“Beat Her Down” Brown Part 2: Support Those That Support You Or Else!

Picking up from where we left off with Beat Her Down Brown Part One, Halima’s Whose Zooming Who post went through a rather extensive list of black males who were wholly self-serving in focusing on their interests. I’d like to add further dimensions to the conversation.

Unlike the talk a lot but do nothing scenarios played out by blacks, read what happened when the House of Dior decided to police the behavior of their key designer, John Galliano for stepping way out of line. Some people do not play! The key lesson to be learned is how there has been a historical pattern of behavior for hundreds of years now that have left self-sacrificing black women with the perpetual short end of the stick. It’s the gender needs set-aside vs. sacrifice for racial progress argument. In fact, I’d say it has further escalated (devalued) to there being no stick left at all for those that give and give without requiring an equal exchange for their support.

As I stated in BHDB Pt 1:

I just realized that Chris Brown has a point about it not being “fair” that he was held somewhat accountable and suffered (minimal) repercussions for his deviant behavior. There’s a plethora of black male entertainers who have engaged in the very same behavior but due to black male protectionism and racio-misogyny against black women they were never put under the same level of scrutiny all in the name of “advancing the race”.

Before Chris “The Whiner” there was James “I’m Black & Proud…er how soon until I can get a white woman?” Brown.


So around the time someone was black and proud another someone was black and blue!

TV One’s Unsung Series on Tammi Terrell that highlights her “volatile” relationship with Brown with eye witness testimony about him beating her in the head repeatedly.

Yes, the very same Brown that was credited for his Civil Rights work. I hate to burst your bubble, but if I’m going to be disappointed to find out what is so glaringly obvious once you realize we’ve been had — repeatedly — then so will you (villain cackle ensues).

It’s the indoctrination, failed delivery of false promises and subsequent black male interest-bearing cover-up of course!

Who benefited the most from James Brown being labeled a hero?

Yes, we can offer a shade or two of nuance. The song did help many people at that time, however I will contend that if gender parity took equal precedence to racial parity would a man who had been beating up Motown artists of her stature been allowed to emerge from that unscathed? Wouldn’t he have been held accountable first? Of course some random black women would’ve been out of luck, but if the behavior applies to one it could most certainly to others.

So were black women supposed to sacrifice themselves to save the race?

Of course, but did it work? No! Especially as we see the race was NOT saved, nor have black women been given their due.

Is that wholly unacceptable?


Tammi Terrell’s death should have weighed heavily on James Brown and David Ruffin especially as by all accounts they beat the crap out of her in a similar way Chris beat Rihanna. She died from a brain tumor and both males are alleged to have regularly beat her in the head. I’m mentioning this (again) to show the contrast of the response today. Not that the majority of blacks have improved their attitudes because if the internet is an accurate estimate then most would given him a pass.

No, the difference was non-blacks (gossip bloggers and later some feminists) stepped in to police the abherrant behavior and didn’t let the potential racial fall-out stop them. They didn’t relegate it to a “black issue” and adopt a laissez faire response.

Lots of DBRs and Lesser-Thans made great music or what is considered great music today. They also run for office, tell jokes, wield a (poison) pen, work a camera and play with balls. They may have money. They may be famous. Some of them may even still be married to black women….


I wonder if Christina Aguilera would have performed in the Brown tribute singing It’s A Man’s Man’s World at the 2007 Grammy Awards had she realized she was paying tribute to someone who beat on at least one woman in light of the fact she’s discussed the emotional damage caused from witnessing her father beat her mother growing up.

Lately these “entertainers” who are less and less talented by the decade mind you, have been getting even richer telling you that you’re defective. To add even further insult to injury they’re stealing YOUR ideas, subverting the concepts down to meet their understanding and slapping new labels on them to SELL right back to you.

That would be the Tyler Perrys, Hill Harpers, Chris Rocks and yes, the Steve Harveys. UGH!

