CA Wants to Cap Students But Give Admins Raises?

Ineptitude strikes again! The State is facing an $11B deficit but the Governor can’t make the legislators come together to fix the budget? There’s talk of slashing every vital service down to the bone, including limiting the number of new students attending State Universities and Community Colleges while raising fees. But wait for it, the Board of Governors is handing out raises like party favors. Not a piddly 3% cost of living increase but 10%, 13% and even as much as 19%!!! 
This is beyond infuriating. With the economic downturn it is even more important for people to beef up their education and remain competitive in the job market. This is not going to be ‘fixed’ any time soon either. Obama can’t wave a magic wand and cure all that ails the market. The Bush administration (father and son) along with the Clinton one (yeah I said it) proceeded to roll back every barrier to prevent a run on the banks and Federal Reserve. Shrub encouraged people to shop after 9/11. People have been living on credit. The gov’t lives on credit. It took years and years of concentrated plundering to make it this bad. That bogus bail-out was all for the benefit of the top 1% and the rest of us were forced to pay to keep them wealthy. 
Is this a blip, a speed bump or an asteroid hurling from space to destroy us?

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Rep. Barbara Lee to Chair the Congressional Black Caucus

Barbara Lee
In a return to some common sense and real leadership the CBC voted unanimously to elevate Oakland, CA Congresswoman Barbara Lee from Vice-Chair to Chair of the CBC starting with the new term in January 2009. Goodbye Mama Kilpatrick and all the still-stewing drama from your son, the former self-professed hip-hop Mayor of Detroit. Well, not exactly. She still has her seat but if you recall she almost lost her bid for re-election thanks to supporting the crimes of her son and ignoring the voters of Michigan. 
Barbara Lee has been a tireless advocate for the disenfranchised. She is the epitome of a low-drama politician who gets work done. She was one of a handful of politicians who opposed the authorization for war with Iraq. She also opposed the so-called economic bail-out and wants an increase of HIV funding and research. Congrats!!!  
For a comprehensive list of bills Lee has sponsored go here to review but here are a few for good measure:

H.R. 3000
The Josephine Butler U.S. Universal Health Service Act would establish a United States Health Service (USHS) which would put people before profit. Specifically, the bill would increase the availability and continuity of health care through integrated systems; while financing the training and education of health care workers and professionals-establishing a set standards for performance. H.R. 3000 would allocate health services to all communities in proportion to their population, with additional funds and support for communities experiencing inequalities in health status and access to services, and for special needs such as epidemics

HR 1050
This bill is a comprehensive effort to ensure a living wage and jobs for all Americans. Known as the “Living Wage, Jobs for All” Act.

HR 174
H.R. 174 reauthorizes and funds Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP) grants, for the purchase of: • Hiring security guards for public housing and coordinating programs with local law enforcement and emergency responders. • Providing after-school programs for at-risk teens and youth including Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Big Brother Big Sister, and intramural sports; • Offering residents alcohol and substance abuse counseling; • Providing courses for job training and workforce preparedness; and • Installing security cameras to protect families, the elderly, and the disabled who reside in public housing. 

Update 11/21:  Thanks for the shout-out from What About Our Daughters.

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Pseudo-Intelligentsia Slave Catchers: Black on Black Crime

