Live Blogging from African American caucus at NetRoots

443pm – While waiting for the panel to start I was interviewed by someone who wanted to get perspectives from NetRoots attendees regarding Obama’s FISA vote. I think it was someone working with the Obama campaign but the introductions flew by quickly. I had to emphasize that I enthusiastically support the “Michelle Obama for First Lady” political endeavor. If Barack gets elected that’ll work too, but I have my priorities lol!  Seriously though, I think the entire idea of government monitoring individuals has gone of before he decided to run and will continue long after we’ve crossed over. This was not a breaking point for me, but I may post more on that at another time. I didn’t want questions posed to me with a particular intent so I made it clear that one vote is not the sum of the existence for this country. This isn’t a popularity contest and if anyone thinks the government won’t find a way around any such laws they are delusional, but anyway….. 

4:06 pm  –  Wrapping things up. One attendee who was a candidate for office discusses how she had a degree from Harvard but her male opponent who didn’t attend college ran ads portraying her as a blonde ditz. She says the media accepted that label without questioning. This leads to a discussion of how the cable news pundits [specifically mentioning how vile Chris Matthews has been] have been guilty of belittling women on camera. This leads to someone mentioning Hillary Clinton’s campaign and how she bristles at those who bandy the theme of “any woman but her”. 

**Well…I have an issue with that as necessarily being a ‘problem’ but this only serves the purpose of highlighting we have various needs, various voices. We can find common ground. We need to top relying on defining ourselves and being divided by LABELS.

It should also be mentioned that this year’s NetRoots schedule overlaps the BlogHer conference in San Francisco.  Some more planning and discussions are clearly necessary if people are seriously invested in building coalitions instead of competing against each other in a so-called progressive movement. The main reason I attended this conference is because I applied for a DFA scholarship. I wasn’t selected but I received a 90% discount. I had a airline credit and have been generously hosted by locals. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet other people and realize there are women in this world are earning a living and doing things they enjoy. 

3:54 pm  –  Question 2: What are ways women connect with each other politically? How effective are listservs? Why do we tend to not give ourselves credit for the things we do? We think of things that are expected of us and trying to be Superwoman. Do mothers that work on campaigns demand child care as a stipulation for accepting a position? Do we realize our worth?

Still Live Blogging from Women’s Caucus!

3:48pm  –  There are more women elected to office at the Federal Level. The opinion is that female candidates are usually willing to hire more female staffers. This is an interesting mix of women from their 20s-60’s. The Democratic Party has been lax at creating a Farm Team [a mentoring group]. Someone just popped in to explain why there’s a Women’s caucus, Mom’s caucus and Feminist caucus: it was to encompass the experience and persuasion of those attendees and not limit how they identify. 

Don’t just show up – step up!

337pm  One attendee who is DFA Scholarship recipient and worked on the Obama campaign mentions how so many women are volunteering versus the number of men who are getting paid. That touches on the what opportunities are available and what are women willing to accept – or demand for themselves. 

Another participant mentions the National Women’s Political Caucus used to train women to work on campaigns.  Some organizations to look into are “She Should Run”and “The White House Project”. 

326pm There are some amazing women attending pursuing a wide variety of interests. We are setting up a mailing list to network and support each other’s endeavors. Question 1. What is the ratio of men to women attending? I could also ask what is the ratio of POC to non-POC but will cover that at the African-American caucus which starts at 430pm.

Live Blogging from Women’s Caucus at NetRoots

I arrived at the Convention Center and was approached by Greenpeace members at the building entrance requesting support for HR1590 regarding Climate Change.

3:14 pm So the room is cozy with about 30 participants, some of whom are repeat attendees. There are quite a few women who are computer programmers who started in the industry 20 years ago. It’s an informal setting and everyone is introducing themselves.


Welcome to my blog. I have been a lurker and commenter on numerous social/political blogs. Some of those blog owners suggested that everyone who participated should have their own blog if they hadn’t started one yet. In addition, one of my career advisors suggested other creatives could benefit from sharing stories of pursuing an objective.

With the pending election in the United States and the constant flux of changes and struggles going on the world I think this is a vital period where thoughtful, compassionate people who’d like to see the world be a gentler place can take action and lend their voice and efforts to fighting for a better world. 
I was trying to decide what purpose I would serve with creating a blog and how much of my personal history I’d be willing to share. I want to uplift people. I want to challenge people. I hope to learn and grow from this experience and share and exchange ideas. 
To that end I am attending the Net Roots Conference in Austin, Texas. I am a musician and former actress [though I miss it terribly but that’s another story]. I am a writer of non-fiction and songs. I live in a rather expensive city – shout out to San Francisco – but live very frugally and am always hunting for bargains or ways to make things work! Being a Leo is at times a conflict because my luxury radar always gravitates towards lovely expensive things [i.e. Vosges Barcelona chocolate bars]. Freedom of choice to live my life as I see fit is a struggle. Familial and societal expectations do pose conflicts from the ideal of what I envision for myself.
I am not certain what facilities are set up but I will try to live blog from the African American caucus that meets later today. My only gripe was that the organizers scheduled the Feminist Bloggers caucus to run concurrently. I am female….and I am African American!!! Oh…I just checked and they’ve added a Woman’s caucus. Hmmmm….. 
Ok, I’m out the door and heading towards the Austin Convention Center. 
P.S. Much thanks to my lovely hosts via Couch Surfing!