Post Debate Analysis and How It Corresponds to My Life

Choices. Choices. Choices. Biden VS. Palin. Who won? Well…who really cares? That debate wasn’t for my benefit anyway. No seriously. Sarah Palin was channeling Mary Richards with her perky, chirpy, Fargo imitation, neighbor next door routine. She was spending far too much time reading from cue cards instead of answering the questions posed. 
Joe Biden had a moment. He nearly pulled a ‘Clinton in New Hampshire’ teary eyed moment when discussing being a single parent after the loss of his first wife. Except I believed him. I think I would’ve given him the nod for that reason alone.
On the other hand he has even more experience in the Senate than McLame. So why didn’t he run for President – oh wait he did. Shouldn’t Biden have wiped the floor with Palin? No, because he would’ve been accused of picking on the girl. 
Gwen Ifill was sandbagged from jump with this whisper of inpropriety because she wrote a book that will be released next year about race and politics and ‘Obama’ is in the title. It would have validity if she had not been approved by both McCain and Obama as a moderator AND they already knew about it.  
If I were a veteran journalist covering politics I would’ve written a book about this very same subject. I see no conflict of interest – certainly none in an era of pundits without journalism degrees (Tucker Carlson), so-called journalists who were members of a former administration (George Stephanopoulos) and a chorus of partisan voices who have access to distribution sources of media. 
If Palin was able to hold her own there wouldn’t be a need to claim people are being hard on her. How insulting is that by comparison to the public scrutiny Hillary Clinton received? Palin has certain amenable qualities but she is not a good debater. (She was wearing a little electronic device to get fed answers for assistance as well). She does not know how to manage people who work for her or how to make wise choices on the job. She can’t even show up for work most of her term thus far. As a woman who touts her motherhood as an electable quality why did she refuse to meet with representatives from Moms Rising? She serves her purpose of obfuscation by being a willing servant of men in higher positions of authority. She’s the pretty window dressing of a broken down Republican party.
Oh I have my criticism for the Democrats as well. No discussion on eradicating poverty in this country let alone around the world. How about adjusting the PELL grant amount to fit inflation and raising the maximum income eligibility? Has anyone discussed getting homeless people into housing and treatment? All that bobbing and weaving and dancing around issues, except when it came to teh gays! Then we got a clear and definitive answer from both candidates. Is it asking too much that they learn how to pronounce nuclear (new-cle-ar and not nu-cu-lar)?
Our entire economic infrastructure is built on popsicle sticks. One strong gust of wind is going to bring it all down. Did you notice how the Bailout plan has been reworded by the corporate media as a Rescue plan? And they just padded it with an additional $130B so it’s now $830B. Add that to the $500B and counting for the armed occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Add to that all the bills with past due notices that Bush is letting collect dust until Obama gets elected – then BAM! It’s really gonna hit the fan. We’re being set up. We’re feeling good and putting in work meanwhile the farm’s been sold out from under us. Only we don’t know it yet. The next President gets the hold the bag. I really hope people don’t forget to see the forest for the trees. We’ve got to stop living on borrowed money. 
I’m rethinking my life in San Francisco – such that it is. It costs too much to live here but I like living in major cities. I won’t even consider New York City right now. If I go to Los Angeles I’d need to buy a car and the price of gas is a grip and a half!! I live quite frugally. I buy whole milk and mix it with water to stretch it for example. Well… I hate skim milk! 
I can’t be in a small town or live around small minded, xenophobes. I don’t want to feel out of place. I also have certain creative career objectives that require me to be near a major entertainment market. It doesn’t make the choice any easier though. If I leave and go away to a less expensive area what would I be giving up? What would I gain? I feel like I’m just treading water right now. And it’s pissing me off! It’s all about choices. 
I need a candidate who does more than tolerate my presence, opinions, lifestyle and existence. That’s just one step away from ignoring me and letting others dictate how I get to live my life. Which makes it easier to not have laws in place that protect me from persons, companies or institutions that might do me harm.
Like banks that defraud customers, draconian drug laws with minimum sentencing requirements, telling teachers to forget about getting paid a livable wage when their reward is in heaven, calling for the annihilation of another sovereign nation and other things like that….

I Predict A Debate Will Occur And the Sun Will Set…..