Well I guess I inadvertently coined a new phrase: pseudo-intelligentsia slave catcher. When we think of the Slave Catcher in reference to Black history we know there were white people with a vested interest in retaining as many enslaved people as possible. Did you know that there were Black people who sold each other out to curry favor? Before and after slavery officially ended. Today we can easily spot the them. Republican hacks. They’re usually trying to outdo the racist, misrepresent Affirmative Action as a quota for ‘unqualified slobs’ and would be the first with the rope. Their disdain for all things Black are glaringly obvious. What about the others? 
Which brings me to the Salon article from yesterday. See my last post. Quite a few blog hosts are talking about it with equal dismay. Except there’s always somebody that’s gotta make excuses or ask why this is a big deal. I have one word for you. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Does having a couple of degrees make you any less culpable for perpetuating the lowest common denominator behavior? Why not direct a booty-shaking video while you’re at it Erin Kaplan. Like I asked yesterday, does shooting at someone make it any less unlawful and dangerous when fired by a Black woman? How stupid are we supposed to be? I say keep writing to Salon and tell Joan Walsh to kiss our Black asses
Salon likes to think of itself as a liberal leaning publication but their racism is just as prevalent as views presented in the National Review. This is the same mindset behind the infamous New Yorker cover they claimed was satire. So yet again another media engine run by all white people all the time misses the mark so thoroughly.  Walsh wants to duck, cover and hide behind Black writers while ignoring the fact they are being used to add a few flames to racial arson, not put it out.  All in the name of “diversity”. 
There’s a number of thoughtful, evocative writers of color who could be hired – and not just for freelance work – but as permanent contributors with a masthead. But somehow a slur isn’t supposed to be a slur when it comes from someone who sorta looks like you. Yes we get it, Mrs. O is a stunner, but she’s certainly not the exception to the rule. There are plenty of attractive Black women out there. How about hiring writers of conscious instead?
A lot of the misunderstanding comes from this attitude ‘why is this is a big deal, it’s a compliment’. Black men need to realize once and for all they don’t own us. Black women: we don’t belong to Black men. Our loyalty should be first and foremost to ourselves. They can’t have it both ways, expecting Black women to ‘hold it down’ for them when they’ve abandoned us in every way possible. We should be free to walk down the street without harassment. We should not have such a high rate of mostly unreported sexual assault. No more excuses for older men preying on underage girls. 
Perhaps the conversation should be about how women are either under-or-over eating and how too wide a swing on the pendulum is not a good thing. Then perhaps the sight of a normal looking body size wouldn’t be such a shocker. There is NO reason for any public discourse about Michelle Obama’s body or any other Black woman we don’t know.

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Salon’s 1-2 Hit Job on Michelle Obama

The mis-education about the Negro continues.  Now that Michelle is slated to be our next First Lady she’s being set up to represent all Black women and our fortunes may rise or fall with her. We can argue against it (we are individuals) or deny it (she’s working class and not a socialite) but I’d rather tackle this head on. Of course we’re responsible for our own lives and having Michelle as FLOTUS isn’t going to wave a magic wand and turn us all into Cinderella at the ball. This should be just the beginning of many First Ladies of Color. This should be the realization for Black women that we can remove all barriers for any who doubted. This should be the established precedent for those that would think less of us. That time is over. She has been positioned well and isn’t a creation of the entertainment industry. She will be an icon! 
Now comes the maintenance. We can try to ignore the media coverage at our own peril. There’s discussion about whether the Obamas sending their daughters to private school is a good thing. As if putting them in substandard schools is an option. Now Salon is taking it’s cues from Fox News. 
Last week Salon writer Rebecca Traister poo-poo’d that poor Michelle has to give up her career to be a ‘mere’ mother and wife in the “Momification of Michelle Obama”:

“In all the worrying about how Sasha and Malia will adjust to having their lives turned upside down, in all the fretting about how Obama will move his Chicago-style shop to Washington, why is there so little curiosity about how Michelle will adjust to the loss of her own private, very successful, very high-profile and very independent identity? How will Michelle Obama feel as she becomes what she has long resisted — an extension of her husband?”

What loss of identity? The Obamas are in a very unique position. As for the rest of us, it’s my understanding a lot of women would love to stay at home and raise their children but can’t for financial reasons. Other women want to pursue a challenging career path. It’s not about the ‘right’ choice it’s about being able to make the ‘best‘ choice as you see fit, not society. This is one of the arguments for those that oppose feminism in theory as being a cause for the destruction of the family structure. Individual pursuit at the expense of everything and everyone else. That in no way fits Michelle Obama.
Besides the majority of Black women have not had these options historically. We were feminists before the term was coined, not from a need to be ‘liberated’ from oppressive men and not to follow our bliss. It was for survival and it was not fun. Also can I add that raising children is not easy.  The writer is thinking from a prism of white female privilege and a particular class structure to lament another woman’s choices as if she were the rightful authority on how Michelle (and other women) should live.
Michelle is not interested in using her husband’s political currency to cash in on her own. She will not try to insert herself into his administration. Barack has shown solid moral leadership so far and has not embarrassed his family with public indiscretions. Though they may share a political party, the Obamas are not the Kennedys and they’re certainly not the Clintons. As anyone with two eyes can see Barack and Michelle adore each other. I don’t think she’s suffering, lol!
To add insult to injury, now it’s all about her boo-tay. In an article by Erin Aubry Kaplan titled, “First Lady Got Back(no – seriously) she writes:

“But what really thrills me, what really feels liberating in a very personal way, is the official new prominence of Michelle Obama. Barack’s better half not only has stature but is statuesque. She has corruscating intelligence, beauty, style and — drumroll, please — a butt. (Yes, you read that right: I’m going to talk about the first lady’s butt.)”

