Calgon Take Me Away

So the Geritol generation gets someone they can relate to. Makes me really look forward to them dying out and us youngsters taking over. Apparently Joe isn’t filthy rich, has two young daughters and is firmly established enough. He’s, quoting Obama from his speech today, “Ready to be President”. Hmmm. If the Colored Dude would be #1 and the White Female political juggernaut is #3 the people behind the curtain NEED an older white man in at #2. You know just because. So I get it, he wasn’t picked to appeal to me. Cuz it’s all about winning baby. And it wasn’t Clinton. Ol’ Joe just better stick to his attack dog purpose and keep in his mouth shut unless it’s been scripted. Of course the Rethugs will run all the times he said Obama wasn’t experienced enough. With friends like these!


Already there’s lots of crunchy stuff to chew on as this political race heats up before the final combust in less than 11 weeks. And then the next set of obstacles, problems and needs for protest will rise up like weeds from this putrid garden we’ve scattered our seeds of discontent throughout. Gee that wasn’t very positive was it? Oh well. It is what it is.

There’s a Free Tibet march going on right outside my window as I type this. A nice preliminary for the Convention. I am more interested in the so-called anti-establishment events like those of Progressive Democrats of America, World Can’t Wait, We Are Change Colorado, Recreate68, Code Pink and others.

I. Am. Tired.

For the first time in my adult life I really…. see how not knowing what’s going on, not making things a priority and leaving things up to other people has put our lives in a very precarious situation. Or severe dire straits. It’s all in how you look at it.

Things are actually fine according to some. It’s all in our heads. If we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps we’ll be fine. Unless we make better choices it’s all our fault. Institutional injustices be damned. Not physically being born in this country was a matter of pre-determination. Some people are just especially lucky afterall.

We have hope and change waiting on the horizon.

So why do I feel uneasy? Why a sense of dread? Why do I feel like something is not quite right? Why do I want to be wrong, so very wrong? Hopefully I’ll be able to shake this after a few days of combining hob-nobbing with protesting because I am nothing if not a contradiction. I like pretty things and nice surroundings and comfort. I don’t want to think about people in Haiti who are being forced to eat dirt due to our greed. Yes, it’s ours. We should own up to it. It’s not a pass the buck type situation. Well passing the buck has helped contribute to it.

I just want to bury my head in the sand. Wake me up when it’s all over. It’s not just political apathy. It’s a spiritual hole in our souls, a mental hiccup in our psyches. It’s questions with no answers because we have free will to do whatever we want. Except, except there’s always a price to pay somewhere down the line isn’t there?

When we have questions about life doesn’t it make you feel somewhat empty? Or do we avoid even thinking about it? Do we numb ourselves to lack any awareness so that we only focus on what’s right in front of us? If we run can we hide from ourselves?

Or escapism tends to fall into certain parameters:

a. Puff puff
b. Snort snort
c. Toot toot, hey beep beep


d. Stuffing our faces with every comfort food imaginable.

Actually it’s not the food per se but the amount of food. actually let me throw in another caveat. I take issue with the modified food starch and corn syrup added to virtually everything in this country. Do you know it’s banned in the UK? It bloats us up, makes us sluggish and lethargic. Just to ripen us up for an evening in front of the 500 + channels on the teevee.

Some go far far off the path and hurt people in every way imaginable because they were hurt by someone.

Did your desire to acquire lead you down a path of never-ending want? If you are currently struggling but had not before did you consider others who had less than or not enough?

See, it’s a cycle that can repeat itself over and over and over. Though being aware of it you can do something about it. Change your mindset and perspective. It may not come easily or happen quickly. Some things may take a generation or two. Or three.

Hmmm I’m starting to feel better already.


There IS hope afterall. And change is just over the horizon. There is a Promised Land. Zen philosophy has us currently in it. And heaven is here on earth right now, not some far away place we go to when. I think that takes us back to the responsibility portion of our lesson. How we have the responsibility, the opportunity, no the PRIVILEGE to look outside ourselves and DO for OTHERS. That is how we’ll get our needs met.

