10 Ways To Manifest Happiness

Dr. Seuss says it again:

1. ACT as if you already are. Do things that support yourself and your vision.

2. STOP the internal flogging. No more defeating self-talk.

3. LET GO of your need to have all the answers.

4. GIVE UP control of who, how, what, where and WHEN!

5. JUNK any limitations you’ve placed on yourself.

6. IGNORE current appearance of unwanted circumstances.

7. TRUST yourself, your God, your life will be on track.

8. KNOW your journey and destination are solid.

9. DROP the blame, shame and pain. Today is a new moment.

10. LIVE for yourself. Be authentic. Pleasing others at your expense is a no-no.


11. KEEP people in your life that truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, inspire you, enhance you and make you happy. Get rid of leeches and naysayers, those with huge value differentials and anyone belittling or attacking you!

3 comments to 10 Ways To Manifest Happiness

  • samadhi101

    I'm reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People again (read it sophomore year in high school, didn't quite know how to use it). For me, it's definitely one of those books that you finally "get" only after you've accepted a situation in your life and your really ready to move on. A couple of months ago my mind would have balked at your entire list: " Only "certain" people can afford to be this optimistic" but now I'm actually creating the reality I want and completely ignoring things and people I have no control over. I think what stopped me in the past was that I knew I would become more of an outsider, but once I realized I was already an outsider, I have nothing to lose and no more excuses lol