Somehow because she’s a Black woman we’re supposed to give her a pass for writing this drivel?! I don’t think so. Imagine if a man had written this, a white man. Would all of you who think this is nothing still be okay with the article as is? You’re not gonna convince me. Why? I have two words in response: Hottentot Venus. It will never be okay to reduce a woman to her body parts – and definitely not the First Lady – but if you’re a Black woman any such deference goes out the window of course. This is the epitome of raciallized sexism. I can recall Salon contributor Joan Walsh made it a point to decry sexism during the primary season and state it was the most virulent form of oppression out there. 
So we can see the newest tactic to be deployed in racial arson will be not just come from whites but will also include other Blacks (pseudo-intellegentsia, haters, contrarians, slave catchers and lawn jockeys). We will use social media to bring light to and counterbalance any attacks. Why? It’s for our own good. We need to join together and not just protect what’s going on with the First Family but pool our resources to determine our futures collectively so they are the best they can be.
In case you disagree and think this is harmless here’s the response from Joan Walsh.

“I have loved Erin Aubry Kaplan’s writing since before I joined Salon, and I’m proud of this piece. If having a black president and first lady is going to narrow what we talk about, wow, that would be sad. But I promise it won’t — at least not on Salon.” 

So there you have it. Joan Walsh already wrote a piece earlier this year where she called Barack “uppity”. It’s open season on the First Family. If we ignore it we can expect further denigration of Michelle and by extension other Black women. Up yours Joan Walsh and Salon. I’m not going to stand by and let the most prominent woman in the country be reduced to a someone’s idea of a misguided cowed woman or a body part.

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What I Learned From Watching Bill Maher

Thanks to the heightened interest in the election I found myself watching more television news and political comedy shows than ever. Usually the bulk of my television watching habits encompass a smattering of a few weekly series, PBS and a LOT of cooking and design shows. I usually record them and transfer them to my laptop, edit and burn to DVD so I have a series of shows from chefs all around the world. I really like Australian Chef Kylie Kwong whose selection of seafood is prepared in ways I don’t think I have the expertise to try yet. 
I’m preparing for when I have my dream kitchen with a center island, 6 burner stove (Viking or La Cornue?), copper/aluminum cookware from France, built-in fireplace with bay windows overlooking the water and all the kitchen electrics to rival a restaurant. If you’re gonna dream you might as well dream big, right? I think it’s good to dip our toes in unfamiliar waters. We can’t always hit the ball out of the park at first swing. 
Which brings me to this week’s episode. I find the comic funny at times and irritating at others, but he doesn’t go so far off the ledge to turn me off completely. He has issues with how he expresses his disdain for the actions of people who are a. female and b. religious that he doesn’t agree with. He tends to lump all people who have a religious tradition as being one in same and as overzealous. When he criticizes women he focuses it through a gender-based lens. 
How many times do we make sweeping generalities of people we disagree with? Sometimes we’re so focused on getting our point across and being right our reactions are unduly harsh. You lose people who might agree with you in theory but cringe at the heat of your anger about it. I also believe it displays an underlying problem of unresolved conflicts that have nothing to do with the matter at hand.
I also realized this show is meant for entertainment purposes. Not education. Not reform. Why didn’t I realize that before? Well the host is intelligent and has a variety of guests representing both major political parties, journalists and celebrities. At the very least I get to see representatives from other states that I wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. I think this is a great way to be an informed citizen. The thing that is missing is real public discourse. 
When I hear the same Republican talking points from their assigned people even after the results of the election, it disheartens me. When I hear a celebrity who voted for Obama (as if that was some great thing they did) talk about how he had been leaning toward McCain because he’s an honorable person (barf) and how he ran a noble campaign it really pisses me off. I want to remind them our President-Elect has had the largest number of death threats EVER and that’s partially due to how the loser ran his losing campaign by calling for harm to his political rival. What honor lies in that?
Then I realize what’s missing from the 3-panelist format are real people. People who have opinions that don’t fit into the round hole. Real activists. Righteous anger vs. intimidation tactics. I then wonder why did I expect that from a television program and I don’t have an answer for that. Then I remind myself HBO is owned by Time Warner and it’s all corporate BS anyway. Our information is still being filtered and sanitized and I really want that to change. I don’t want to rely on alternate sources with low wattage and limited coverage. I want some form of the Fairness Doctrine reinstated by the FCC. I want independent voices being heard. I want the path less travelled. We need it in our personal lives and we definitely need it in our gov’t and media. 
Now this segment between Bill and Sean Combs (whatever he’s calling himself these days) was probably the highlight for me. There was a depth and a humility I don’t recall seeing in this man before. He is certainly not someone I’d consider a moral role model by any means, but he surprised me. It just proves we have many facets to ourselves and there’s always an opportunity to grow. 