So let’s be grateful for people who ask questions, who lodge complaints and demand more from us than what we find comfortable. It’s because we can do it.

A true bottom-up government requires active participation from ALL of its citizens. It starts with those elected to:

1. School Board
2. City council
3. State gov’t
4. Judges at all levels

Let’s focus on having a few well-placed people un-bought and un-bossed and we can see REAL CHANGE. Old people with old mind-sets be damned!

Obama Chooses Biden for VP

My first thoughts are why in a big cry-baby voice. I’ll have to marinate on this one. He is highly suspect to me after his “clean and articulate” comment from a few months ago. That and he’s been around 4EVER. That doesn’t necessarily make you viable. Milk can be around 4EVER but you wouldn’t want to drink it!

Just the fact that he didn’t get WHY that was so offensive as if he couldn’t imagine a non-white person to be educated and presentable. Dude, if you can’t get that you are more than out of touch. If you can’t see another person as a human being on equal footing – ah there’s the rub. It’s the ol’ I will be behind this line and you can be behind that line scenario. Geez what an ass!

Since Obama refers to him as his ‘friend’ Imma have to take that with a grain of salt. I really want the people behind the curtain to be exposed now. This is a little too much capitulation even for me unless some rational and highly informed person in the blogosphere can properly explain WHY THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. Man….it’s so not gonna be like Christmas is it? I just have to keep reminding myself how much McCain in office will SUCK!

Rinse and repeat.

Write it on the blackboard.

McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK. McCain in office will SUCK.

I almost…….maybe would’ve felt better with Clinton…….ah kung-fu death grip to my brain as aliens suck out the marrow….

This country is really fucked up……


I hope to not ever publish a post where I curse and use so much slang but I’m kinda in that mood right now and will not censor it. I need a drink.

Update: I guess I didn’t need that drink afterall but I did need to add this video. Watching reruns of the Chris Rock show on HBO from the late 90’s/early 2000’s is a trip.

Caveat: I only like the chorus and usually close my ears to the rest of the song. I’m such a wuss!

Support Keke Palmer Film Opening August 22nd

Whatever your plans are make sure to pencil in the KeKe Palmer/Ice Cube movie “The Longshots” when it is released tomorrow. Don’t wait until next week or the week after. It may be pulled from the theaters by then. No bootleg copies, no waiting for pay-per-view. Even if it turns out to be a little schlocky. Is that even a word? Eh.

It’s a POSITIVE movie starring a Black actress – actually two – Tasha Smith’s in it as well. Keke is not quite a woman yet and it’s really nice to see her get to play a smart, couth, teenager. There’s not a baby or baby’s daddy in sight [for her]. No Tales from the Hood victim story either. How did this ever get the greenlight?

Do you have any idea how many movies and tv shows I’ve watched this year where there was not even a Black female extra? And no I’m not getting paid for this endorsement and if you don’t like the movie don’t blame me, lol!

What’s it all about? Well it’s based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer who at the tender age of 11 became the first female quarterback of a Junior Pee Wee football team to go to the Nationals. It could be about baking cookies for all I care. KeKe Palmer’s in it and so far she nor her parents have allowed her to be pimped out as a teenager seductress. And she can act. I am soooo jealous right now.

(Crossing my fingers that the Limp Bizkit guy didn’t mess it up).

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s an interview with Jasmine herself:

Do Something

Hmmmm there’s lots going on today. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones may have succumbed to life-threatening injuries.

Some Obama supporters have already given up and there’s an awful lot of complaining about what he’s not doing:

a. Speaking for Black People. Advocating for Black People. Talking in glowing terms about Black people. All the time!!!
b. Fighting/Attacking/Kicking Ass and telling whitey that they’re whitey and they’re racists and they suck.
c. He’s too articulate. He needs to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and spell his words and use a 3rd grade primer because most voters are dumber than a doorknob.

