10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint—and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” — Oprah Winfrey

The wonderful thing about having opinions is the fact there are so many. I can find numerous viewpoints from people without having to agree with them on every single point. I’ve stated this previously but running an effective forum while still setting boundaries does not guarantee comfort or popularity — for the forum host or reader. I do appreciate all of you who have joined in on or are continuing this journey.

I want to loosen things up a bit while still staying true to the core message, so we’ll see how this goes. Some long term bloggers participate in various memes for that reason. I used to post classic R&B songs as part of  Old School Fridays but the blog hosts who started that ran out of steam at some point. It was fun and  one of the things that tied several blogs who were members of the then-burgeoning Afrosphere.

I’m not giving away anything of significance and thought it would be cool to mix things up a bit.  Since I am not likely to ever do this again…take notes (haha).

#1.  George Michael named an entire album (yes, album hello I‘m old school) after me. Yes, me personally. Ya’ll just don’t know who I know in real life see. He was still dating women back then (maybe) and when he sang how he had to have Faith, he was referring to me in all my lusciousness. [Psych!] But you know that song was used as a pick-up line by numerous men which always made me want to gag!

#2.  I almost became “The Help” for a very wealthy and prominent family in NYC. I’m not naming names, but suffice it to say they have an entire department of a major university named after them. Let’s just say I was exploring all of my options and stumbled into this scenario. Let’s just say when I went to their 5th Avenue mansion I would’ve sworn the wall paper wasn’t just gold-toned but actually spun with gold. Let’s just say I found the whole idea of never being allowed to be alone with my potential charge and the fact we’d have a bodyguard assigned to us 24/7 was not only intimidating but felt extremely restrictive considering all the personal freedom I had as a child to explore. Somehow the money disparity between my life and that child’s didn’t seem like such a good payoff. On the other hand, the opportunities they’d automatically receive in life were nothing to dismiss either. It was simply not my world. Then, I thought perhaps I was going in the wrong direction career-wise by even considering that detour. Life is full of many options. I’ll never know because the screeners expressed immediate interest but I walked away.

#3.  I am left-handed and at some point I was ambidextrous. Somewhere around the age of 8 or 9 my mother saw me writing at the kitchen table and asked when I began using my left hand. I was of course perplexed. Hadn’t I always used my left hand? Apparently not! I must have been one of the last Catholic school students who had been steered towards using my right hand though I clearly favored the opposite and automatically switched. I wish I had known!!!

#4.  I like crunchy, salty, savory and sweet things preferably all at once. Like wasabi peas and chocolate (55%+). I also prefer my veggies or salad be on a separate plate from my meat.

#5.  I am very particular about neatness, order and symmetry. I then learned there was an entire system devised to it’s study and practice. Feng Shui. Then I didn’t feel like a freak anymore.

#6.  I was once a bit of an “It” Girl in NYC (see my 80-90’s post about the Michael Alig parties) AND in Los Angeles, but for entirely different reasons. In Los Angeles I was known for a brief time for:

Co-Starring in a psychic informercial with Billy Dee Williams

Yeah…let it sink it. Me. And. Lando Calrissian.

(insert long round of laughter here)

Anyway….this was post-Psychic Friends but pre-Miss Cleo.

(insert another long round of laughter here)

#7.   I once won a radio station contest to meet Depeche Mode. I could not get the signal for the station at home so I had to go to my part-time job and park myself in the office an entire weekend so I could call in. And hey..it paid off. Thank goodness I had keys!! You’d think I would’ve just shut up and smiled when I met them, right? Well…Dave was in the midst of his then-unknown drug problem and I didn’t know Martin Gore was an incogNegro at the time. As my favorite member and chief songwriter though I had to ask him about some of the more salient (to me at that time) lyrics [Master & Servant for example]. He asked me if I was a Christian and it made me feel “dirty”. Dirtier than the bondage lyrics, eh!  I remember wondering how that had happened. Of course I’m older, wiser and less legalistic/puritanical so I understand his point – nowI actually lectured Martin Gore on his lyrics. And yes…I cringe at the idea. I mean compared to other genres and the garbage spewed via (c)Rap “music” DM was nothing. In fact, the reason why I paid so much attention to their lyrics was because they were so thought-provoking. I had zero filter back then. And sometimes now….(haha).