….but who knows what’s gonna happen afterwards?  It’s anybody’s guess. Sarah Palin might skin and eat Joe Biden for dinner, but in the end will it be a game-changer? This woman may be a twat but she’s still a white woman and that kind of privilege has allowed her to coast through an abuse of power investigation, an extra-marital affair, punishing victims of rape and being dumber than a doornail but still she rises. From “I can see Russia from my backyard” to not being able to name one single newspaper if she were a woman of color she would not have ever been chosen let alone still be in serious contention. 
And can I just say the fake outrage over journalist Gwen Ifill is just lame. More distraction tactics. 
I don’t remember the debate between George Bush the Lessor and Fiery Ferraro. Can somebody please upload it in its entirety on You Tube?!!! I’m certain it will make for an interesting viewing. 
Those who’ve already decided which side they’re on are likely to remain unmoved. This isn’t for us: it’s for the undecideds. This is a nice example of wielding power so pull out some paper and take notes. 
Sometimes not voting is the most powerful thing you can do as a voter. 
A strategic vote is a much-fought for and valued vote than the vote one expects or has already been granted. 

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Life’s A Bitch And Then You Die

I used to think the philosophy behind that expression was so avant-garde and anti-establishment. I had no idea how easily it could apply to one’s station in life. Now I am not trying to wallow, but I am angry and I need to vent. Yes I’d like to have a little less piss and vinegar and be a bit more Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm in attitude but sometimes being mad is all you have. Then you can take a course of action. 

Wall Street is going to get more of its thievery on and a get out of jail free card and not have to pay taxes and we get to feel special. They are just a bunch of crooks and liars who were trying to pull an Emperor With No Clothes scam. They got busted ass-out and demanded Bush bail them out. 

WAMU did not fail because of Latinos and reversing years of racial discrimination against Blacks did not cause the mortgage crisis. The so-called sub-prime loans were mostly underwritten by private loan companies not banks. Many people were told that was their only option for a mortgage and were charged 10-20-30% higher rates than what they actually qualified for. Why? So Wall Street could make a bigger profit. 

I live in San Francisco where the average price of a home is close to 1 million dollars. And not for something all that nice either. I always wonder who these people are that buy these properties and how they get their income. Depending on location it would be a mere 1BR condo at best and around 750 sq feet. That’s not very big either. The price of housing is over-inflated as it is. There is not a loan in the world I’d be able to qualify for, sub-prime or not. I’d be paying nearly $5K per month for my mortgage, upkeep, taxes and utilities. Unless I made at least $250K, had been at that salary level for several years, had no debt and at least 50K saved I wouldn’t even consider it. Don’t let me be sick or lose my job either. Or have dependents.
I see the tax advantages of being married if only to have an additional income for consideration. For what I pay in rent I could have a mortgage – in another state. But I don’t want to live in Georgia or Colorado or Indiana. No offense to those that do. 
So I get to be broke in California, pay the highest taxes, have an idiot for Governor (though not as bad as Sarah Palin but only because we stay on his ass) all for the ‘privilege’ of being here. 
What have you done for me lately California?
Why do I live here? San Francisco is beautiful. We’ve got wine country. Great food. Sunshine (when you don’t live in the City). I hear rumors that our current District Attorney Kamala Harris will run for Mayor for 2010. I think she’s been surprisingly fair considering how unjust the justice system can be. We have a female Police Chief and Fire Chief. These things are unheard of for a lot of cities.

But the rents here are ridiculous and the vacancy rate is at .002%. Nobody can afford to move. If you live in a more affordable apartment your landlord can claim they want the unit for themselves to live and evict you. 
So I’ve ranted. What’s my plan? Focus on being positive and continue applying myself. I should be able to use principles from The Secret, A New Earth or You Can Heal Your Life to get all the things I think I deserve, right? Or are these things part of that Western mindset that we can have more? Are my expectations too high? Is this the ‘curse’ of American entitlement? What’s going on? I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. 
When I was 20 I thought all I had to do was want something, pursue it and everything would work out. Now that I’m older – and more (jaded) knowledgeable about the ups and downs of life I honestly don’t know. I’d like the universe to bail me out though and help me get on track. Bring sexy back or something.  Sooner rather than later. 