Now I admit I’m not 100% team Obama. I have questions. I don’t want any surprises. I don’t expect him to save me, but I don’t want to find out “Satan’s” been pulling the strings either. It’s beyond hope in a jar. It’s like Mr. Right showing up at your door and you send him away because he’s nothing like what you expected so you REJECT him. Instead you go back to the guy who cheats on you and beats you. You hate it, but not nearly enough to walk away from it. The abuse is comforting in its depravity.

We’re so jaded and doubtful. We also need to think critically, hold him accountable and make sure our voices don’t get drowned out. I shouldn’t have to worry about that $250K donor getting access over me, but that’s how this country operates. The thing is…..we can change that. Or at least lessen it’s influence.

I figured it was going to be Clinton vs. Guiliani. I was not looking forward to this election cycle really because it was going to be another situation with choosing the lesser of unsatisfactory candidates. Yeah I got the “Bill Clinton was an Amazing President and Our Budget Was Balanced” memo, but….. I saw that NAFTA sucked and millions of jobs disappeared into the ether, there was a tidal wave of newly poor risking life and limb to cross the border, the FCC went to sleep, Clear Channel bought everything that wasn’t nailed down and I stopped listening to the radio. Oh yeah…let’s not forget WalMart and the Big Box stores taking their revenue out of their area of operation, the crappy pay and discrimination. I just couldn’t get on board the Clinton Express. I didn’t think staying with a man who’d humiliated you for years was a reason to vote for the wife of a former President.

Yeah, yeah I know comparing the Clintons to the Bushes is a big no-no. But those years went from bad to worse to me praying for the 2004 version of Noah’s Arc so we could start over AGAIN. But my conscience is clear because I never voted for Shrub. I was in the UK in 2003. I saw the bodies of the dead children and people with limbs blown off because it wasn’t censored by the media. I read articles in the newspapers protesting the war and Tony Blair’s capitulation to the US. I even marched in a million-strong protest in Hyde Park. It got so bad I had to tell people I was Canadian. Being Black gave me no reprieve from the anti-US gov’t and citizen outrage of the Brits and Europeans.

I was relieved when Obama started kicking butt and taking names despite a whole bunch of shade being thrown his way. By other Black people in leadership positions. By so many people who thought they were above racism. By a lot of pampered and privileged white women. By other people who either wish to co-opt or destroy what they can’t control. Of course there are some deep pockets and powerful people supporting his candidacy. This country wouldn’t have it any other way. It was built on back-room deals, exploitations and murder.

But let’s be positive shall we? I really like Michelle. No I don’t know her but she seemed like someone who knew what time it was. Of course all the attacks on her personage appear to confirm that. Yes the Obamas have to be vetted for their commitment to all of us regular folk, but we let our votes be taken for granted by white people for YEARS. Yes – some of us – have woken up. FINALLY. It’s about time!

There is another great candidate running on the Green Party ticket. Cynthia McKinney. Watch American Blackout. She is fierce, she is unbossed. She was chewed up and spit out for fighting the good fight. She might still get my vote just because. If the Green Party gets 5% of the vote nation-wide they’ll get Congressional representation. Anything to break up the 2-party monopoly! In a fair and just world……

So here we are 10-11 weeks away from Doomsday. How many people are going to limit themselves by voting against their interests? I’m not even going to get into why voting for McCain should result in an immediate ban from living in this country. “Satan” doesn’t have to pull his strings. That was strictly a volunteer assignment! He will certainly be beneficial for the ones that benefit from back-room deals, exploitation and murder. Now is not the time to be dumb. God gives us choices and then we have to live with them. The Republicans have had free reign for 8 years and you can see the result of that. If you only care about yourself and foolishly think there won’t be any blowback then go ahead and pull the lever for the liar/cheater/wife-beater.

There’s things we the average Joe, Juanita, Janiqua or Jamal can do.

1. Phone Bank
2. Register people to vote
3. Sign up to be a Poll Worker – cuz you know some funny stuff will go down
4. Write about the hypocrisy of the Corporate Media and all their surrogates
5. Donate money

You know we could talk about how wrong things are, how unfair the system is, how we have questions, how we’re not sure, how some candidates are not fit, how we don’t like the way they’re running their campaign, how we’d do things differently if WE were in charge, blah blah blah!!!!


