Hope, McSame Or Real Change: What Are These Pols Really Offering?

So with all of the financial upheaval going on lately I don’t know what to do. Unemployment in California is the highest it’s ever been at 7.7%. As you may (not) know the reported rates are for new cases and isn’t added to the existing rate. That ‘rate’ represents people. Wall Street gets the big bail out and we get a 1 TRILLION bill AND no help for us. That’s NINE ZEROS – wait TWELVE ZEROS!!!!!!!

I have to say I am not pleased with the McCain solution for fixing the economy – because he isn’t offering one. Tax breaks to rich people does NOTHING to help the average citizen. I am also a little disappointed with Obama’s plan because it looks good on paper (and is a good plan) but doesn’t call for the complete overhaul that is necessary. Yes I know he isn’t going to say it because it will rub the gatekeepers the wrong way. He’s not dumb, but neither am I. 

It’s been interesting watching the teevee pundits talk about the economy like they have some authority on the subject. There’s criticism levied against both plans, but we know McCain’s has a snowball’s chance in hell of being remotely beneficial for anyone but the 1% top earners.  He just wants a good sound byte. 
Any real change is not going to come from a proposal by a politician anyway. A lot of people just want to be told everything will be okay for them so they don’t have to take any responsibility. It’s inconvenient to choose a lower standard of living when you tie your worth into your possessions. Nobody likes hearing how policies that may benefit us cause harm to others. Complaining is easier than sacrifice and discomfort. 

This is why when I read this I found myself SMH in agreement with a lot. Should the messenger diminish the value of the message? 

Seize the Time!
An essay by Cynthia McKinney
September 19, 2008

We the people must now seize the time! We have always had the capability of determining our own destiny, but for various reasons, the people failed to elect the leaders who provided the correct political will. There was always some corporate or private special interest that stood in the way of the public good. And they always seemed to have the power of the purse to throw around and influence public opinion or our elected officials. The very foundation of the U.S. economy is crumbling underneath our feet. This represents a unique moment in U.S. history and we must now seize the time for self-determination–for health care, education, ecological wisdom, justice, and all the policies that will make a difference in the lives of the people including an end to all wars, including the drug war!

The crisis was staved off for a time for some of our major finance engines when they were able to obtain bridge funding from certain sovereign wealth funds. That option grows increasingly dim as The Federal Reserve is becoming the lender of last resort. This means that the people are becoming the owners of the primary instruments of U.S. capital and finance. This now means that the people have a say in how these instruments are to be used and what their priorities ought to be. The people should now have more say in how their tax dollars are spent and what the priorities of government and the public sector must be. We the people must now set our demands to ensure and promote the public good.

Now, as we ponder the importance of this moment to do good and serve the needs of the people, some politicians have already figured out their answer for us: win or steal the next election, prepare for more war, and leave it to others to try and figure out what to do next. While banks are failing all around us and the U.S. taxpayer is drenched with news of billion-dollar bailouts for *selected* companies, the Congress, which has utterly failed in its twin responsibilities of setting policy and Executive Branch oversight, plans to adjourn instead of setting new policies; lessening the impact of the economic free fall on innocent victims; or stopping war, expansion of war, new war, and occupation.

In a dizzying turn of recent events, we have all witnessed the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage providers, investment banks Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, and insurer American International Group (AIG), and other companies. So far, at least eleven banks have filed for bankruptcy this year. The case of the AIG bailout is particularly curious as Merrill Lynch was denied taxpayer largesse. I wonder if AIG was the selected company for bailout because of its relationship to the U.S. intelligence community and what others would discover if AIG’s books were opened in an audit. The last person to get close to AIG and its shady operations was Eliott Spitzer.

But some more fundamental issues must be explored here, relating to the underlying assumptions that have guided U.S. political and economic activity, particularly over the last eight years.

The Bush Administration’s “anything goes, just don’t get caught” attitude has set the tone for what we are witnessing today. To be sure these problems didn’t start in January of 2001, but they sure were allowed to accelerate during the George W. Bush Administration. For example, what tone was set when the Administration shipped $12 billion to Paul Bremer’s provisional government in Iraq in cash on wooden pallets for Iraq reconstruction? No wonder $9 billion of it was “lost.” What I’m constantly reminded of is that the money didn’t just vanish, somebody got it. Now it’s up to us to find out who!