#8.  I once turned down a professional baller. Of course that would seem like the obvious choice today given what we discuss here at this forum, but we met when I was 19 and he’d only been in the NFL for 1-2 years. He had Southern charm for days and was very attractive but the fact that he introduced himself by name and “I play X position for the Giants” in one sentence was an immediate turn-off. I just wasn’t able to specifically articulate that at the time because  I’d had limited dating experience. I remember asking him what else he was planning on doing with his life and he looked surprised by the question. I don’t think he had even considered it. My greater point for mentioning this is that we often have our instincts pointed in the right direction but we override common sense by letting in outside influencers.

#9.  Tori Amos referred to me as a “wonderful mocha presence” when I met her in London. Anyone else saying that would be weird but such a phrase coming from her makes total sense. It’s too long of a story to explain how it happened and honestly to this day it still makes no logical sense. I’ve been to dozens of shows and never had a member of her staff approach me but for whatever reason this time was the charm. She gave me some wonderful advice as well for which I will always be grateful.

#10.  I have watched Sex and the City so many times – the original series and the edited for regular tv versions that I can not only tell where they cut it, but what lines were overdubbed. Although I have huge issues with the show’s portrayal of women, exclusion of other women’s perspectives and never bought into the “we can have sex like men” mantra, I always enjoyed the friendship between the women. I can now recite most of the dialogue verbatim. If you were one of those fans of  the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie who participated in the full live show experience where you did the dance, bought popcorn, had a newspaper and said “dammit Janet” a lot, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Maybe I should’ve just let it be about Rocky. I used to go the the 8th Street Playhouse every weekend back in the day….

Well….I think that was plenty. I can still do the Time Warp dance, too.

What things about you would surprise someone?


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  1. I walked right by Lou Reed on the street on Lafayette Ave in NYC back in 2003 I think it was, and he looked straight into my eyes and stopped but I just couldn't say anything because I was a bit shy and scared off because I've heard that he was a bit of a Hole! LOL But I love his stuff though. I met Kim Gordon by accident and she was quite standoffish so I didn't much care for her even if the music is cool.

    I duuno I can't think of anything else to say….I may have to get back to all this….LOL

  2. All of a sudden very recently, I developed this The Cure obsession, especially with A Forest. That guitar in the beginning is too hypnotizing like a drug!

    But I love Sex and The City also because of the fashions and because of the friendships between four women who are not alike, but who don't crucify each other for not being alike or acting alike even if they had their occasional fall-outs every now and then. I loved that also, it was quite sweet and endearing at times. I agree with Jacquie above regarding certain different foods staying separate especially salads that need to stay crisp and cold and not mingle to near all of the hot food to get all soggy!

    After living in NYC I have seen so many well-known people perform OR I walked past them on the street and with my stupid starstruck-self I told them how wonderful or beautiful they were (like I did with Iman, Helena Christensen, and Noemie Lenoire) , OR they were customer in the vintage clothes shop I worked in in Manhattan.

  3. I am a HUGE, HUGE music buff and for some reason I have from the age of about 13 anyway always been super-nostalgic about my music choices. New music doesn't really float my boat, or I'd say only between 5 -- 10% would ever float my boat! LOL I had a DJ/musician friend who's white American and now married to a Danish musician and living in Denmark and she helped push my music buff-ness to even further 'muso' heights and boundaries with all the records she used to pay at her gigs. I love classical music, rock and R n B from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s and one of my fave eras are British early 70s glam rock and British late 70s post punk, experimental, electronica, industrial…you name it! There was just something in the water back in the 70s in London, Sheffield, Manchester and other British cities why they came out with such great music at the time some of which was fringe-y at the time element-wise and to this day un-dated, anachronistic, and timeless like This Heat, Cabaret Voltaire, Gary Numan, Ultravox/John Foxx(hmm… a few of their/his songs), Einsturzende Neubaten (German, I know) and even Lene Lovich.

  4. My God! because I have been studying for my exams non-stop I really have been off the mark with all of the blogs that I visit! I had no idea about this post! LOL LOL I'm still mourning Khadija's lovely blogs but I'm happy for her if she's moving on to things that she wants to do.

    I'm a Brit who just happened to live in the USA for many years up until six years ago that is, now I'm back in London, which leads me to say I had no idea that Martin Gore from Depeche Mode was an incogNegro either! LOL But there are plenty out there. Martin is a blond mixed race person with blond lashes so I'm not surprised about his under the radar-ness.

  5. I haven't learned to swim YET. That's my fitness goal for next year. The idea of being in the ocean is a bit daunting for me. Sad news about the Grand Canyon. 🙁 But, fortunately, this country has lots of beautiful hideaways to "get your freak on". LOL!