Remember the Macy Gray song on her debut album? I really liked it when it came out. Now that it’s been nearly a decade you can see and hear how well her songs and videos have held up. She is definitely not your average girl with a record deal. We need more artists like her and Santogold and M.I.A. and Rachel Yamagata and Res and Roisin Murphy and Choklate and Zaki Ibrahim and Estelle and Sia and J*Davey and __________ add your own artist, plant the seeds and watch them grow.


I Believe the Kid

This aired a few days ago on the Sheppard Smith show on Fixed Noise, Faux News, whatever you want to call it. I caught the tail end of this during the original broadcast but thanks to the internets we have it for posterity.

Bay Area resident Amanda Kokoeva was visiting her relatives in South Ossetia when the fighting broke out between Russian and Georgian troops. As you may have heard the official US stance is Russia=bad and Georgia is the innocent virgin that must be saved from the big bad brute country. Well the facts are not so cut and dry and definitely leading to fairy tale status. It is the usual Neo-Con scenario with Israeli involvement sprinkled in and Georgia was expecting the US-led NATO forces to help them punk Russia.

If you recall Shrub said he could see inside Putin’s soul. I wonder what he saw? Russia called their bluff, no NATO forces came and they got their asses kicked. John McCain put in his two-cents even though he is not POTUS, the Ferragamo-loving Russian expert National Security Advisor stepped in and a cease-fire was called. Only Russia hasn’t exactly complied and are only like 95% gone as of today. See Putin doesn’t play and he is not even President of Russia anymore, it’s Dmitry Medvedev.

So a 12-year old was in a cafe with relatives when the ish hit the fan. She’s really lucky to have escaped. Her family doesn’t know the status of their relatives left behind either. The US has no leverage, no moral ground and can’t say squat about diddly because of Iraq. The military is spread waaay to thin. How many people want to volunteer for World War III? Hands? Anyone? Yeah I didn’t think so.

So the funny thing about this little interview is you have actual people who were involved in a situation that the gov’t and media wants to spin a completely opposite story about. Amanda thanked the Russian troops for saving her and her aunt slams the Georgian President for starting some ish he can’t finish. And they get cut off. Classic!

Hmmm makes me wonder about Hugo Chavez being sooooo bad per the US. For not allowing the expansion of NAFTA, for calling Shrub “El Diablo”, for wanting to nationalize his country’s resources instead of having conglomerates take over, for….resisting perhaps? Maybe just maybe things are not what they appear.

Think critically people and take a look under the bed for monsters.

Update: In a very dangerous game of chicken the US signed a deal with Poland to build a military base near the border of Russia. Boy this gov’t sure does know how to keep the drama going! And just when we thought it was going to pop off with Iran. It’s not too late to apply pressure, give this lots of press and talk about what a HORRIBLE idea this is!!!

Twitter is Gonna Jack Up My Cell Phone Bill

So I found a bunch of people on Twitter and allowed for SMS updates. Well damn! Who knew people would be sending so many messages. Or am I following too many people, hey? I’ve had a 400 text message plan and that was plenty. Now..not so much. Do I disable or upgrade to unlimited texts? I hate having to pay almost $70/month as it is. I have a Crackberry and PTL my service is with T-Mobile.

**Soapbox Alert**
By the way all you people with AT&T service should be taken to task with their FISA violations and all. I don’t care that they carry the iPhone. You could buy it unlocked. Yeah it costs more, but you can’t get insurance on it anyway and since some of you must be rich enough or in debt enough to keep funding your consumerist habits it shouldn’t matter. Don’t fund companies that promote foolishness, denigrate women or break the law. By the way T-Mobile and Credo Mobile did NOT violate FISA. Ok I’ll get off my soapbox now.

The only reason my nearly $70 bill is so ‘low’ is because I’ve disabled my wireless access. My bill was $96/month. I just can’t abide with spending nearly $100 per month for cell phone service. I love technology. I hate being overcharged. The amount of fees and taxes is upwards of $15 and FOR WHAT? I know that is still less than what Verizon and A T & T charges for comparable service. I have the My Faves plan and 1500 minutes, free nights & weekends and 400 SMS. That’s pretty good but still grossly overpriced for what I’d pay in the UK or Europe where all incoming calls are free and they were sending SMS like 6 years ago. We are soooo behind the times.