Or they leave messages on social networking sites stating they’d rather kill the mother of their OOW progeny than pay child support. Hello Curtis [50 Cent]! Bookmarked, saved and noted. Especially after the house said ex was living in [that he wanted her to vacate] mysteriously burned to the ground. Leaving a paper trail of evidence for some future OJ-type behavior is not very smart, but these DBRs are not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed either. They think they can continue to get away with this behavior with impunity.

As such, there are quite a few others who’ve managed to fly under the radar. Prince. Ray Charles. Muhammad Ali. Al Green. Be it serial womanizing, color racism, sexing underaged or barely legal young girls or producing numerous OOW children it’s all predatory behavior that’s detrimental to the elevation of black women.

Some of you are eating it up. Some of you are letting it eat you up. What you’re not doing is discarding it. You’re far too invested to see it for the poison it is. You think it’s candy, but it’s more like a dog with rabies that you’re letting lick you.

They don’t value the lives of black women. They aren’t actively engaged in elevating black women as a collective, just the light-skinned/no dark butt ones. And even then they’re phasing those women out for the “ultimate” prize: Chelsea Handler[Trust me the only reason why I even know about this is because other black women keep talking about what these DBRs are and aren’t doing. JUST.SAY.NO]

If they didn’t have you supporting them, thinking about them, being angry at them, waiting for them to “come home” or “act right” or “recognize our beauty” or BEHAVE LIKE MEN – they’d be forced to be solely self-sufficient. They would need to rely on the non-black women they want so desperately. They’d have to use more of the resources of the white men they claim to despise. They’d be gone so fast.

That’s a great thing because the non-producing tree branches need to be removed so the roots can grow. Then black women could have our evolution. We could focus on getting our perspective in alignment with life-affirming, constructive endeavors. Creative projects. Living well. Cut out the majority of the junk that’s being held up as the “authentic” black experience which is no more than Blackface, Amos  & Andy, Steppin’ Fetchit  2011. Replace it with the positive programming you say you want, with images that embrace all of our beauty and intellect without laughing at us at our expense.

Yet, the consumption of the gutter landfill castaway scraps continues.

If you didn’t know, now you know.

None of what’s going on today is new. This disease has been eating away at the collective from Day One.

The clock has run down and if you aren’t preparing for your future you’re supplying the resources for someone else’s. When will that change?

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  1. Another (recent) lurker coming out. 🙂

    Excellent post, Faith.

    I have my own thoughts on Chris Brown that I've written about before, but it's (sadly) not surprising to know there were so many like him in the past.

    Keep up the good work. I really love the passion and dedication you put into your posts. Your blog is lovely.

  2. You touched on something I've thought about. If this designer, JG, was talking such hateful crap about black women he'd still be working and even supported. People would probably even say we complain too much and was making a big deal out of nothing. And isn't that what we hear all the time?

    It is on occasions such as this I feel a bit of envy for how Jewish people make sure no one survives disrespecting them. I wish we had that kind of discipline.

    I also realize that through these blogs, and my own thinking for many years, I make sure not contribute to the financial well being of anyone whose career(s) rests on denigrating black women.

    If we all punished these losers with our pocketbooks, black women wouldn't be abused, verbally assaulted, or seen as easy to "get over" for any con-"artist". Money is the strongest voice we have. Yet we continue to squander it.

    Good post, Faith.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback. I enjoyed your latest post as well and linked to it on my Facebook page.

  3. Ak: That's not a derail. I added that link to this post for a reason. Galliano has been the House of Dior's most financially successful designer in decades…yet he made what many consider to be an anti-Semetic statement…and he was fired. No ifs, ands or buts. No excuses. No "I was just drunk and joking". ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY IN EFFECT!!! If BW were protected this way….

    1. As Khadija has said, and what my mother and I observed even before she said it, the Jews don't play. And after their horrors during WWII they said to themselves 'Never again', and they planned to stick to that. Khadija has noted that ANYONE who comes out publicly with anti-semitism will be kicked out of a lot of areans by them.