However, the Administration’s blatant disregard for good governance, the rule of law, standards of moral and ethical conduct, and even etiquette, when coupled with a laissez-faire, “go-along-to-get-along” attitude from Congress meant that no holes were barred and no hands were on the deck–a sure prescription for disaster.

In my reading over the course of the last few years, I had to become somewhat conversant with the language of the new economy: bundled mortgages, securitization, SPEs, SIVs, derivatives. But in addition to the old concepts that always seemed to be with us–predatory lending, redlining, no affordable housing amid “the housing bubble,”– it soon became clear that basically folks had figured out a way to make money off of a ticking time bomb. Kind of like prisons for profit. And even though the Enron scandal was supposed to have cleaned up a lot of this, unfortunately, even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regularly engaged in some of these practices and that’s why you and I own them today. I believe it is true that the very foundations of the U.S. economy and conventional political behavior have been shaken. Now is not the time for business as usual. And although this is by no ways exhaustive, here are a few things that I think the Democratic-led Congress could work on now instead of adjourning:

1. enactment of a foreclosure moratorium now before the next phase of ARM interest rate increases take effect;
2. elimination of all ARM mortgages and their renegotiation into 30- or 40-year loans;
3. establishment of new mortgage lending practices to end predatory and discriminatory practices;
4. establishment of criteria and construction goals for affordable housing;
5. redefinition of credit and regulation of the credit industry so that discriminatory practices are completely eliminated;
6. full funding for initiatives that eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in home ownership;
7. recognition of shelter as a right according to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights to which the U.S. is a signatory so that no one sleeps on U.S. streets;
8. full funding of a fund designed to cushion the job loss and provide for retraining of those at the bottom of the income scale as the economy transitions;
9. close all tax loopholes and repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% of income earners;
10. fairly tax corporations, denying federal subsidies to those who relocate jobs overseas repeal NAFTA.

And since the Congress plans to adjourn early and leave these problems to The Federal Reserve, The Federal Reserve should operate in the interests of the U.S. taxpayer and not the interests of the private, international bankers that it currently represents. This, of course means that The Federal Reserve, too, must undergo a fundamental ownership and mission change.

This crisis does not have to be treated as merely a “market correction,” or the result of a few rotten apples in an otherwise pristine barrel. This crisis truly represents the opportunity to introduce fundamental changes in the way the U.S. economy and its political stewards operate. Responsible political leadership demands that the pain and suffering being experienced by the innocent today not be revisited upon them or the next generation tomorrow. But sadly, instead of affirmative action being taken in this direction, the Bush Administration ratchets up the drumbeat for war, Republican Party operatives busily remove duly-registered voters from the voter rolls, and our elected leaders in the Congress go home to campaign while leaving all of us to fend for ourselves. For the Administration and the Democrat-led Congress, I declare: MISSION UNACCOMPLISHED. For the public whose moment this is, I say: Power to the People

Ok so I can’t find anything ‘wrong’ with this policy. It’s hella radical though. Of course I’m not an economist but you know what? Those so-called ‘experts’ don’t know jack! They know how to leverage assets and inflate their value to sell them off while crossing their fingers behind their backs. “Leave us alone gov’t and let us do what we know best.” Then when it blows up in their faces they’re the first ones with a pout and expecting a hand out. 

The corporate media is going to sleep on this. I also noticed the mention of Spitzer regarding AIG. That little sex scandal took out a good politician – of course he had to know going against large corporations would net him a surplus of enemies and shouldn’t have made it so darn easy to be targeted. 

What do you think?

Common Sense Flickers Briefly

Wow what a difference a few hours make! Ah-nold FINALLY signed the dang budget! He’s still a jerk and bad for the average citizen that makes less than $100K but at least some of the other members of the state legislators who aren’t multi-millionaires or married to political royalty have an understanding of the basic struggles of everyday folk. This doesn’t quite resolve the continued $15B shortage – a lot of which comes from the inflated price of housing that’s going to keep falling until it’s reset to the correct value. Again, it’s telling how the approach to solving this comes down to political party philosophy or how the rich stay rich on the backs of the poor. From the Guardian:

Democrats wanted to raise taxes on high-income earners, Schwarzenegger proposed a one-cent increase in the sales tax, while Republicans opposed any tax increases and advocated cuts in services.     