I still haven’t reconciled myself to the use of cobalt that can only be found in specific countries in Africa. Is this another jacked-up situation where the big conglomerates with the military backing of the West takes resources and the people get nothing and we are oblivious and willfully ignorant to the suffering of others? Hello I have enough problems – I just did a post about it!!!!

Anyway this was supposed to be a quick blurb because I got a Twitter message that Rachel Maddow is getting her own MSNBC show. Yeah for her! But my immediate thought was, where’s the Black people, specifically a Black woman with her own prime-time, morning drive, late night, mid-day or early evening show? Donna Brazile would be a great host. Or Gwen Ifill [who should’ve gotten the Meet the Press post] or any number of qualified journalists or politically aware and socially conscious women of color. So this is a great start but let’s not be patted on the head and sent away because ‘they’ let another [white] woman in. I just hope she doesn’t start preaching the Oppression Olympics lie of how sexism is worse than racism by discounting Black women and other women of color. We’ll see.

Tuesday Ramble

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to write about so for now I’m just gonna post whatever I feel like with no rhyme or reason. I’m still debating whether I want to be light and airy or fire and brimstone about the state of the world and how greed and corruption is killing us all, lol. I have little interest in writing about politics non-stop and because so many other blogs focus on the same stories and drink from the same fountain it gets kinda boring after a while. I’m also going to Denver next week to experience the sights and sounds of this Democratic Convention all the folks are talking about. Nope I am not credentialed. The thought had not even occurred to me that I could just go even if it meant going solo, not knowing anybody and not having made arrangements for a place to stay either. I found a generous soul who offered a spot to crash for 4 days without seeing it as a money-making venture. I’m less than 1,000 miles away so the plane fare wasn’t dirt cheap but it was less than $250 so I just said, “Go for it!” to myself.

I need to give myself lots of pep talks these days. I am struggling and want to be more positive, positive period, because thoughts become actions so the saying goes. I need some things to change in my life. Namely where I live and how I live. I need to earn a living doing what I love, not just have a j-o-b. Yes it is a privilege but I have not been nor will I ever be happy settling for less. Believe me I have tried. It has something to do with why I am currently unemployed [that and a former employer bad-mouthing me] and though I KNOW I have to work and have no problem doing so I have to take a new direction. I also need a new place to live and have been dreaming about living by Duboce Park or Duboce Triangle. It is not easy finding a vacancy in these areas and quite a few people who rent have to share apartments. Thanks to low availability and over-inflated real estate I could very well have to pay $1000+ to share a small apartment with a bedroom the size of a closet.

Am I being negative again? Argh! I have a serious problem with perfectionism and being too hard on myself. I can be my own worst enemy. It only makes the real-life obstacles that present themselves all the more defeating. I have done many brave things in my life. I’ve made more than my share of mistakes. Mistakes should not be the death of us. Failure should not be the measure of how we define ourselves, as in if you don’t have ___________ you are one.

I also need to be out socializing and making friends….but being a hermit and feeling slightly alienated from the world has some appeal right now. As for dating…I want the perfect guy for me to just appear out of the blue and not have to do anything but be. Yeah I am delusional. I am weary. I could just give up trying to have this dream of a great life I’ve envisioned for myself but I think that would be the end of me. Without hope there is nothing. Did I mention I want three kids as well? One of which will be adopted, due to the excessive number of Black children left in foster care.

I’m also still looking for a church I can call home or be able to accept that I will be dissatisfied on some level with “religion” because people are not perfect and many men have bastardized religious texts to keep control over people, esp. women. And I’ve never felt right with the gay is an abomination meme as a license to hate and kill people. Is it ok with God that I never go to church again? What about those potential future children? Kids need some grounding – just not indoctrination into falsehood.