    1. Alrighty then…ha…. Good luck with the swimming. Maybe scuba diving might ease your transition?

  6. I am SO with you on #4!! Trail Mix is my joy…except when I don't want it, I don't want it. hehe Growing up, I hated having my food touch, but I didn't like the compartmental plates/trays, because it didn't allow for a lot of food. I'm a little lax on the compartmental plates now, but I don't like my food to touch or mix, unless I make it that way (i.e. gravy or sauce on rice) and I LOATHE having to have salad on a mixed plate. Nothing worse than salad dressing blending with a cheese sauce or meat or bread.

  7. Great minds sing alike! LOL! Ratt did an in-store appearance at Tower Records in LA when I was a teen, I went all by my lonesome and got a T-shirt signed by the band! I wish I still had it, it would be hilarious to show off!

    1. Oh I miss that Tower Records store on Sunset! I tried to avoid the Strip though after I moved to WeHo because of the drunk drivers but spotting Keanue Reeves headed towards Chateau Marmonte had me reconsidering that.

      1. LOL! YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! I love Chateau Marmonte and fantasize about staying there! Creative twins indeed!

        1. You can have dinner there or a drink on the patio w/o being a guest. Of course parking is a grip -- but so it is for all hotels.

  8. 1) I love old Hollywood films.

    2) I am currently training myself to be a runner. (I jogged 8.07 miles straight, on Saturday. Yay!)

    3) After becoming a runner, getting into shape, learning how to swim (AT LAST), I plan to take hang-gliding lessons. I also plan to learn to canoe.

    4) I plan to continue my creative writing and music writing efforts, in the future.

    5) Matt Dillon is my favorite white American actor, in the looks department.

    6) I used to fantasize about honeymooning and making love in the Grand Canyon, when I was a girl. (TMI…I KNOW. LOL!)

    7) My favorite dish is mixed greens with smoked turkey.

    8) I had a crush on Elton John, when I was younger. (before I found out he was gay, lol!)

    9) I would love to own a home in the countryside with a couple of horses, someday.

    10) I love the sound of the rain.

  9. I LOVE pizza.I have eaten pizza everyday for two or three weeks in a row before(smh).
    I also love chocolate and bacon and sometimes together(smacks hand)

    I LOVE Patti Labelle! I saw her in concert once and it was like hearing an angel from heaven sing.I was a very small child,not even 5 years old-not even enrolled in pre-school, when I went to her show ,and we have no pictures or videotape of us there, but I can remember every small insignificant detail about the whole day.I remember what I wore,what I had for breakfast,I remember she sang to my disabled cousin and my dad on stage.
    I remember being amazed by her beautiful voice because I grew up in church,even traveled out of town to visit other churches, and had heard a lot of beautiful voices, but I had never heard anybody sing the way she does,and I still haven't.I believe BabyFace and many others were at this concert but I only really remember Patti.

    Diana Ross is my 2nd or 3rd cousin.(FOR REAL) I found out when her daughter Tracee Eliss Ross came to our family reunion in Kentucky.
    I did not get to attend because I had other things going on and had no idea that Tracee would be there.I found out when my great aunt,the Minister of a very popular church in Kentucky which has had Keke Wyatt and a few other lesser known singers perform there(I didn't get to attend when Keke sang either 🙁 called me on the phone and told me that I had yet again missed out on meeting someone famous.

    My grandma on my momma's side dated Ronald Isley as a teen,nothing serious.

    I met a cousin of David Ruffin.I can't remeber his first name but his last name was Ruffin.His cousin was actually looking to go to a gay church that was across the street but stumbled into ours.He can sang too,it really does run in the family.

    I was one of three D.A.R.E essay contest winners(2nd place) in sixth grade.I am strongly against the use of drugs!and have been my whole entire life.However,I almost got addicted to prescription pain killers.I had an injury at work and was prescribed some heavy stuff.One day I was absolutely not in pain at all, and had a craving for those pills, it freaked me out so I weened myself off of them A.S.A.P

  10. I have a bartending certificate. I got it when the recession first hit & took classes just in case I needed a side hustle. I haven't used it professionally but I can make a couple drinks for myself & others, and at least I have a skill if I need to hustle (which I may have to with the way this economy is going). I don't really mention it, but when I HAVE mentioned it, people are very surprised; they don't see me as the sort to do it. (Hell, neither do I.)

    Can't think of anything else right now.

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