I received an email from the Courage Campaign asking people to consider requesting an amendment to California Constitution.  

America has been here before. During the 1780s, our newly independent nation faced a crippling economic crisis and a government that was unable to effectively respond. To remedy the crisis, James Madison, George Washington and other public servants met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 to reshape the federal government to resolve the crisis and provide for stable government that also protects our freedoms and rights. We celebrate their achievement by calling them Founding Fathers.

We believe California is at a similar crossroads. The economy and the political stalemate will only get worse unless we fix Sacramento. To fix Sacramento, we need the kind of structural change that can only come from a revised California Constitution.

The Courage Campaign is therefore considering asking the state legislature to convene a Constitutional Convention for California, which would open up a formal process to enact significant structural changes in our government — just as our Founding Fathers did in 1787.

We think it is imperative that such an important decision only be made with the support of our members and our allies in the progressive movement.

Well, it’s something to consider. For now we have a reprieve, but how long will that last? Schwarzenegger might just be trying to stave any real solutions as his term is ending and he can pass the buck to the next sucker, er Governor. Rumor has it San Francisco Mayor wants the job. Helping to pass the Gay Marriage Amendment certainly helps his cause. 

What’s Good For the Goose Is Good For the Gander, Right?

So there was some foreign money involved in the $85B WELFARE CHECK issued to AIG, but the brunt of it is still being passed onto you, me and the future grandchildren we may never have. Who can afford to have kids? I’m not talking about draping them in designer duds for tots either. I’m talking about feeding them and having a roof over your head.
Yet Donald Trump and some of his more whiny Liberal For Pay peers want to complain about having to pay their FAIR SHARE in the form of capital gains or corporate taxes because it’s sooo hard out there for a pimp, er billionaire. Oh sorry – everyone isn’t a billionaire. Some of us are just RICH. As for the rest us:
  • unemployed
  • underemployed
  • working two jobs 
  • skipping meals to feed their children
  • not being able to retire because Social Security doesn’t cover rent
  • filing for bankruptcy 
  • displaced citizens 
  • sick 
  • down and out 
  • lucky to still have a job but you finally get it that you’d better start cutting back 
Nobody asked me if I wanted to pay for this. I don’t see the gov’t calling me up saying they have a cost of living expense check with my name on it!! 
When it comes to being poor and/or disenfranchised does the gov’t even know you exist? Or are we always used as a scapegoat example of the “ills” of society? As if hard work ALONE = RICHES. Isn’t the deck in fact stacked against us already? 
I look at the executives running these companies and the politicians that passed the laws to benefit them and see a sea of white-skinned male faces in high places pulling aces from a pre-sorted stack all the time. Even when they’re caught stealing or bilking their companies OR involved in some pay scheme donation scandal it barely registers a blip on the evening news. 
Meanwhile some other politician or teevee pundit is screaming on the boob tube about “urban” crime and “illegal aliens” being the cause of the apocalypse. 
Which brings me to One Drop’s post over at Too Sense where he contrasts the gov’t rescue of AIG versus the abandonment of New Orleans. It makes me mad all over again.
Because the government cannot be forced to compensate all of its victims, the only way justice could ever be done would be for the federal government to voluntarily decide to pay damages. Not being an economist, I don’t have any numbers with which to calculate the total cost of rebuilding every home destroyed by the Corps. But I cannot imagine it costing $85 billion to do so.

The AIG bailout shows that the government is capable of massive cash outlays in responding to a crisis. Given sufficient will, the government has sufficient resources (or, at least, its Chinese lenders have sufficient resources). This is not a question of ability, it is a question of priority.