Sigh. Big sigh. I lost all the air from a wheel on my truck a while back. I just need to patch it and reflate. Or replace it all together. Be positive, have a plan, be aware of the potholes, dodge the potholes don’t drive over them underestimating how deep they are and keep moving. Don’t stop. Don’t give up.

Here’s one of my favorite songs, “Secret Smile” by Semisonic. This was during the time they had that huge hit, “Closing Time”. I hated that song, but when this was released I was like, all melty inside. I love this song. The video not so much. I have no idea why I like this song so much. It was a quirky song and slightly melancholic. It’s about 10 years old but I still like it. Go figure.

Sexual Conduct and Double-Standards: Edwards, Clinton, Obama and Black people

John Edwards has a baby mama. Sure this is old news by now, well actually it’s officially ‘unconfirmed’. Yeah right. I give it a few weeks. On a more important note we lost two greats this weekend. R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.

So…why do I care? Black people are held to different standards.
Black women are thought to be loose morally.
White women get to benefit from behaving like Jezebel. Paris Hilton made her career from a sex tape. Even potential First Lady Cindy McCain was a ‘mistress’ before a missus.

This is not about judging people on a moral high ground/puritanical USA sexual hang-up meme.
This is about white men of privilege getting away with sexual misconduct without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Do you think if this had been Barack Obama people would be so understanding? If Michelle Obama had been Barack’s mistress or if he’d had one it wouldn’t have been made public on Faux News Network?

CNN “Black People Are Inferior And Here’s Why” special report got it all wrong I’m afraid.

I found myself humming Billie Jean and thinking about Maury’s infamous paternity result shows.

Will there be a criminal investigation? Campaign funds were used to pay ‘compensation’. That compensation was supposed to be making videos – campaign videos that is. How easy do you think it is to get a paid staff job working for a politician? Add in a job where you have no previous or discernible experience in. What are the odds – seriously? Unless, unless you know somebody?

With sexism being talked about so heatedly this election cycle what example does this set for women in the workplace?

I always found Edwards to be too slick for his own good. I just wasn’t excited by his campaign. His whining about not getting traction in the press did not endear me either. It reminds me of John McCain’s fake outrage too. Now of course I think he didn’t REALLY want too much scrutiny into his campaign and his life. All the skeletons would come tumbling out. Like McCain. I wish there would be more comparison to the ‘Old Guy Running’ who cheated on his first wife and left her for a rodeo queen heiress. Who wears $500 shoes and owns 9 houses – some of which he can’t be bothered to pay taxes on. And people have a problem voting for a stellar [but not perfect] candidate because he’s not white. SMH!

Plus Edwards wasn’t exactly supportive of Same-Sex Loving Individuals who wish to marry. Is there a word for extra-low hypocrite?

Face it, John Edwards was trying to pull a Bill Clinton in a year when Democrats need to win. People were asleep at the wheel about Slick Billy Jeff in 1991. He came with that extra sexual curricular activity list from the get-go. Was it any surprise that it would continue unabated and perhaps escalate? It was Clinton fatigue that led Gore to distance himself. The Clintons were self-serving so the Democrats were in a weakened state already. The Republicans were united in their efforts, they were hypocritical and nefarious but focused. The downticket candidates had little help. Bush just squeaked by. People closed their eyes. Millions were illegally purged from the voter rolls. The Supreme Court pulled a monarchy move worthy of every dictator [West-friendly leader] the US Gov’t has ever supported. The media kicked in by subverting…the news. And HERE WE ARE!

Do we REALLY need to be questioning how the Rethuglican party effed up this country? They had free reign for the past 8 years. Are you doing better? Do you have a job? What’s your health coverage like? Spotty or Non-Existent or Enough to Qualify as a Mortgage Payment? Tried to go to Europe lately to see your USD worth pennies? Do you think the price of gas is going to fall …. or increase? Still willing to make excuses? Have you found yourself out on the street when that one paycheck you were relying on was gone? It’s not just about electing a Democrat, but PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE. I know I know you say but I don’t know about that guy. He seems inexperienced. This country has some serious unresolved racial prejudices….but this country is hanging on by a thread. Are we there yet?