      Just as in Europe before WWII, the Jews to this day still own and run a lot! They still head up alot of different sectors, and always support each other in business, so how could anybody least of all Galliano say that stuff?? He should have known that all someone had to do was use their cell phone quickly and easily to get him. Galliano also by the way lives in a traditionally Jewish part of Paris called Marais! LOL The man is man and has lost it. On British newspaper website someone commented that Galliano needs to be reminded that if he was living back in the days of WWII that he'd be the first person the Nazis would grab too because he's gay!

    2. I wondered why the police in France were being involved in the whole situation, and then I read that public anti-semitism can get you up to six months in jail in France, so that's why. So the Jewish people are really very 'never again' all over the world!

      Although to be honest France has that law probably because they're embarassed about their past, especially for what was supposed to be an Allied country, for sending French Jews over to Hitler somehow in the first place, and having French police officers during the War in cahoots with the Nazis also. I think that's why they have such a stringent law against vocal anti-semitism, because the French seem to me to be the sort of people to have free reign in saying or doing anything else, I can tell you that!

      1. France's laws as well as any other country are always dependent on what's on the books and what's enforced. We see by their response France pays lip service to discrimination against certain other people & groups, like Algerians, Muslims and Africans. The difference is in who has clout and who can dole out repercussions.

  4. Faith, I had no idea about half these men you and Halima mentioned, that we were taught to admire and idolize growing up. You continue to open my eyes. Thank you.

  5. Hi Faith!

    I am de-lurking for the first time though I have read your blog consistently for some time now. I find your analysis to be cogent and on point; I really enjoy your posts.

    When it comes to Chris Brown feeling put upon for suffering consequences for beating Rihanna… would it make logical sense for him to feel any other way? When we look at the virulent anti-BW invective that our collective eats up, why would he expect to be punished for acting in accordance with that philosophy? Black TV, music and books go the extra mile to denigrate us. Black males in the public eye denigrate us constantly by word or deed. There are nothing but GOOD consequences for those jerks; they get contracts, they sell tons of poison and get white women. Denigrating black women and girls is a sure-fire route to success for DBRs! So I can see why it was shocking and seemed unfair to him that he should be punished in any way for his abuse of a black woman because no one else is.

    Due to the rampant black male protectionism that indoctrinated black women display, DBRs may feel that it is acceptable for them to behave this way…. after all, a cadre of black women come rushing to the aid of any black man who abuses black women or girls. It's like the legal concept of condonation. In divorce court, you cannot submit evidence of your spouse's adultery IF you knew about it and continued to have marital relations with them. Well, black women have so often continued relations with DBRs that they feel we no longer have the right to object.

    Sorry this is so long!

    1. Thanks for de-lurking and don't be concerned about the length of your comment. Here's my response. I don't care why Chris Brown, James, Brown, Bobby Brown or any black male thinks their miscreant behavior is acceptable. It is the epitome of someone who is damaged beyond repair. Just like I'm not a professional criminal profiler, I have no interest in getting into the minds of the depraved. I want black women to remove themselves and stop supporting those that are! Besides these DBRs KNOW FULL WELL WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG! They just don't care. As long as it's a black woman that is. I highly doubt Chris the Whiner would have tried to pull that mess on Lyndsey Lohan. There are little to no repercussions when it's a BW because far too many are still complicit in the victimization -- esp that of other black women. That's why the mother of one of the Dunbar Village savages excused her son's behavior. It's why other BW see the way BM treat other BW and sy nothing -- because it's not happening to them directly. This goes back to supporting individuals and ideologies over principles and standards. We must separate ourselves.