Priority indeed. We see where this current administration places its priority. Not in its citizens. In California our own Republican Governor has seen fit to veto the budget meticulously worked on by members of both parties. He sees fit to instead throw the would-be middle class bread and butter workers into poverty. See the majority in the Bay Area saw past the Hollywood glitter and did not vote for him in the first place but we get to suffer because the rest of the state did. 
California has the highest number of defaulted mortgages in the country. Rents are at an all-time high with the lowest vacancy rates ever because people have nowhere to go – except out of the state. We pay the uppermost sales tax rates.  All of those companies going under have numerous offices in this state as well. 
What we see happening now is just the beginning. Goldman Sachs, Wachovia and WAMU are very likely to be next. The gov’t can’t bail all of these companies out without a huge public outcry – at least I hope! 
Not when they left Gulf residents twisting in the wind and allowed the insurance companies to NOT pay the policies of those who’d met their end of the bargain. 
I hope I’ll be singing a new tune come this November. 

Do You Prefer Mandarin or Cantonese?

No I’m not talking about food. Although it is yummy and given the correct portion sizes very healthy, but the Chinese I’m referring to is language. I know there’s this continued brouhaha over dual language education that masks a lot of racism from whites and their desire to hold onto a majority populace in relation to people speaking Spanish. 

China is going to be next superpower so we’d better just get used to it. How many formerly US-based businesses are there now? How many of our products are manufactured there? How many of our economic bail-outs are they financing? How much money do they have invested over here? We don’t want China or all the other foreign gov’ts calling in their markers. 

I’d also recommend learning some Russian. Georgia hasn’t been granted NATO status just yet! Besides Russia has lots of oil. This gov’t destroyed their financial infrastructure and I’m certain they haven’t forgotten. 

US citizens are notorious for being insular, xenophobic and not knowing any other languages than English – if that. I’m not fluent in other languages but I at least know lots of phrases and am willing to try. I’ve also left this continent and it didn’t involve serving in the military. Traveling outside the US should be required of every person born here. 

You’d be surprised to find the world isn’t flat and people are perfectly able to function and live fulfilled lives without ever having touched ground here. You’d also find numerous reasons why people hate the US and it’s not because of our “freedom”. It’s because this gov’t has terrorized, starved and subjugated citizens around the world all in the name of US dominance. Need I mention the training of people by the CIA who are our “friends” when they fulfill the needs of the gov’t and are labeled “terrorists” when they do their own bidding. 

And we stood by and let it happen. As long as some of us could get that picket fence and the rest longed for it nobody said a word. The “American Dream” is about control and domination and greed. Buy this!! Look cool. Be the envy of all your friends. Get the latest gadget or be square. Just charge it – who cares if you can’t actually afford it. Don’t save any money, sacrifice or deny yourself. You deserve it. You’re an American!

Yet some of us want to to look to China as the great Red Evil for it’s torture of its citizens and censorship. That’s what we do here with our draconian 3-strikes laws, lack of low-cost medical care, growing population of people who are homeless and ridiculous standards of femininity.  

We vote – or don’t vote for the elected officials. We have sat by and remained ignorant of what they do and won’t demand accountability. We are enamored with someone strictly due to their appearance and how we relate to that image and don’t ask any questions about their character. Or we make excuses for the lack of it because we think they’re “one of us”.  

There is so much more at stake than who we chose for President. Of course the Republicans are trying to do the choosing for us by denying millions (particularly Black people) the right to vote by challenging residency of those who’s homes are in foreclosure. No surprise there when you look at the history of this country.

We have to decide what values we hold most true. There are a lot of good people in the world but ignorance is not bliss and nor excusable any more. 

The Costs for Supporting White Male Patriarchy and Greed

So we’ve got less than 50 days and according to numerous polls this election is tighter than a drum. How can that be? There’s the possibility that the corporate media is flat out lying to the public to mislead us. Ok let’s be real – that’s more than likely – especially when you take into account those national polls focus on older people with landline phones. Yet those numbers still seem rather high in favor of McCain considering what a lousy candidate he is. Will this election come down to a few people who refuse to let go of their racial preferences and need to appear superior? 

When McCain said he didn’t know anything about the economy why wasn’t that a deal-breaker with the voting populace? Is that being a maverick? Madonna is more of one than he ever was and even based her record label on the concept. Speaking of Madonna she always insisted on investing in things like art. When tech stocks were all the rage – remember them – she said they were too unstable. Perhaps if we’re going to be obsessed with image or personality or ovaries we should look to her for business advice and standards. 