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Gay Is NOT the New Black!

First of all it equates gayness with being something other than Black in order to replace it, thereby ignoring Black people who are gay. Second it places Blackness as the ‘other’ as something inherently wrong and marginalized. Third, it then trumps that marginalization as if Blackness is something that needs to be or can be ‘overcome’ and replaced with something more oppressive. None of which is true.
This strategy being used by the Gay Rights Industrial Complex (GRIC) needs to end pronto!!! Especially in light of the immediate reaction by some who were disappointed by the failure of the No on 8 campaign and used racial epithets against Black people. I’ve been watching the news coverage of the ‘outrage’ against Yes on 8. I’d be hard pressed to find any media discussion exclusive of white people and the only time any PoC are mentioned it’s to scapegoat straight Blacks while ignoring Black LGBT completely. 
People are going as far as to call for boycotting businesses whose employees may have supported it. Funny, that’s the same thing the opposition was doing before the election. Do you think it’s wise to fight fire with fire? Outrage with a further escalation of outrage? I call your pissed and I’ll raise you a bitter? There are many aspects to this argument that need a more thorough and nuanced examination. 
Homophobia needs to be addressed. It should be something confronted and worked on by individual people, straight and gay (and everything in between) within their own communities. Of all ethnic/cultural groups. Perhaps if more Black LGBT for example were more open or willing to make themselves more available….I know I’m gonna get grief over this, but if you take off for the closest white neighborhood and/or are in an interracial relationship and don’t even want to ‘deal’ with Black people how are we going to find common ground? Am I really supposed to believe that Black people are somehow inherently more homophobic than everybody else? I just don’t buy it. 
Racism within the GRIC needs to be confronted. Again, when all the gay people are white (that you see in the media) it’s a problem. When all the gay people you see running national organizations are again – white – claiming a ‘minority’ status it’s a real slap in the face. Like the Republican party, somebody needs to do real ‘soul searching’ and decide if it’s going to be a movement for those that think like them and who they deem appropriate and feel comfortable with or a movement for all
I want equal rights for everyone. I want people to be able to earn a good living that covers all necessities and some wants doing what they love. Women should be paid the same salary as men when doing the same work with equal qualifications. I want people to live up to their full potential. People should be able marry other people of legal age who consent whatever their gender. We need an efficient gov’t and to be active participants in the role it plays in our lives and how we impact people around the world. There needs to be a separation of church and state. 
Today there are rallies being held across the country in support of same-sex marriage. As many as 25K people have already attended other protest marches since the election. It’s great when people feel motivated to take action. I hope this effort will be extended beyond that into a sustained campaign at working on issues that negatively impact people on a daily basis. That campaign should not be exclusive of and limited to the GRIC. 
Of all people it’s Bill O’Reilly (well his producers anyway) who took the time to bring in some color commentary with writer/activist Jasmynne Cannick. Before you view the video read her interview with Oakland, CA filmmaker Debra Wilson (not the MAD TV performer) who said:

“Look—I even applied for a job with the No on 8 campaign office in San Francisco’s Castro District. I specifically wanted to help outreach to Blacks on the issue but it was clear that wasn’t the agenda of the campaign.”

So let’s recap again: the failure of their campaign is still being pinned on Black people as the sole cause and not the Latino, Asian and whites who voted against it in higher numbers. “Black” is all-encompassing term and ignores Black LGBT and yet the movement is on par with the church based-social movement of equal rights for Blacks. But church-based Blacks voted Yes on 8 overwhelmingly. NO on 8 TURNED DOWN HELP FROM BLACKS. Except Mary J. Blige doing a Beverly Hills fundraiser which is….preaching to the choir. 
I haven’t seen any plans to address this or correct it except hearing about protest rallies – and having more white people, usually men speak for the GRIC and still insist on appropriating the struggle of my elders. Does that cover it?