  6. Just read the Wikipedia link about Tammi Terrell. I never knew that stuff. Raped by 3 neighborhood boys at age 11, developing migraines & headaches, involvement with James Brown….. And UGH, he’s such a dirtbag. He was in a relationship with her AS A TEENAGER!!! She was only 16 or 17 and he was already at least 29 years old. How disgusting. I also heard about Brown being a woman beater so that’s not surprising, but now (in my opinion) he was also a f—ing pedophile???!?!? I can’t. 😐

    How sad that she died at such a young age. Seems like she was brutalized for at least some of her life. SMDH. 🙁

    And David Ruffin -- since I don’t know a lot about The Temptations (despite liking some of their songs), I didn’t know about him either. At least he wasn’t a pedophile when it came to Tammi but he was still a woman beater. Disgusting. I can say that his s—ty childhood contributed to his adult behaviors, but not everyone who grew up in the same predicaments (exposed to physical/emotional/mental abuse) beat the s— out of women (or men), so even that is not an excuse.

    And Prince too???!?!? What’d he do?

    Christ. Are there ANY Black male celebrities/entertainers who aren’t

    DBR or who have TRULY worked on themselves to rid themseoves of their dysfunctional/DBR behaviors?

    Sigh. & SMDH.

    1. I would like to say Lupe Fiasco or B.O.B., but I'm going to do a little research on them…Be back later…;)

      What about Andre 3000? Big Boi's behavior is a little more suspect…

    2. Take a deep breath….it gets better. That's the impact of realizing how far the DBR behavior goes. Remember your Twitter "friend" that turned on you? This is what I'm talking about. Look up Prince and Nona Gaye. Think back to how many videos he's had with "regular" looking black women (it'll take a while…a long while). I didn't even talk about Marvin because I figure the reading audience has had enough for today. Nona's mother was what… 17?!!! When the Marvin & Diana album was recorded she insisted on it being completed in separate studios because he smoked pot, she was pregnant and he wouldn't stop as she requested. Not that Diana didn't do dirt. Read the autobiographies of Smokey, Gladys, Patti etc and you'll get a sense of the behavior. She still gets props for marrying well though. Anyhoo….if everyone starts thinking outside the box and between the lines you will find a lot of questionable behavior. Not to say we're perfect and don't make mistakes, but people should weigh the contributions of others they have revered and financially supported and how it benefits the elevation of black women — separately from the race focus.

      1. Damn. I have a lot more research to do then. 😐 I've heard about Diana's (sexual) shenanigans & Gladys with drug abuse, but the rest I clearly don't know about.

        P.S. Twitter Dirtbag left a bad taste in a FEW people's mouths because some of my followers subsequently blocked him (men included, which surprised me). Too bad it took them that long to realize that he's a dirtbag DBR. SMDH. I also stopped following other DBRs who, while they didn't disrespect me, kept following certain DBRs and RTing their bulls—t into my timeline. Can't be bothered. 😐

        1. Good for you for distancing yourself. I'm sure the quality of life will or already has improved vastly.

          1. Yeah I won't allow those sort of links to go through again. I admit I glanced at it and ignored it. We don't need to be feeding the gremlins.

    3. Oh my goodness Tammi Terrell's life story sounds a lot like the life story of basically the Queen of a 'Rough Early Life' Billie Holiday.

    4. James Brown was the one videotaping women, who were unware, in public restrooms. He was arrested for that back in the 90s I think.

      1. Oh really?! I don't remember hearing about THAT! Good grief what a perverted man he was! UGH!

  7. Prior to the NOI, Malcolm X was involved with a WW named Sophia. Even though he was seeing a nice black girl at that time [Laura], he ditched her in favor of being w/ Sophia. Even though Sophia had other men in her life other than Malcolm, he didn't seem to mind, because having a WW was like having a prized trophy. Later on he finds that Laura became like a prostitute and developed a problem with drugs, and he feels that it was his fault since he ditched/mistreated her in favor of that white woman. Hope that helps!

    1. Ah well this was before his conversion so he engaged in a lot of DBR behavior prior to that. Also his father married a "black" woman who looked white, so that bit of colorism was taught to him be example. I think this further exemplifies his complete change does it not? I found the "rent boy" years far more interesting in that context.