McCain certainly knows enough to marry a wealthy woman, be involved in a savings and loan theft, and support his ‘former’ advisor Phil Gramm who wrote the bills that allowed this latest mortgage catastrophe to occur. This would be the same person that said the people who’ve taken note of the crumbling economy and are justifiably upset are “whiners”.  McCain’s just going along with things and has no idea what his closest allies are up to. He didn’t pick Palin to be the Trojan horse for issues that will negatively impact women. Yeah right. 

Do you know what McCain does as Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee? Today his spokesperson claimed he invented the Blackberry! I thought Research in Motion was a Canadian company though. Hmm.

Insurance giant AIG is on the verge of collapse and the Fed and other companies are scrambling to put a deal in place to try to stop it.  Goldman Sachs will see almost no profits for its 3rd quarter earnings which means that it’s very close to running in the red – businesses that don’t make profits tend to go under. 

Now if you’re part of the less wealthy segment like me you may be wondering what this all means. You may not have had any investments after all. You certainly didn’t get to profit when these companies guaranteed financing for interest-only mortgages and the rates went from 1% to 20% overnight. You may have been one of those consumers that Suze Orman warned against taking them 2 years ago because the payments would soon balloon out of control. You will definitely be one of the tax payers who ends up footing the bill for this debacle – you and your grandchildren and their children that is. Meanwhile all the CEOs get to walk away with their 20-300M severance packages and the public says nothing?

Of course McCain promises more of the same should he be selected with regards to your health insurance. If you have employer-paid insurance you’ll be taxed on the declared value of your coverage. Mine cost $534/month for individual coverage in addition to my co-payments and deductibles. The upside according to him is the $2500 refundable tax credit I’d be gifted. So I’d already be operating in the red cos my insurance costs $6468 per year + $600 in deductibles + $10 co-payments + cost of Rx. Now I may be suffering from fuzzy math itis but if he has his way I’d get to “choose” my insurer, but be taxed for it and end up paying at least $4000 more all because McCain claims to have a “better” plan.  

He also wants to gut Medicare and Social Security while giving more tax breaks to corporations. Now the question should not be about who has more experience when you see how the person who’s been at this for 26 years has been in the thick of muck his entire time in the Senate. When he displays his lack of judgement at every opportunity. When his campaign lies and lies again and lies some more still. 

The question is for us and where we place our values. Maintaining a false status quo and being prideful won’t keep you in a job, in a home or put gas in your car. It also won’t defeat sexism or buy you a pony. It won’t make millions of people around the world hate the US any less. 

We are responsible for the government we have and how that government behaves. Until we take ownership of that we will continue to pay a high price. When will it be enough?  

Update 824pm: The Fed agrees to bail out AIG to the tune of an $85 BILLION loan. 
Why is welfare ok when it applies to businesses but not for individuals? When it benefits a few politicians and their friends. Since the costs will be passed to us I say the gov’t should give us a tax reprieve for the next 10 years. This is way more important than the casting of a golden-haired actor to play James Bond, but our eyes were not on the prize. We need to get some new laws in place and enforce the ones on the books.

Do They Know Something We Don’t?

Who’s the “They” I’m referring to? Those ‘good ol’ boys’ religious perpetrating neo-cons that’s who.

We know McCain only allowed limited access to his medical reports. What I don’t get is why the corporate media has gone along with it. Well, I can guess! We know if it had been Obama this would have been a front page story of how he was playing 3-Card Monty with the public.

While I’d like to give McCain the benefit of the doubt I feel doing so would be to our peril. Which brings me to Palin. What if her puppet masters have seen all of McCain’s medical records? They might know something of importance that would’ve blown his campaign to smithereens and the price of their silence was to put one of their own in the #2 slot.

Since McCain has already admitted his campaign is about anything but the issues what else is left? More smoke and mirrors? I can’t wait to find out what secrets and lies have been held close to the vest that are sure to be revealed.

Mark my words – a lot of people will be sighing relief that we managed to dodge yet another bullet.

The Love Of Money – Ah You Know the Rest!