I Want My Cake and To Eat It Without Consequence

My internet has been down for a month. I was able to piggyback from a neighbor’s wireless account who didn’t have a firewall but as more people in my building figured it out we lost the signal. Internet is supposed to be provided because there are a lot of foreign language students in my building. I tried to use my cell phone as a modem to connect to my laptop but it would disconnect for no reason. I have a Blackberry and apparently RIM and MACs haven’t quite figured out how to get along. I still use Tiger and I’m not upgrading to Leopard. I’ve already heard about lost files and system crashes for no reason. Plus it’s $130. 
I surfed the net for a viable modem script, set up the Bluetooth, paired my phone to my laptop and called my service provider like 20 times. Argh!!! This is the one time I wish I had a PC … or a different phone, but T-Mobile’s got me under contract for another 6 months. Also their service plan is about $40/month cheaper. AT&T charges an extra fee to use your data plan for laptop internet usage – and that’s on top of the fee for the data plan. Also there’s that FISA issue. How can I support a company that willingly sold out its customers to the gov’t without so much as a peep? And even actively tells you to eff off with their new service agreements: no arbitration, no lawsuits. Yeah the iPhone might be pretty and yes I want 3G though it’s not available nationwide quite yet. Asia and Europe are still far ahead of the curve with internet speed, cell phones and features.
But where do you draw the line? Plus you can’t even insure that thing yet. I know people can’t afford every gadget, gizmo, house, car or shoe that comes out. That doesn’t stop us from wanting them though, does it? It’s so easy to have your self-worth wrapped up in where you live, how fly your ride is, what you look like (even better what your friends look like) or how young you are. 
We are sold on the American Dream. We must acquire. We must do better. Remember Shrub telling us to go shopping after Sept 11th occurred? Remember when McCain said the fundamentals of our economy were strong – that was what two weeks ago? And now those of us making less than $100K per year (really much less than that) are going to disproportionately pay to prop up the fundaments of white supremacist structures. Who are the key executives running the companies on Wall Street, making millions, when quite a few food banks are out of supplies because their client lists have quadrupled in the past month
Bernake and Paulson are worth several hundred million. You know the idea of Reganomics was that wealth from the top was supposed to trickle down. Well it got stuck somewhere in the middle, huh? And now we’re going to have to do without AND give up a chunk of any future earnings to keep this beeatch going. If we don’t we’re going to collapse under the weight of a 10,000 pound beast of greed.
It’s not fair. It’s not right. I don’t think anybody has actually learned anything from this situation either. This is just a stop-gap until the poo spews out again. I don’t think it’ll take more than two years for another crisis to just magically transpire that those experts couldn’t see coming from a mile away. Then it’s really gonna hit the fan, but you know what? Those super wealthy people got caught up in greed as well as many less than wealthy people. We are watching the decline of the United States right before our eyes. And we did it ourselves.
I like to relieve stress by overindulging in sugar. There’s nothing like a good sugar coma to temporarily numb the pain, but there’s a price to pay for that! An expanded waistline. Adult onset diabetes. Brain freeze. I used to like shopping but even that got old after a while. Being a pack rat is very taxing. So many vices and so much time to indulge: sex, drugs or watching tv. 
Others like to get their religiosity on and will beat you with a hot poker to get you to walk the straight and narrow. Literally and figuratively. Every choice has a consequence. Running away is a more immediate choice than sorting through internal conflicts and being aware. Sometimes we can get caught up in those vices and that adds another layer to work through – if we ever do. 
Others have much more limited choices and options available to them. See sometimes less is indeed more. The thing is though – we still have time to change. We can fix things. We can have a more fulfilling life by focusing on each other instead of living the bling lifestyle. Everyone can’t and should not be trying to ‘party like a rock star’
There has to be balance. There’s so many people, especially women and children who don’t even have their basic needs being met right now. Yeah, yeah I know it’s not your fault or my fault, but it is something we can solve, even during this crazy time of upheaval. I’d love to be able to live a median standard of living despite the fact the over-inflated market has it set up to get the max it can. We could be a pay-it-forward society instead of a me-me-me one. Those people at the top of the echelon really don’t need any more than what they have. It would be great for them to realize that.  
On the other hand it might be time for some serious commando take no prisoners by any mean necessary type planning and execution so as to not be left in the dust.