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Republicans Ask: So Now What?

Homer Simpson donuts pictures
Why is it that so many Black male Republicans who offer themselves up to the news media as the “voice of the party” are such tools? I know I could write something a little more nuanced with a social dissertation of how achievement and politics collide. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we? This isn’t to say all Republicans of either gender are lacking in humanity. Or that those in the Democratic Party are so divine. It’s just I always get that whiff of opportunistic sycophant when I have to listen to them. 
You know it’s a flip side of the same coin. Black people trying to position themselves on the receiving end of political favor, but still not getting they need the power and a seat at the table. I think the Republicans are more delusional in that respect. They think by separating themselves and making themselves the “special pet Negro” to the Republican hierarchy they’ll be considered equals. Can they really part of the club when they’re working the pole as race dancers, blaming real systematic obstacles on the stated deficiency of the working class/lower class Black person to get ahead? 
Ward Connerly tries to do the dirty work (and get rich) for every child or follower of the Southern strategy creators by working on amendments repealing Affirmative Action laws that have merit. He gets the Slave Catcher title for the real acts of betrayal a few did to many to have a perceived gain of favor in the eyes of their Master. 
Former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele wants to be (Head Negro in Charge) Chair of the Republican National Convention. Interesting. Allow me to roll my eyes heavenward. He gets to move from permanent Lawn Jockey status to the Big House, or so he hopes. After all, Condi Rice is still there and now that Colin Powell was put out on the porch for misbehaving, there’s a empty spot available! In his current role as Chairman of GoPac, the training and recruiting arm of  the party (and creator of especially vicious attack ads against Obama during the General Election) it would seem a natural fit. 
It’s just the Republican Party is being run by racists and religious zealots! They were decimated this election season and with good reason. What is that saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? The party has dominated for nearly 30 years since Reagan with an increasingly dogmatic approach to governance. They wrested away the keys to the kingdom, got bloated on power and self-destructed. Look at the economy and a host of other problems. They did everything they said they stood against. 
So now they might be willing to add a color commentary. Desperate times call for desperate measures, huh? Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s name is being floated around as a potential Presidential challenger to Obama in 2012. I have no idea if he’d be a formidable candidate or what qualifications he has (or doesn’t). I’m inclined to think he should get everything he wants in order to run, though. I just wonder how well another brown-skinned man would perform in the red (historically slave-holding) states if they had such a problem with the one coming to the Oval Office. But he’s not a bi-racial Kenyan so maybe they’d make him their exception.
It will be very interesting to see how the Republicans regroup and whether they learn anything. You can’t just slap some paint on a pig and call it – wait – didn’t they try that already? Perhaps the least tolerant amongst their shot-callers will have to recede in the background and let more sensible people emerge. That might bring back so many who ran away in disgust. Vengeance and intolerance isn’t power. There is a class fight as well as one of ideology. 
I see more opportunities where more PoC can position themselves for parity and reciprocity, hopefully neutralizing these race hustlers. I am diametrically opposed to much of the Republican rhetoric, but this will keep the Democrats on their toes as well. 
No more taking voters for granted! A little upward mobility is a great thing. I know I read on certain blogs the opinion that Obama is a compromised politician who will (continue) to capitulate to white interests and I may have my questions to what extent, but with Republicans like these I already know it to be true! Right now we don’t belong to them and they don’t belong to us. Perhaps things will change in the immediate future.
This isn’t Monopoly the game, it’s real life.  
P.S. I’m adding this segment from last night’s Hardball disagreement between Pat Buchanan and Strategist Mike Paul, who’s trying to tell members of his party to get a clue. 

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Kamala Harris Wants to be D.A. of California

San Franciso District Attorney Kamala Harris announced her plans to run for Attorney General for the State in 2010. That is if the current AG Jerry Brown runs for Governor (again). If Sen. Dianne Feinstein doesn’t run. If this sounds like musical chairs it is. These politicians don’t ever want to leave office do they? Poor Gavin, he doesn’t stand a chance especially after the fiasco of Proposition 8. He’ll still be pretty though. Very pretty. 
Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about Ms. Harris. Her approach to law enforcement and prosecution has been very nuanced instead of being a “lock them up” sheriff. She also the first Black woman to serve as D.A. in San Francisco. We have a lady D.A., Fire Chief and Police Chief. We’re kinda weird here, huh? Actually Kamala is half Indian and I’m not sure how she identifies herself, though it’s usually reported as ‘just’ Black, but we like to embrace all parts of our heritages here on this blog. Either way she is an interesting woman and I look forward to seeing how she charts her political course. She was also a National Chair on the Obama campaign. I really like the fact that he is not at all intimidated by smart and powerful women. Whatever office she seeks after her current term ends I am certain she will play an effective role of leadership while holding it.
photo credit Kamala Harris

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Who Knew That Blogger Could Be Used As A Slur?