Well, we’re going to get the Republican spin and scrub job on the latest Wall Street crash. It’s the worst since 9/11. This has been coming for some time. As a voter I’d think all that needs to be discussed right now is the economy and lay it at the feet of those at fault – the Republicans.

It’s not just about laws not being followed as if it was an accident of chance. This current administration has been run on secrets and lies and no transparency. There has been no regulation or oversight combined with lobbyists run amuck. This may be an unpopular concept but greed and selfishness left unchecked will destroy this country.

Typically parents want their children to have a legacy that is more productive and prosperous than what they had. If things don’t change how will that happen? Now our great-children will be paying off this debt.

John McCain can’t even remember how many houses his wife owns. He won’t be able to fix this when he refuses to admit to source of the problem. I’m certain the Bush administration is hoping for a major distraction – like a war – to keep people preoccupied again. Here’s to hoping people wake up and smell the stench.

Objects in the Mirror Seem More Important Than They Are


Last week it was about lipstick, pigs and dogs. Now it’s about Obama Waffles. So what’s it gonna be next week? I for one am sick to death of the fake outrage, distractions and non-troversies. The first Presidential debate kicks off September 26th and I for one can’t wait. Then we’ll really have something to complain about. 

  • Will John McCain get all of the questions beforehand?  Probably. 
  • Will the teevee pundits talk about how well he did even when any 5th grader would say he sucked?  Likely. 
  • What are the odds of the moderator talking over Obama as he tries to answer a question on a scale of 1-100? 99.99%.   

As an update to my 2nd Friday post about my faith in humanity being somewhat restored I didn’t get to mention that the women on the View pawned McCain – gasp! They actually asked questions, real questions from him and insisted he answer them. Thank goodness for the internets and video embedding cos I refuse to watch that bastion of partisan bias anymore. He actually got a little flustered. This is a morning talk show, people, not Meet the Press. 

We must have experienced an alternate universe where the corporate media wasn’t doing everything possible to get McCain elected short of telling people outright to vote for him. I’m sure it was just a lapse in the space continuum and it won’t happen again. 

You know as bad as it is that McCain chose Palin as his VP some good can come from this. Some women will be forced to examine their exclusionary behavior and racism. Some people who would like nothing better than to say they knew better all along will have to try to get along with others. I was actually proud of Obama for choosing a much stronger and competent candidate in comparison. If you took away the top of the ticket from both major parties would you want Joe Biden or Sarah Palin running this country? 

Perhaps now those people squawking about how ‘inexperienced’ Obama is will acknowledge the man’s use of common sense and wisdom in things that count like the withdrawal of Iraq, the focus on Pakistan and the economy for example. One can hope, right? McCain’s 26 years in the Senate equals his age difference to Obama only and in no way indicates he would make a suitable let alone a superior POTUS. 

You can take that one to the bank.

Update with video.

Some of My Doubts About Humanity Have Been Restored

Paul Begala just did a funny mocking of Shrub on Real Time. Bill Maher is slamming the Democrats for screwing up their campaigning. I disagree with his assessment that Barack should have picked Clinton for VP since McCain chose Palin. McCain may have wanted to pick someone else – as rumored it was LIEberman – but he needed to energize the Republican base. If Obama had chosen Clinton he would have pissed off the majority of the Black voters [6 out of 10 which are Black WOMEN] and McCain most likely still would have chosen Palin. She would have been portrayed as a woman with family values and Clinton would have been the she-devil. They would have dragged out every story about more revelations of hidden scandals from now until November and it would have tanked Obama. Then there’s the pending Ron Paul election fraud case against the Clinton’s set for trial in November. There’s a reason why it has received scant attention from the media. I know Hillary has a lot of supporters and I’m not looking to bash either Clinton but it is what it is. McCain proves every day how ill-equipped he is for POTUS.

Thanks to Queen of Spain for the Twitter message about the following blog:


I knew there were a enough smart women out there, it’s just the Corporate Media chooses to ignore us. Here’s their latest post.

Dear readers,

It’s been one week since we sent out a letter to a few friends and family members asking them to respond to Sarah Palin’s candidacy for Vice President. We had never done anything like this before. What motivated us? It’s pretty simple: we were tired of feeling angry and helpless. We were thrilled to receive the first 100 letters in reply. Their eloquence and passion were inspiring, their rage and frustration palpable. Our disbelief began to mount as those 100 letters turned into 1,000 letters, which then turned into 10,000 letters. And as we sit here writing you now, we have reached nearly 100,000 letters.