      1. Touche Touche. Side note: Isn't it interesting to note that the only way Blacks ever change is through some sort of religion? Every entertainer/ regular person who has ever changed dramatically have done so through organized religion. Which makes me wonder….in order to get people to change their ways…religous leaders need to talk on some of these DBR behaviors. Can you imagine how far the BWE message can spread if leaders (particulary women leaders) would discuss these topics from the pulpit. Taking it a step further….can you imagine how the BC could significantly change for the better if preachers would call out some of the DBR behavior that is apparent?
        Wishful thinking 🙁

        1. I don't think BWE messaging would ever be preached in a black church on any mass scale. It's essentially telling women to think for themselves and stop supporting ideologies that benefit others. Where would they get their money and free labor from? If more BW were using common sense they likely wouldn't be attending these churches to begin with. They wouldn't be misinterpreting (likely not reading for comprehension) the Bible and taking their cues from some random guy who claims to be a religious leader. It's a pimp racket/ponzi scheme of another order.

  8. Bw really need to understand that when most bm in the West complain about racism, they're really complaining about their being unable to access ww or the types of non-bw they want. The proof of this is that when racism doesn't stop them from accessing or "buying" the thin, blond, brunette, or non-bw, etc. as when they have the money to buy these women, they virtually all use their money to buy or get the type of ww or aw that wm want.. So many bw STILL do not want to see this craven desire in bm because most bw do not want to face it that so many bm are damaged in that way. This is a type of hunger in many bm that they don't even want to control. They want to feel more like wm. Therefore, as ANY bm rises, he's more than likely to choose a non-bw as his mate. Bw see this, but still don't want to face what it really means.

    1. Evia: If more BW faced this they'd freak out and question who'd want them? Even getting a piece of a DBR is preferable to no one at all per their line of thinking. Of course we know they could position themselves to meet and MARRY higher-caliber men — but they wouldn't necessarily (not very likely) be black so again they freak out. If BW realized a little bit of pain and disappointment would help them move forward into better relationships overall and a higher-quality life that could be established for generations I think more would, but they refuse to change. They don't believe it or that they can do it. So they've set themselves up to fail and settle for less. Short term comfort for a lifetime of loss.

      1. Here's another story for your DBRBM complaining about racism files… this man has written multiple books on racism faced by black athletes. He also sharply criticized another black male journalist in his town because that black male journalist didn't use his column to discuss racism enough for the first journalist's liking.

        And now, the story…

          1. Understood Faith… I don't care about this man whatsoever or who he married. I just think it's more fuel for what Evia is saying, more evidence like Halima posted in the "Who's Zooming Who?" post.

            I don't like to focus on DBRs, but I do find that many BW want to continue to find reasons to say that only "some" BM are like that, and many BW like to think that a IBM type who appears to be race-conscious would be a great match for her… I think these stories continue to prove the point we're all saying… that these men are far from that.

          2. I hear you…but honestly I am not interested in continually catering to BW who'd prefer a knife to the gut than making life-affirming changes and I want us to stay on point with the focus and goals of this forum. I could list 10 other such examples of low/no value DBR-types as "examples". We have so many more things we can spend our time on. Time we are not getting back once expended.

          3. Just read the 1st paragraph and lost at least 100,000 brain cells. Hell. & No. 😐

            *clicks X and closes link*

  9. Faith another dead on post. I have not been able to understand for the life of me why ANYONE would support/chase/interact with someone who constantly tells you " I hate you ". That is a very obvious sign to move on to any rational, thinking person. Ladies we need to take a Tina Turner approach to the situation and get the heck out of dodge. What's love got to do with it? Absolutely nothing. Everlast is NOT tattooed on our foreheads and neither is " Welcome ". Or at least it shouldn't be. SMH. . .

