectual inefficiency and excuse-making.
Why are some still voting for the Pig, er Elephant? People at the McCain/Palin rallies would cheer for anything they say, while booing if Obama’s name is mentioned. All they have is the assertion of their whiteness. Now to be sure there are many who are voting for the continuation of their corporate tax breaks. As well as the real redistribution of wealth by taxing the poor and giving it to the rich: the latest welfare check going to AIG to the tune of $21B even after they’ve been busted for throwing million dollar parties and the pending bonuses going to the banking executives who cried wolf. What about the rest?
What of those McCain supporters who know better be they white and especially for the non-white ones who silently give their approval of his racial arson by closing their eyes to it. They may be a single-issue voter but the entire boat is sinking. With the vast majority of policies detrimental to the population filling those holes with plugs won’t save the rest of us from that pending tidal wave on the horizon. Remember Bush promised to bring honor and integrity back to the White House when he first ran.
If Obama loses on Tuesday it won’t be because he didn’t do everything in his power to win. It won’t be because he left any stone unturned. He raised more money than any candidate period without taking PAC money and using 527 groups. For all the whining McCain did about Obama not keeping his promise to stick to federal funding with its $84M cap, he has not discussed all the money he’s accessed via back channels and loopholes or how he used his wife’s vast resources like her jet for his use.
Obama instead asked for the voters to fully participate in ‘their’ campaign, started out slowly and now has millions of people volunteering across the country. You have to have some pull to get people to work – enthusiastically – for free! He learned from the previous mistakes of the last two Democratic nominees. He fought every attempt at Republican malfeasance at stealing people’s votes. He is his own person, not aligning himself with the left too handily nor adopting the ‘shoot first ask questions later’ lead footedness of the conservatives. He actually stresses educating oneself and asking questions. He strategized and remained focused even as he’s been attacked and played it a little too safe at times. 
No, if Obama loses it won’t be because of him. It will be OUR FAULT. For being shortsighted, for not doing enough, for taking refuge in useless racial paradigms, for not believing and for wallowing in helplessness. See I don’t agree with every Obama platform, heck I don’t think I’d necessary get along with every Obama supporter! If we want to actually have that change in gov’t, in society and in ourselves that’s been mocked we have to change. Obama has said it numerous times but I’m not sure how many of us actually heard him: it’s up to us! 
It has always been in our hands. This is bigger than the Tuesday Presidential election results, though that is the starting point. We can look back and blame Bush, Dick Cheney and the entire administration for destroying the country, but we were given a clear preview of all the wrong to come by the time Bush was selected by the Supreme Court. It went from uncomfortable, to horrible, to disgusting, to wretched, to catastrophe. Here we are in the midst of it and still some people are not moved to take action in the right direction.
There are some third party candidates with great platforms as well and their numbers are going to be lower, but they also resonated with some and their message shouldn’t be discarded per se. We should have the right to vote for whomever we want and have that vote count. We must also see the big picture and throw our support behind those most likely to get things done. Sometimes it’s good to be like a bee buzzing in somebody’s ear though.
We will need to take full responsibility for the people we put in office. There are quite a few shady Democratic politicians as well. This is not a partisan focus, but one of electing people who have our best interests at heart. Obama promises transparency: let’s make sure we get it from ALL of them!! The Black Agenda Report is a great tool we need such a report for every politician in office.
Perhaps we also need to start nurturing other ‘unlikely’ candidates as well. Someone with a vision of what they’d like the country to be who isn’t a ‘professional politician’. You know perhaps now is the time to stop looking to others for answers and take the leadership role ourselves. Every office holder should not have to have a JD or have attended an Ivy League school. Common sense, compassion and intelligence are qualities we can all cultivate. It’s truly up to us!