I tried to give Sarah Palin the benefit of the doubt. You know all those leaks of her ever growing list of foolishness came from her friends in the McCain camp. Yet time and time again the hockey mom from the tundra keeps showing us her ever growing sense of entitlement, lack of humility and foot in mouth disease. If the rumors prove to be true that she’s getting a talk show she can kiss her political career goodbye. If I want a daily dose of dysfunction I can watch Jerry Springer. She really needs to get the hook right now or a tap on the shoulder that her 15 minutes are up! 
So now she says we bloggers live in our mom’s basement and make stuff up. Oh really, Sarah? Why is it that some women cannot manage leadership positions and overcompensate by being completely unbearable? Let me tell you, I wish my mother owned a house in San Francisco. She raised six children. We probably would’ve lived between the Fillmore and Upper Haight. It would have appreciated in value by about 400% and I’d happily renovate a basement for that! Anyway……here’s the cable news pundit who’s quickly becoming my fave displaying a wicked sense of humor in tribute to all us….bloggers
h/t Think Progress 
Side note: I know she’s on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today but I’m on West Coast time. Also she said some really obnoxious things about our President-Elect’s parenting skills. You would be highly unlikely to see Sasha or Malia as unmarried pregnant teens. This woman will say anything to stay in the spotlight and I will not give her any more press.

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Michelle’s Moved Up. What About the Rest of Us?

Now that another barrier has been removed by the ascension of Michelle Obama how will that serve as an impetus to the rest of us? Or should it matter? Depending on your upbringing the rise of the Obama family is the greatest thing since sliced bread or just one of many achievements you’ve witnessed. 
This working class family that did great does not come from wealth or multiple generations of double degreed professionals. They didn’t have a cushy lifestyle growing up or legacy preferences at universities but they had love, determination and made good choices. They created as many opportunities as they could.  And they had a grand vision: to go to the White House. I am certain they have other plans yet to unfold that will make us sit back and go, whoa! 
Michelle began her official life as First Lady yesterday with the visit to the White House. You don’t wear power red for nothing. She doesn’t need to adorn herself in diamonds or wear couture to make an impressive statement, but I for one can’t wait to see her in both, as befitting her new social/political standing. I would even say it’s necessary to move in certain circles and to ascend the world stage. Personally, I would really like to see photos of Michelle with Princess Angela of Lichtenstein.
So what about the rest of us? The working class and many others had to see it to be believe it. Isn’t faith the hope of what is unseen accompanied by action? Some of us were taught to think of ourselves as inferior just because those that promote white supremacy wish it were so. It is not, nor has it ever been. At some point many of us began to believe it.
Like many of us who follow a religious dogma but miss the point of having a spiritual connection, we tend to fall back on the racism argument as our mortal enemy. Make no mistake there are real obstacles but at some point we must have decided to aid our attackers in beating ourselves up. 
Those who were enslaved didn’t all wait until someone decided to be benevolent and ‘free’ them. They decided to take charge and seize it for themselves, but not everyone. 

Harriet Tubman famously said, “I would’ve freed more of them, if they’d only known they were slaves.”

We have to recognize it is our choice to place our entire self worth on having designer gear, giving all our money to a church without question, thinking our dating prospects are few and so many choices we make without realizing it as a choice. Annoying isn’t it? It’s almost impossible to find out who we are when we’re always trying to adhere to someone else’s rules.
We must be prepared for the pending backlash that is sure to bear down on some of us with the rise of the First Family. There’s always some entity that works through weak people to wreak havoc. Jim Crow laws were enacted as a reaction to Emancipation. One step forward with a potential two steps back. It doesn’t have to be that way now, however. That’s why we as Black women particularly must be prepared. It’s been exactly one week since Barack won the election. We need to be ready to walk across the wide path that has been cleared for us and meet our destiny. 

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