    1. What do you mean by your comment? What women are doing the worrying and which women are they worrying about?

  10. Please forgive me Faith as I don't mean to derail, but can you believe it about John Galliano?

  11. Thank the good Lord that the last hip hop album I ever purchased was Hard Knock Life by Jay Z when it came out many moons ago! I never download either so…

    1. I remember thinking at the time it was cute that he sampled Annie, but I would've never let a kid listen to his crap "music". And I don't a "what or who" thinks he's a great rap artist either. He's an unrepentant drug dealer and peddler of denigration. It's no surprise he got rich as many have worked behind the scenes to ensure his success so they could have a piece of it. They're all going to rot in hell for it so I know justice will be served at the end of the day.

  12. Hi Faith! This is my first time coming out of de-lurking on your website! Your articles are always dead on! I love your website.
    Anywho, this article is a prime example of how legions of BW do not critically analyze the people who they rever, or listen to. All the infamous black icons that we love and pay homage to, have illustrated that they do not care for black women. It's about them [BM]. MLK, Malcolm X, Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, James Brown, Richard Pryor, Bob Marley and many more have always said one thing but lived hypocritical to their message. These Negro's are living paradoxes! They preached about nationalism, integration, or racial pride, but as soon as they got money-they got them a woman from another race. Don't believe me? Look at some of their children-the oldest ones are the darkest, and the younger ones are always light, bright, and damn near white. Coincedence? I think not.

    1. Furthermore, not all BM are bad, but for the love of God himself, women need to pay attention to how these men are living their lives-not solely their words. And if we can't do that-just avoid them all together. It's easy for us to point of the flaws of men from other races/ethnicities-we have our guard up not to trust outsiders, but sometimes it's your own kind that you need to watch out for. Everyone remembers the story of Judas and Jesus. I've gotten to the point in my life, that if a BM made something-I don't even bother to find out about it. At this point-the collective of them are all the same.
      Given the ideologies of these men and their actions…..it's more than time for the White, Hispanic, or Asian women to have these fools. They want them so bad-they can have them! And I won't feel bad.

    2. Dr. Igia: Welcome from de-lurking! Can you familiarize me regarding Malcolm X? I am aware of the decade he spent as a "rent boy" but after he married Betty I thought by all accounts he was a loving and loyal husband, unlike MLK Jr. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the white-out trend is all too prevalent, obvious and consistent. Pick any "successful" black guy and you will most likely see it played it oh…9 times out of 10. Okay maybe 8 out of 10, but you get the point.

  13. W.O.W. I didn't know that James Brown and David Ruffin was into beating someone in the head (yes that could cause brain tumors)--to add to my last statement: I listen to my teenage daughters music, to see what is going on and yes, the kneegrows are all in a COON SHOW. Most c/rap is an embarrassment and ANTI-MUSICIAN

  14. Black women should be the LAST ONES to get into racial politics. We're WOMEN FIRST BEFORE WE ARE BLACK ( color and 'race' is just variety) The men need to fight their own battles today.. I'm also glad that others are aware of the 'less talented' younger artists that are getting reconigtion for nothing (everything been sounding 80s to me but more vulgar and sleazy;since the 80s!)

    1. Jubilee — Yes, BW should be the last ones to get into racial politics but since many have and still do then they should also get the rewards!!

  15. Seriously, sometimes I think black women should be the last people on earth to marry black men. Let's give other women a chance to have a go round. There seems to be nothing of redeeming value in any "black culture” for black women, be it here in the U.S. or the Caribbean. Quite frankly, we have more reasons to marry Western white men than any Asian woman. If this comment goes too far then you don't have to publish it.

    1. Stellas: Since in the US only 35% of black men actually get married period, a higher increase would hopefully offset some of the dysfunction and mass numbers of throw away kids left to languish in the foster care system. But…that isn't going to happen. Any time black males want to accept full responsibility for their "manhood", the world is ready….

    2. The problem is, masses of bw are still getting into relationships with them and having their children. The results will still be the same.

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