What does all this mean? While this country is capable of shocking acts of slander, deception, and shameless cruelty—see the political ads running across your television screens, the ignoble headlines leafing out across the newspapers—we are also capable of generosity, of intelligence, and of kindness toward those who are unlike ourselves but for whom we would like to stand up anyway. To that end, many men have been writing in, expressing worry about the women and girls in their lives, and we thank them. Their words and yours, which have been flooding our in-box, are eloquent, thoughtful, and earnest. And furious. And right.

Your letters often begin by saying that the possibility of a McCain/Palin presidency does not so much make you worry for yourself as for the lives and opportunities of your daughters and granddaughters, your sons and grandsons. It is this selflessness that is so moving to read again and again. As Betty W., 82, from MS, said, “Thank you for your efforts to consolidate our voices into a single chorus.”

We want to thank all of you who have contributed your voice. We are working hard to post your letters, and we hope that you’ll be patient. This website is for all of you. We hope you’ll take solace in the words of your neighbors near and far, and that you’ll become inspired to take further action so as to ensure that McCain/Palin are not elected. If a letter sent to 40 people can turn into 100,000 responses in one week, what can you do within your own community?


Lyra & Quinn

Go check out the site and read the responses from the intelligent half of this nation.

Since Anybody Can Be Picked for Vice President Why Not You Or Me?

So as you may have heard Sarah Palin fumbled a bit in her interview with newsreader Charles Gibson. See when you and your network are so biased and desperate for participation that you make what should be a continued vetting process an open book test you lose whatever credibility you have left. You should not get the kudos for being referred to as a journalist when everything you do is to the opposite of such a noble profession. Let’s not let off all the other news organizations and so-called media elite who’ve taken a pass at vetting the Republicans while putting both Obamas through the wringer. They have done grave harm by not asking tough questions – especially when you pick and choose who to be tough with and who to coddle. Plus Gibson fed her the answers!!!

I still haven’t forgotten that joke of a debate between Clinton and Obama where he was sandbagged and neither should we. When you are paid upwards of $8 MILLION per year to read from a teleprompter, not ask serious questions from your favored politician and KISS ASS, I have the right to cry foul at a fool. And the snide antics of that Survivor contestant who’s the head bobblehead on the View have not gone unnoticed either. When you parrot your political party talking points down to the letter, talk out both sides of your mouth and cry on cue when called out on your prejudice you are just as offensive as the Trojan Moose being paraded as a serious contender.

Would Sarah Palin have gotten a job as Vice President at a Fortune 500 company? Or a major Charitable organization like the Ford Foundation? On Wall Street? Me thinks not! It just makes my blood boil to hear of how some women are so easily swayed by the idea of this woman as VP of the United States, just because she is a woman. That is not feminism. That is worship of motherhood and assignment of character traits we don’t know she has. Furthermore, she is not the one in charge – unless those right-wing nutjobs who are pulling her puppet strings are planning on McCain taking ill as soon as he’s sworn in. Shoot if I were McCain I’d be employing food testers, air sniffers and an extra extra pair of eyes and ears.

On the other hand Cindy has put a lot of time and money into promoting her hubby’s political career so she can be First Ladyeeeeeee. I’m certain she’d be the real barracuda if Palin overstepped her role. Nobody puts Cindy in the corner! Seriously though these types of women kill me. They won’t do the work by launching and running their own campaigns. They insist on living vicariously through men. Is this a testament of how far women have not come or how ruthless some women are in looking out for their own interests above anyone else’s? How many women overcompensate when in a position of authority and are more overbearing, more rigid and less compassionate than some of their male counterparts? There is a distinct skill set involved in managing authority that is different from managing people.

This is truly Silly Season in this political season when all the Corporate Media talks about are animals and lipstick. It’s a bait and switch to represent fake outrage while ignoring yet another investment company on the verge of collapse (Lehman), a pending natural disaster (Hurricane Ike) and how unprepared the country is for supporting more armed conflicts (Russia & Georgia).